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Consistent and sustained graphic descriptions and mentions of rape/ sexual assault, sexual slavery/bondage, slavery, human trafficking, physical abuse, graphic descriptions of violence, mental abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, body shaming, starvation, torture, forced pregnancy, forced childbirth, miscarriage, forced miscarriage, abortion, and other potential disturbing and triggering topics.

Aeris discovers a simple solution to what she believed insurmountable.

Artwork of a mostly naked Sephiroth. Either his silver hair or a similarly covered sheet is covering his crotch while wrapped around his legs. His left arm is lifted so his fingers are in his hair and he has a seductive expression (this…was really difficult to do an image description for haha *blush*)

The winter that shadowed his skin marked the Whispers in covers of endless snow, but no one here suffered and none ever froze, least of all his tiny flower.  She bloomed in the whirling, shielded from cold by her angel and Heaven’s Gate. 

Aeris loved watching the shimmering dance of winter light conquering sands.  Where one white ended to other’s begin, the Cetra did try to divine.  Sitting and sipping hot chocolate or tea, as she stared out the seated window.  If Sephiroth joined her, she’d climb on his lap, giggling to perpetual sigh.  Humming to wiggle, she’d tilt back her head, lighting emerald with equal desire.

They attempted it often, at her behest: a kiss, caress, or a wiggle.  Sometimes she’d stand before him and jump ’til he caught her easily in his arms.  Then whisper, “To bed?” in his lifting ear to which he’d chuckle and, of course, obey.  Other times Aeris would catch him by hand and attempt to drag Sephiroth there.  He’d shake his head, but still fully smile, following where his flower so led.  Sometimes she’d unbutton his shirt, anticipation shaking her hands.  Sliding the fabric off his wide shoulders to reveal perfection in pale.  Every muscle traced by thin fingers and sometimes parted lips.  He’d laughed to that, too, in untickled mirth.  Lying on the bed with silver spilled over, dulling the floor in its flow.  By her request, he kept his hands still: one by his head, one his stomach.  Slivered pupils followed her every move, and that slight smile ruled his lips.  The maid did not wither under such stare.  Love overrode any cold.  He sat up a bit as Aeris struggled to move the hand curled on his abs.  Aeris was jealous of those long fingers for resting where hers wished to play.  Squeaking a bit, she attempted to lift, and Sephiroth tried not to laugh.

“Is it well, little rose?” the general asked, letting long lash beat the air.  Glancing his way, Aeris didn’t quite glare to that “innocent” flutter of fronds.

“Your arm’s really heavy,” the Cetra gasped, trying to shift it again.

“Ah, so it is.”  His grin was quite wicked.  “Well I’d help you, but I vowed I’d not move.”

Aeris tried to uncurl just one finger, but a statue was more malleable.  Far less warm, too, and not so amused as her general obeying “commands.”

“Is that not what you asked, my Aeris?  You requested that I ‘keep still.'”

She crawled up to his head to nip at his ear, but Sephiroth instead caught the kiss. The silver sheet of shining hair cascaded over the edge.  Aeris murmured, “What can I do to cancel that promise?”

“You need only command, little one, but I would make a request.”

“A-Anything, general.”  She bit his lip gently then slightly less so.

“If I can lay my palm to your cheek, I’ll gladly forgo this small vow.”

“I’d love that,” she whispered.

“As would I.”  The warmth inundated her skin.  With cries of need, she pulled herself closer with slender limbs flung on his shoulders. Nor was his other arm remiss to cover the small of her back.  Parting her lips, he entered them slowly to taste this sweet, “higher” dew.  Aeris shuddered to quake when his thumb found her pulse and circled upon the swift beat.  Side by side he held the maid, as she hung her leg over his waist.  Writing against like grass in a gale, their height difference kept them apart.

Slower this time, Sephiroth rolled the maid over, keeping a lock to her lips.  The whimper was slight, but thrummed of desire while the afternoon wore on.  Intermittent sun on snow tried painting the Whispers with light, but pale ruled the streets and white sands the shore as certain as winter her angel.  Not ending the kiss, he just moved it down to brow, temples, and cheeks.  All the while, balanced above with ever unfailing arms. Trickling forelocks caressed the maid’s throat as a deep inhale made it more hollow.  Then Sephiroth lowered himself so they met, but did not mimic their last session’s motion.  Her skirt was in place, sparse despite ruffles so only his pants blocked their union.

He let his mouth find the deeps of her throat that pulsed sweetly against tongue and teeth.  Tasting the place that held every moan, while his hands traced her collar bones.  Perfect lips followed, his tongue flicking forth to emerald eyes lifted in light.  Her little hand shook, but Aeris still managed to clear the bangs from his face.  Amusement swirled around that sharp pupil, the swirls uncut in their mirth, and with that assurance, Sephiroth travelled downward to the tops of white breasts so exposed.  With a muffled cry, Aeris sloughed off her top, and Mako light increased tenfold.

