The State of the Writer: 10/6/19

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A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks.

Finished Projects: 0

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Length: Novel
Current Word Count: 254,301
Prior Word Count: 254,387
Word Difference: -86
Status: Editing
Progress: Chapter 19 Third Edit

So I lied…again.  I was going to post Chapters 19 and 20 concurrently in order to fulfill the intention of my promised delivery of justice.  That is no longer true, because I want to get Chapter 19 out as soon as I finish it, leaving you all to wallow in anticipation for just a bit longer as you await this fabled retribution, or I would think this if I were even half as narcissistic as I claim to be when in reality I know you all have way better things to do than await my next chapter hahaha who am I kidding but seriously I’M WORKING AS FAST AS I CAN PLEASE DON’T HATE ME.

I thought Chapter 19 was going to be shorter, but it’s a decent length chapter in its own right even after truncation, and since I’ve already sorta edited parts of Chapter 20, it shouldn’t take as long to get that out *fingers crossed*

“Once you know my terrible truth, I’ll never touch you again.  I’m only allowed on borrowed time.  When it’s all done, then she’ll know.  I’ll fall to my knees and lay down my sword bloody at her feet.  I’ll tell her the truth…all of it then, and her hatred will rain like their blood.”

Project: Story
Title: Ethereal Blue
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Length: Short Story
Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Current Word Count: 2788
Prior Word Count: 2533
Word Difference: +255
Status: Drafting
Progress: Chapter 1

Little by little, piece by piece this is coming together.  Granted I only work on it two days a week and I have to be in the right mood (which has the consequence of me not being in the mood to work on other things, but we’ll get to that), but my outlines are getting better, and I’m figuring out what I’m going to tackle next at the end of each session, so that’s something.  I’m still on Chapter 1, of course, but I think I might be on the last part before the end when things happen and one character finds out what happens to another, and he is not happy.  Soooo I guess I’m writing two stories with vengeance parts.  Sweet.

Project: Story
Working Title: 
The High Archon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Original
Length: Novel
Status: Organizing

It’s Preptober time!  Not that I’ve done any prep yet, since there’s something else I have to finish first, but I’m hoping to do that this week and start prepping this weekend.  I want to do an in depth outline of the first chapter, or as in depth as I can get without actually writing it (I know…it sounds weird, but it makes sense if you understand it *facepalm*).  I’m hoping to actually get this underway this year, so I’ll have four, count them, FOUR writing projects going on at once.  Haha, it’s fine.  IT’S FINE.

Project: Story Audio Recording
Northern Lights
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Length: Novel
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Status: Recording
Progress: First edit of Chapter 1

I need to do some more cutting and pasting, and I’ve been too tired to do it, so I haven’t really worked on this.  Next week.  Next week…

In Progress

  • Book Review: Peddling Doomsday by Petra Jacobs – I am going to finish this, as soon as I either write that damn essay or give up on it.

I’m going to meet one of my coworker’s friends tonight in order to set a trap for a kitten behind my job.  Yep, behold, TSN: Kitten Savior

*picture of me standing heroically in a pinstripe suit and Indiana Jones hat with sunglasses and my fists on my hips, while my coat, scarf, and silver hair flap in the wind.  Yes, it’s all coming together*

Ahem…(she just texted me lol, we’re meeting at six), so early last week my other coworker saw a kitten underneath a car.  She put out some food for him, but was unable to catch him.  Now we think he’s behind the building, possibly hiding out beneath the recycling bin.  The security guard back there has seen him, and we’ve put out more food and water for him, but we really need to catch the poor baby (he has a goopy eye ;_;).  There are options for where he could go, but we need to catch him first.  I’m meeting her tonight so we can set the trap.  I’m expecting to catch something besides the kitten, but we can always reset and try again.  I’m just hoping it’s not too late 😦

Keep your collective fingers crossed for me!

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7 thoughts on “The State of the Writer: 10/6/19

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  2. Aw, very best of luck with the kitten rescue! I am glad you and your coworker’s friend are going to try to help the poor thing. When I was visiting family in August, we ended up having to live trap a couple of stray kittens because they were so shy. They didn’t appreciate it at first, but food is a good bribe ha.

    And haha, I will definitely not hate you for a TBR cliffhanger . . . bring on the angst, lol. 😀


  3. Good luck with the kitten rescue mission! I hope it goes well. ❤ Definitely keep us posted!
    Haha and I totally know what you mean about detailing out a chapter as much as you can without actually writing it prior to actually writing it. 😛
    I've started a little preptober but have mostly been focusing on Inktober and a lot of work lately, so not as much as I would have liked to by now. Hopefully after this week sometime. Maybe, who knows? lol

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    • Well…we’ve got nothing to far. I wasn’t able to check the trap myself, but I heard something ate the food, so we’re hoping he’s still around. Also my friend said she some dead critters like mice in the parking lot, so I’m wondering if he’s hunting them.

      I’ve wrote my essay today. I need to edit it tomorrow, but after it’s knocked out completely and I can start planning or Nano 😀 I want to do an outline for the first chapter at least.

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