The State of the Writer: 1/13/19

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A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks.

Finished Projects: 3

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction (FFVII) Novel
Current Word Count: 255,627
Prior Word Count: 256,067
Word Difference: -440
Status: Editing
Progress: Chapter 14 First Edit

Tiny tiara on top of an open bookThis is a much longer chapter than the prior and more stuff happens in it.  I partially want to split it up, but the chapter title really encompasses everything that happens, so any of you enjoying this fanfic will have an extra long chapter to read when I post it 🙂

Project: Story Audio Recording
Northern Lights
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction (FFVII) Novel
Status: Recording
Progress: Recording Chapter 1

I finished recording the last of the chapter and was all set to put everything together and edit, but the first part somehow corrupted at the end *headdesk*  I’m…actually not that upset about it as the sound quality of parts two and three were much better than the first, so I want to re-record it so it all sounds uniform.  I was very ambitious when I recorded the first part and it’s three and a half pages done, which is like 45 minutes of recording.  I plan to do that this Tuesday so next Friday I can work on the editing and polishing.

Project: Story
Working Title: 
The High Archon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Original Novel
Current Word Count: 2379
Prior Word Count: 2379
Word Difference: -29
Status: Notes and Planning
Progress: Restarting Chapter 1

I’m so much more excited to work on this now and have starting outlining the first chapter.  I haven’t re-written any of it yet, but I do have it on my to-do list to work on regularly throughout the week.  Putting story elements together is like putting together a puzzle.  I was going to work on it last night, but I was way too tired to create anything.  More caffeine is needed.

On Hold

  • Final Fantasy Character Assessments – I love this post series, but it’s just too much right now.  Since I decided to forgo any characters from games I wanted to replay, that left me with only two to pick from, and I’m just not as passionate about those characters (save for Cecil who I’ve already done).  Once I get through IX and X, I’ll have a much bigger pool to pull from and I’ll pick this series back up.

In Progress

  • Video Book Review: Incognito by David Eagleman – I started watching a DaVinci Resolve tutorial, and the program is not nearly as daunting as I thought.
  • Book Review: The Bone Doll’s Twin by Lynn Flewelling
  • Game Review: Oxenfree

I need to figure out when I’m going to work on my Year End/Wrap-up posts.  I’d like to get them done before the end of the month.  Ugh, I spent an hour cleaning the kitchen and now I’m too tired to concentrate on anything.  It’s either coffee or nap time or coffee nap time.  Yes, they exist, and yes, they are awesome.  You generally wake up refreshed if all goes well.

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