The State of the Watcher: 6/8/19

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Coco movie coverSo there’s definite similarities between this and The Book of Life, but it’s Disney so you know.  I love how Dante, the dog,  can still see Miguel when he crosses over.  Granted Miguel didn’t die like the MC in the fore mentioned did.  He played de la Cruz’s guitar and that opened up a pathway.  I want to research Dia de los Muertes now, and I wish I knew Spanish because there are so many bilingual bonuses in this.

*warning: admission of emotions coming*

So I ugly cried a few hours after this movie because shit about death and memory really get to me.  I…actually think I might’ve had a panic attack triggered by it, but once I got it out I was fine…insofar as I’m always fine, you know.  It’s a great movie, but use discretion if you might not be in such a good space to handle the feels.  There were a lot of feels.

TV Shows: 1

Dead to Me

Dead to Me cover featuring the two main characters Jen and JudyI feel this show.  I feel how Christina Applegate’s character is dealing with her grief.  She’s angry, she’s tired, she’s crying in her car before dealing with people.  She uses morbid humor, she doesn’t want to be touched, and she’s okay say it.  Her youngest son is the sweetest child this world has even known and I would protect him with all of your lives.  “Smoking is the greatest thing that slowly kills you.”  Yassss!  Omg, saaaaame.  That is exactly my apocalypse plan.  Once I know the end is coming, I’m going to start smoking again immediately because why the fuck not?  Jen “meditates” by listening to hard rock.  I LOVE this woman.  The main premise of this show (or at least the first season) is Jen doesn’t know who killed her husband when he was out jogging at one in the morning…which is weird in and of itself.  That’s why she checks all of these dented cars.  “Not being repulsed by my version of grief.”  I felt that.  People grieve in different ways, and it doesn’t really go away; it just changes over time.

Jen’s anger towards Judy, while not something I’d necessarily manifest in the same way, is something I understand.  Don’t fucking lie to me.  I kind do understand Judy’s point of view though.  While Steve didn’t die, she did lose him, and in some ways it’s worse than death, because while they’re alive, you still don’t have them.  However, I get why Jen is pissed off, but Judy does belong there because of her loss.  I also understand being angry in some situations and then crying when you’re alone, because that’s my MO…sometimes I make videos of myself where I talk/cry about this…maybe one day I’ll post them.  Okay, so what else I like is the fact that their friendship is…good.  Like Judy lied and Jen got really angry at her, then Jen apologizes as does Judy for lying and Jen tells her that her thing is totally valid and that she did belong.  It’s not about a catty competition.

The end of the first episode was a huge “holy fuck” moment that starts a common, but still fantastic, dramatic irony.  The stream of consciousness I wrote above was just about the FIRST episode.  I really need to research “trauma bonding.”  I thought it was when two people bond and build a relationship over shared or similar trauma (e.g. what I use in my fanfics), but it’s more about what keeps people in abusive relationships.  I’m not entirely sure that’s what I’m seeing in Dead to Me, but I haven’t finished watching it.

If you like fucked up, dark humor (looking at you Cupcakes and Machetes and Ignited Moth), I think you’ll be into this.

Not gonna lie, I just kind of copied and pasted what I’d written as I watched these, so it’s a bit more stream of consciousness than last week.  I’m cool with it though.  I added a bunch of things to my watch list that I can actually watch right after I finish Dead to Me.  There’s also a bunch of things I need to re-watch.  As always recommendations are welcome!

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8 thoughts on “The State of the Watcher: 6/8/19

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  2. No film has ever made me cry, though I can see why Coco would have that effect because it really does hit the right notes in that regard. Definitely one of the best films of 2017.


  3. I’ve watched the first two episodes of Dead to Me! I think it’s going to be quite the ride. It’s a show I prefer to watch by myself though and currently with the sickly husband, we’re just watching shows together. I can’t wait to see where it goes though.

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  4. Ah, these are both so good! I absolutely loved watching both Coco AND Dead to Me. 😀 You’re right, the dark humor in Dead to Me had me binge-watching the hell out of that show. lol
    So many feels while watching both of these. ❤

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