The State of the Writer: 3/8/20

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A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks.

Finished Projects: 0

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Length: Novel
Current Word Count: 252,222
Prior Word Count: 252,492
Word Difference: -270
Status: Editing
Progress: First edit of Chapter 22

I don’t want to tell you how long it took me to locate this picture, but I feel like my embarrassment should be known.  The fact is, I was looking for another picture at the time, and I know I spotted this one, so when I started this post, I thought “Oo, I can use that one,” and then proceeded to not be able to find it again even through I went through the folder on Deviant Art that had it no less than four fucking times.  I also went through my Pinterest pics at least three before finally switching to my phone to find it so I could search for the artist’s name.  It’s easier on the phone, I think, because the screen is smaller.  My shit brain will get distracted while I’m looking for something, so even if it’s there, I’ll scroll right past it without picking it up, and it’s just…so…exhausting.  I’m pretty sure I have ADHD among other things, so I’m constantly multitasking without even wanting to multitask.  I have to keep my mind busy at all times, usually to avoid obtrusive thoughts, and that gets cumbersome when I actually need to do things like this.  Coffee helps…sometimes.

Anyway…the chapter edit is coming along. marginally better than the train wreck above.  I’m almost finished the first edit, though I still don’t know what I’m going to keep and/or what more I’m going to add.

Project: Story Audio Recording
Title: Northern Lights
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Length: Novel
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Status: Editing
Progress: Adding sound effects to Chapter 1

I’m about a third of the way through this.  There’s one part I absolutely love because I used Aeris’s own “Flowers Blooming in the Shadows” song.  No clue if I can get away with doing that if I post on YouTube, though I suppose it could be seen as similar to an AMV?  Idk, Squeenix is near to Disney with what they’ll demand be taken down, though I have obviously seen the music on YT; it’s hard to know what’s fair use and what isn’t.  Part of me wants to make a version that has whatever the hell I want and then another with royalty free/safe stuff, but what would even be the point of the former?

Working on this is almost like working on the writing of it again in terms of themes.  I want to have certain sounds represent certain things e.g. the scratching is very important to the story so I want a specific sound for that.  This is more than one of my slideshows, but less than a movie, and I’m ill equipped/talented to do it, but I’m going to try.

In Progress

  • Book Review: The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen et al – This was slow to start since I had to get past my brief summary and discussion of what I liked.  Now I’m well into my rant/venting, and it’s going much more smoothly hehe.
  • Game Review: Final Fantasy VI – I finished up the three way split scenario so everyone is currently back at Narshe.

I spent too long looking for that damn picture to say much more than I already did above.  Today is Daylight Savings in the states (at least the ones who still foolishly do it), and I’m worried about tomorrow since I didn’t take off.  I don’t do well with time shifts regardless of the direction, and I hope I’ll be able to get up in the morning.  I called out last Monday and I don’t really have any absences left.  I can use personal days, but I don’t really want to.  I know some people are feeling hopeful because it’ll be the end of seasonal depression.  Honestly, these past few months have felt like I’m on a train of my general depression combined with seasonal, and they’re rushing for a collision with my anniversary of my mother’s death and within that I’m supposed to be emotionally prepared to play the FFVII Remake?  Fuuuuuuck that.  Ugh.  I’m just happy it’s not being released on April 1.  I already know the universe hates me but that would’ve just been the icing on the tombstone.  I’m also off on the 10th, since it’s Good Friday to those of you who care.  I just care that I don’t have to go to work lol.  Eh, that’s enough real talk from TSN.  I’m going to get some pop tarts and wine.

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4 thoughts on “The State of the Writer: 3/8/20

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  2. That’s an interesting question about fair use… the answer is “it depends,” but I know three things courts (!) look for is that the work is not copied in a “substantial amount,” whether it is transformed in some way, and whether it causes financial harm to the copyright owner. Caveats of me not being a lawyer/knowing what I’m talking about go here, and obviously certain companies are a little more… enthusiastic about what they flag on YouTube, but I’d hope they’d let a little mood soundtrack go!

    Anyway, I think the picture was worth the effort, for whatever that is worth!

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    • Right?? It’s so complicated and nuanced as well as depending on the company involved. I seriously doubt it would cause any of them financial harm, especially considering I’ve specifically bought music I’ve heard used elsewhere. I’m thinking I’ll make more than one version of what I’m looking for: a safe one with licensed/royalty free music and then another one, which will sadly have limited if any posting but will be more accurate for waht I’m trying to get across.

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