The State of the Gamer: 12/25/18

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A weekly post updated every other Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Received

  • A box of games from Cheap Boss Attack – an early Christmas surprise, a bunch of games for super cheap to add to my collection and backlog 🙂
    • Yo-Kai Watch
    • Shining Resonance Refrain – the question of whether or not to buy or pass on this was kind of answered for me, since I couldn’t pass up a deal.  I think you can set the battle to easy so I can just enjoy the story.
    • Divinity: Original Sin
    • Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception – I need to learn how to pronounce this.  I kept copying and pasting the name because it’s too difficult to spell.
    • Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth
    • Pillars of Eternity
    • Blue Reflection
  • $50 Nintendo Switch GC – It’s the big one with Bowser on it, too!  I got this from my big bro ♥
  • Jurassic World Evolution  – I received this as a Christmas present from my parents-in-law who are serious about buying gifts.  They go all out for the holiday every year.  I’ll discuss more below, but I actually received two of them.  My husband and his mother didn’t communicate, and she went out and bought the first eleven things on my list (I’m…not kidding).  I have the gift receipt so I’m going to exchange one for Nier Automata, which was also on my list.

Me holding my two copies of Jurassic World Evolution

What I Played

Title: Octopath Traveler
System: Nintendo Switch

Octopath Traveler coverDate Started: August 11, 2018

I actually didn’t play any of this the past two weeks; it’s been so busy.  I still want to finish it before the end of the year.  I’m off tomorrow so I might try to get it in then!

Title: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Series Title: Mario Kart
System: Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8Date Started: N/A

Lightning Ellen and I got our weekly Mario Kart in, which is always a good time!  Bowser on a tiny little scooter is the most adorable and hilarious thing ever 😀

What I Watched

Title: Stories Untold
Let’s Player: Cryaotic

Date Started: 11/29/18
Date Finished: 12/14/18

I challenge anyone to claim they’ve seen or played a horror game like this.  It is singularly unique in both both premise and execution.  I’m not going to spoil it here, but I will when I do an official post about it for discussion.

What I’m Watching

Title: Golden Axe Warrior
Series Title: Golden Axe
Let’s Player: Hungry Goriya

Date Started: Unknown

I just watched the latest episode tonight.  HG is torturing us with cutting off right before the eight labyrinth :p

Title: Golden Sun
Series Title: Golden Sun
Let’s Player: Olizandri

Date Started: 12/4/18

What excites me about this game/series is Oliz has two more Let’s Plays of it on his channel and they’re nice and hefty.  I don’t quite understand the battle mechanics, but that’s because I’m not playing it myself.  It seems almost similar to Final Fantasy VIII’s Junction System insofar as the characters get extra power by djinni, little creature they find around.  I guess it’s sort of a cross between FFVIII and Pokemon in that respect.  The story is interesting and there are a lot of facets to it.

It’s Christmas and I’m exhausted.  It’s been a busy and social couple of days, and TSN needs to recharge.  I took a nap after we got home from my sister-in-law’s before eating some lasagna for dinner.  It’s one of those you get a coupon for from the store instead of a turkey, since we already have a bird in the freezer.  As usual, I was utterly spoiled for Christmas with many offerings to my glory.  I got a new Kindle Fire, which is pretty much a tablet, but I’m waiting until I get the cover I ordered before I officially take it out.  I also received a crap ton of books, which I’ll talk about in my next SOTR post.

Did you receive your gaming Christmas wishes?  I can’t wait to figure out what I’m going to pick up with that Switch gift card!

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32 thoughts on “The State of the Gamer: 12/25/18

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  2. Golden Sun holds a special place in my heart. I played it on the GBA in the early/mid 2000’s. The main character (Isaac I believe) makes a special appearance in Smash Bros Ultimate as a summon. I find it serendipitous that I be reminded of that game twice now in a two week span. Might need to revisit it.

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  3. Golden Sun is so good! I love that series and now I wish I could play them again :(. It sounds like you had a great Christmas and that’s great :). We’ve already talked a ton about Octopath Traveler. It probably would have made my top 10 if I had played more of it. It’s a great game with an awesome OST. Most of the games you named are awesome. Divinity Original Sin 1 is a flawed, but good game. Part 2 is a freaking masterpiece though. Pillars of Eternity is another really great game. If you like CRPGs you’ll love it.

