Northern Lights Audio Recording: Blurb

It took nearly six months and it’s less than a minute, but I finally have a blurb/teaser for my Northern Lights Audio Recording project.  I still have some kinks to work out in regards to music.  There are songs I’d love to use, but since many of them are copyrighted, it might get a little hairy on YouTube.  I suppose we’re going to find out, since I made two versions of the blurb: one with copyrighted music and the other with music I’m going to buy the license for.  This post will contain the former (I haven’t purchased the license yet) and more favorite of the songs.  I’ve used it in my videos before.


Artist: Enya
Song: As Baile

  1. Sephiroth by Toximancy (Deviant Art Non-Active)
  2. Sephiroth Holding a Snowflake by Unknown Artist
  3. Sephiroth by RobasArel (Deviant Art)
  4. Sephiroth Dissidia by Sephy321 (Deviant Art)
  5. Sephiroth Sama by elsinrostro (Deviant Art)
  6. Sephiroth from Crisis Core screenshot
  7. Lucrecia from FFVII screenshot
  8. Lucrecia Holding Young Sephiroth by Unknown Artist
  9. Dandelions by Pchoppy (Deviant Art)
  10. Final Fantasy VII Aeris by Felix Liu

Now all of your curious people know what my “recording” voice sounds like 😀

                                                                                                                                                                    Chapter 1–>

17 thoughts on “Northern Lights Audio Recording: Blurb

    • Thank you! It took me a long time to like my voice because it was so nasal when I was a little girl lol. Then I got into choir and singing and they teach you how to kind of soften that because PA has SUCH a nasal accent, which sounds awful songs. I think it’s an eastern PA thing because my husband is from Pittsburgh and he doesn’t really have it. I guess it makes sense because New York and Boston accents are kinda nasal maybe? I’m also worried my UK friends will think I’m mocking them o.O

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  1. You sound badass! Also, I’ve considered you a friend for I dunno how many years now (over 3-ish?) and it was so surreal to actually hear your voice instead of read your words, haha.

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    • Aw thank you! Now you have a presumptuous voice to put to the presumptuous words lol. I don’t sound like that all that time. I usually sound more valley girlish. I should do a “different voices” recording.

      I think I know how The Well Red Mage, Hungy Goriya, Mr. Panda, and Cheap Boss Attack sound! It’s so weird that the internet has created that kind of reality. I remember reading somewhere about how the phrase “Where are you?” only became really possible with the advent of cell phones because before then you always knew where people were if you were talking to them o.O

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    • Aww don’t beat yourself up too much! I hated my voice when I was younger probably from being told how “whiney” it was and having it mocked, but either it’s mellowed out or it was never that bad. I have a natural “Pennsylvanian” accent which is REALLY nasal so I have to tone that down when I record :p

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