The State of the Gamer: 4/9/20

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A weekly post updated every other Thursday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Obtained

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake – $59.99 @ Amazon (I’m still waiting for it to arrive in the mail, but Amazon assures me it’ll be here today.  I won’t receive the copy from Squeenix until Tuesday…which would be ridiculous if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic.  I’ll give the big S a pass)

What I’m Playing

Title: Final Fantasy VIII (Remastered)
Series Title: Final Fantasy
System: Nintendo Switch

Cover of Final Fantasy VIIIDate Started: 3/31/20

Watching Olizandri do his play through made the itch too strong.  I’d been thinking about replaying this, but wanted to stick to my order.  Then I considered I’d be playing the FFVII Remake before I replayed the original, and I hatched another plan: play the Remake then replay the original, while at the same time playing this and writing the review/analysis for FFVI.  It’s Final Fantasy all the time here in the house of TSN, but who’s surprised by that?

The remastered characters look really good in this, and I’ve always just loved the way this game’s systems are organized.  When I first played this I was terrible at it, because I didn’t understand the junction system.  It seemed vastly different from most other battle systems (World of Final Fantasy is similar to it, though), though in retrospect, it’s not that far of an evolution from VII’s.  Once you get used to it and understand how it functions, the game becomes, not necessarily easy, but a much easier puzzle to solve.  Triple Triad is the best card/mini game (don’t @ me you Tetra Master stans lol), and even the train system is awesome.  Before you get your own means of travel, the trains are your friend especially if you want to go back to complete side quests, and since they have awesome rewards, you’ll want to do that.

I’m currently in Deling City prior to the sorceress assassination attempt.  I just got the Brothers GF and am saved outside of Caraway’s mansion.

Title: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice
Series Title: Ace Attorney
System: Nintendo 3DS

Cover for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of JusticeDate Started: 3/13/20

This…is…BONKERS.  Like, I don’t think any other game compares to how absolutely batshit the last case is.  I teared up during one part, and the case isn’t even done yet.  I also figured out a lot of what was going on or came to the realization prior to the characters, but it was like getting hit in the face.  It’s a lot but absolutely worth it.

What I Played

  • Pic-a-Pix Deluxe

Let’s Plays

Oliz posts an FFVIII video a day, and honestly it’s one of the things that gets me out of the bed in the morning.  He also streams on Twitch daily, so he’s doing his part during these trying times.  I’d love to catch another of his streams as well as my girl Hungry Goriya’s.  I’m diligent on watching her videos, but I’ve been remiss on Twitch.  I don’t know if streamers understand how much what they do helps people, but it really does.  Escape and distraction are all many of us have right now, so it’s much appreciated ♥  He’s a bit ahead of me right now since I only started about a week ago, and I think his LP has been going on for about a month?  He’s not doing as many side quests as I am, and his memory isn’t the greatest lol, but it’s still fun to watch.  Everyone doesn’t nor do they have to play exactly the same way you do.  I’m still watching his Mario Odyssey but I also started rewatching his Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door because he’s kind of wrapping up the former.  I haven’t watched much of Ori.  I’m not sure when I’ll get back to that or Andromeda and Death Stranding, though I’m starting to see theory videos about the latter, and that might prompt me to return because TSN loves a good theory/examination.

Christoper Odd already has several videos of an FFVII Remake video up, and I’m like huh, but then some people got their copies earlier, so I can’t be too pressed.  I really wish I could stream my play-through, but it’s something I’d have wanted to set up prior to the date.

Just sitting here in my silver wig, wearing my Black Materia necklace and one wing pin waiting for my deliver from Amazon.  I…made a post on FB yesterday saying if I got at least seven likes I’d post a pic I’d never shared with anyone before and tell a feel-o-rific story, and I had instant regret almost immediately afterwards.  My past self wrote a check that future me now has to cash, and it may just break the bank, but I’m stickler for keeping promises.

Update: It arrived in the mail and is currently being installed on my PS4 now.  As other people have expressed it takes about 40-45 minutes.  Also, I chickened out about that post and made an apology one instead.  Oh well.

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