    Yokai Watch is also a lot of fun. It was a nice distraction from Pokemon :). I’m not even going to try to spell, or pronounce, that other game you got lol. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it though. And on Shining Resonance because I’ve been curious about that game for months now.

    So… who won that Mario Kart race?

    I didn’t get much for Christmas, but Christmas has never been about what I get. I love when everyone is happy and don’t argue and that’s what happened yesterday. We all had a great day. We all received gifts and my kids were happy. I did get a few things. I got a really awesome Superman figurine from my wife and a Green Arrow graphic novel. I’ve been wanting to get more into Green Arrow so getting that book is awesome and I’m looking forward to starting it after I’m done with Batman. My brother got me Warriors Orochi 4 for the PS4 and I love it. I’ve been wanting that game for months, but couldn’t get it because of Christmas shopping. My parents got me some pajamas and the Amazon Fire Tablet 10. It’s awesome and I love it.

    Do you have Smash Ultimate? Is that something you’re interested in? You could use the gift card towards that if you want :). I recommend Fire Emblem Warriors because I’m a Fire Emblem nut. That or Xenoblade 2 if you haven’t played it.

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    • I’m going to finish watching the first one tonight. I really like it and I’m glad I found it. There’s just something relaxing about watching an LP while eating dinner. I was listening to the Octopath OST the other day. VG music is awesome for writing because I don’t get distracted by any lyrics, and I believe I read somewhere that it was (at least originally) designed to help you concentrate. I can’t even complain if some of them aren’t my cup of tea, because I got them for an awesome price and helped a friend get rid of them. I can always find someone to give them to or hey, White Elephant gift hehe.

      I just kept copying and pasting it. No effing clue how to say that. I tried o.O

      Let’s see, I think it was mostly Lightning Ellen who took the gold this last time, but before TSN won the day. We missed last Friday because I worked late, but we’ll be playing again this Friday. Shoot me a DM if you ever want to join in! It’s usually around 6ish or so (EST) when I get off of work. Neither of us really care if we win or lose, we just kind of race. I wish Nintendo had some way to communicate with people because right now we’re just using FB messenger. LIke come on Big N,…they really didn’t hash out this online thing all that well. I could probably download Skype…

      My dad has this philosophy that he gives for Christmas and we shouldn’t worry about giving him stuff. I mean…we always do. Even if it’s just me making him some cookies I always have something for him. Me and my older brother got him an NES Classic for his 70th birthday this year. It was modified to have like 1000 games on it. Granted my hubby *might* have been able to do so himself, but it was like $200? For 1000 games? And we split it? I’ll go for that.

      I prefer giving gifts because I love to see people’s faces or know how much they enjoyed it. I’ve been giving people these kickass blankets that only Target sells. They’re so soft and I love them. I got a Kindle Fire 10, too! It’s a nice sized tablet for way less than Apple will sell. I don’t need an expensive tablet because I have a phone and a laptop. I just like the KIndle for reading and maybe watching some videos on the bigger screen than my phone. As long as the kids were happy that matters. My girlfriend posted a video of her little boy with a PSVR his aunt had gotten him and it was so damn cute. I’m very adamant that every kid should have a nice holiday, and if I hear that someone can’t do that for them, I want to help.

      Alas! I am not a fighting game person and, er, the gift card has been spent hehe. I bought a few things that I’ll post on my next update. I wouldn’t be averse to playing Smash a few times with friends like if someone had it. I used to love Street Fighter II, and Smash looks like it would be a lot of fun. I’d suck at it, but I’d have a good time 😀 I really want Xenoblade 2, as well, but I’m holding off on big game purchases for a bit. I need to exchange a duplicate Jurassic World Evolution for something else. I’m thinking Nier Automata if I can find it.


      • I would love to play with you guys. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to this Friday because everyone is sick over here. Well… everyone except me. All of my kids have the flu. My youngest son is getting over it, but everyone else is still sick as hell. As far as being able to communicate in game you could always try discord or Skype. I have Discord on my phone and it works beautifully. Nintendo really should come up with a better way to communicate on the Switch. We can’t even send messages to each other :(.

        I love giving gifts too for all the reasons you named. And the Fire 10 is perfect for me for the exact reasons you named. I have a kickass laptop and phone and I don’t need someone spending hundreds of dollars on me on a tablet. The Fire 10 is perfect and right now I’m only using to listen to Spotify and read books on Kindle.

        I LOVE fighting games and I’m really good at them too. I just beat my wife last night at some Injustice 2. It was our first time playing that game so she thought she would have the edge. Well… lets just say I whooped her so bad she quit after the first fight and wouldn’t fight me again :). If you get NieR I hope you enjoy it. I… didn’t think much of it.

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        • I completely forgot about Discord! You sure can use voice on that. Nintendo needs to step their game up though. We didn’t play this Friday. I think Lightning was away, but I want to throw something up on Twitter or something to see who all wants to race. We did it this one time and it was hella fun. I remember it being a weeknight maybe around 5 or so (EST) because we’re all over the world lol.

          I STILL haven’t gotten my ass to a Best Buy LOL. I worked from home a few days and didn’t feel like going after my physical therapy. I’m probably going to go on Monday. I was avoiding the mall area because I live near the biggest one in the country…literally and traffic is a freaking mess during the holiday season. Now that that’s over I can take my chances :p

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          • I’m sorry I’m so late responding to this. My laptop broke :(. I don’t think I’ve renewed that NIntendo online thing. It’s just not worth it to me right now because of how crappy the service is. There’s no voice chat, text chat, or anything and communicating while playing multiplayer is important to me. We shouldn’t have to use Discord, or Skype, to communicate while playing a Nintendo game. That being said I will renew my sub soon. Losing my PC is depressing because I don’t have the money to fix it or buy a new one so I’m stuck using my wife’s PC when she lets me. But… I can’t do any gaming on her laptop so I’m forced to go to my PS4 or Switch for entertainment now :(.

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            • No worries! That sucks dude…I hope you’ll be able to get something set again soon. Yeah, the only thing it’s really good for is the old school games and playing with friends, but I really don’t think they should be charging for the latter because there’s no way to communicate. Even if it is just $20, it’s STILL $20 you know? If you’re going to make people pay to play with their friends have it be fully set up.

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              • That’s what I’m saying. With $20 I can buy a new game. If my PC still worked I could buy two new games with that. Or I could go to the store and buy my kids a treat. Convince me that your online service is worth it Nintendo because right now it isn’t. I don’t care about the free games they’re offering. That’s why I kept my older consoles. I want real voice chat or at least basic text chat without having to use my phone to do it.

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  4. I’m so glad the Christmas season isn’t a big social time for me. Not sure I could handle all the people-ing, haha. Always fun playing Mario Kart! I love Bowser on the tiny bike. Bwahahaha 🙂

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    • People-ing is highly overrated. Cats are better. I am definitely not working late this Friday! I wasn’t even planning on doing so last, but they asked me and it’s pretty easy money; they provided food, and there’s free coffee. Future me will be happy especially since I have to get my car inspected in January…when all the Christmas bills are due. No wonder people are cranky in February.

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  5. Looks like you got some nice stuff for Christmas! I’ll do a Christmas post eventually… knowing me, I’ll get around to it in March lol!!

    I got a Kindle too! My mom got my husband and I the Kindle Fire HD 8 tablets. I love it! I’ve been using it to play games and listen to music. I even downloaded an audio book, which I’ve never really tried before. I love reading so it’ll never replace that though!

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    • I still need to do my year end posts! I shoulld probably put them on my schedule…

      I only like to listen to audio books of books I’ve read before lol. I feel like I’m spoiling it if I listen to it. It’s weird. I do like them though because they make reading accessible to a lot more people. My husband is a slower reader than me and it hurts his eyes (he has a lazy eye) so he wound up listening to Harry Potter on audio.

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      • Haha, well don’t feel bad if you don’t get to your end of the year posts for awhile! Maybe my New Years resolution should be to finally catch up on all my blog posts… and reading all the posts I need to catch up on too!

        Well, that’s funny that you say that, because I didn’t want to download any books I hadn’t read before! I like to read and hear the books in my own voice, lol. That’s great that audiobooks made reading more accessible to your husband… I can imagine that his poor eyes would get strained easily! I ended up downloading the first two Harry Potter books with my free credits 😉 I’ve read the Harry Potter series so many times I don’t mind listening to them!

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        • I need to put them on my list to do! Thanks for reminding me hehe. I have the notes on them, it’s just making the time to work on.

          I love that there are these options out here to make things accessible to more people. There are a LOT out there who have issues with reading and the audio books give them the same experience visual readers have.

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