“You give me such gifts, little flower,” he murmured, thumbing the tips til they pierced.  He’d be uncut, as would his tongue, nor did such slice her desire.  Cocking his head to the side in brief thought, the general warmed one breast in his mouth.  He would be neglectful to leave it so cold when it clearly sharpened in shiver.  Nor did he leave the other forsaken for Sephiroth still had a free hand.  Aeris could only throw her head back and bury fingers in silken hair.  Even here he was an expert “speller, and his name lined both of their tongues.

“Shall I write it again smaller this time or perhaps use a different font?”  In mirthful remorse he squeezed the full other.  “Ah, my Aeris, I have been remiss.”  Brushing the undersides with his smooth knuckles he remedied his “mistake.”  “Writing” the Cetra’s name this time in full before circling the “words” with slight teeth.  Not even a nibble would mar such perfection as his lips tightened to spelling so smooth. Her pale flesh was reddened when he was done, but it was her pulse, never roughness.

Sephiroth then slid his caress to her navel, causing Aeris to lift her hips.  Silver and chestnut swirled on her belly, as she bit her lip not to beg.  A thick fingertip just barely brushed a line in feathery touch.  Tracing them all from both whip and stretch, making them pleasure’s paths.  Caressing her sides and hugging her hips between his large, gentle hands.  Glancing up, the Great General ever ensured that this was what she desired, but when Aeris scrambled to part trembling thighs, Sephiroth could have no more doubts.

The maid half believed light lived in her eyes for how it did burst behind lids.  The sea is sure frozen a-and yet e-every wave shivers through all of my skin.  She could not hold them.  Her frame was too small to contain such a roiling expanse, and his long tongue flicked so exquisitely slow now teasing her deep insides.  Emerald was parted minutely thin, the slit near nonexistent.  Thin as a thorn it still held the burden of the Great General’s heart.  Light stroked her stomach, as it pulled in to the throes of pleasure her love released.

Aeris’s eyes rolled back in her head, blind behind flickering lids.  Sephiroth returned to his flower’s side as she continued to twitch in the after.  His mask hid his shock ’til the recalled truth that this was needed no more.  So surprise covered his pale angel’s face before quiet laughter ensued.  Slight concern balked him for he was unsure if too many times would cause harm. Her breath steadied though as true slumber clutched, and Sephiroth stood to sweep Aeris up.  Fixing the covers with her in one arm, he laid her upon her soft bed.

“I’ll make tea and dinner, my little flower.  You’ll need to replenish your strength.”

Hunger awoke her a few hours later ever warm and safe in her bed.  She was bare at the top with skirt tousled up.  B-But he stopped when I…passed out.  He…didn’t rape me.  Of course, he didn’t!  He’s my guardian, angel, and love.  He’s not like them and never will be.  I’m not sore.  I’m not torn.  I’m not bleeding.  Aeris dashed her tears away as evening girded the sky.  Night would be clear, and snow would endure.  Thoughts of silver awoke lower pulse.

The sun made its nest behind the grey sea, mourning the cold with bright rays.  Restless snow swirled within summer behind diaphanous drapes.  Though no new fell, it was forced to dance, a prelude before stiller stars.  The green leaves that lived in Aeris’s eyes were unmoved by ceaseless chill.  They’d stay warm as she within Heaven’s Gate, protected by all threats of cold.  She pulled up her knees and wrapped round her arms, while the sun lost its battle to eve.  But night won’t win either, Aeris realized.  The day always comes again…

“Little flower?”  Sephiroth’s low voice made the air shimmer without even using his power.  His fist hovered beside her open door then lowered, unneeding to knock.  Aeris unwound herself right away and bounced to the edge of her bed.  She hardly noticed her top was still bare or her skirt barely covered her hips.  The general did, but it was her expression that spread slow smile along perfect lips.  Her joy at my vision cannot be believed even more as she’s nearly naked.  I am the one man who gives her no fear.  A man…can I call myself that?  Despite what I am…what lives in my veins, can I truly claim that title?  My Aeris would say so.  She hopped to her feet and caught his hands, looking the far way up.  It was more than worth it, the ache in her neck to bask in that glorious face. Nor would Sephiroth let her suffer, as he massaged the taut muscles there.

“Dinner is ready, little one.  Shall I bring it here or will you come down?”

“Hm,” she pondered, pursing her lips with the most endearing expression.  It took all he had to not sweep her up and kiss her until the dawn.  “Well, downstairs I’d have to cover up, right?”

“You’d not find me complaining.”  The half-smile ruled his face once again, as jade light overflowed.  It lit the whole blush that stained more than her cheeks, though those breasts remained tipped in deep pink.

Giggling, the Cetra buried her face in his chest.  His great coat was open, his shirt was so smooth, and his scent lived to tantalize.  “Well…it’s a little bit cooler downstairs, so a shirt would be practical.”

“I’m sure I’d find ways to keep you warm, Aeris,” he chuckled, but fetched her top.  Sliding it over her sensuous, slow, its tightness would let no curve could hide.  But it was a camisole and not meant for warmth.  He gladly swirled off his coat.  Sweeping it over as Aeris glanced round, Sephiroth scooped the maid up so she squeaked.

“Is it well, little flower?”  As ever he asked.  A maiden kiss found perfect lips.  Though the general loved deeper communion that thrummed to the music of tongues, he was beyond grateful that this still occurred: kisses pressed swiftly and sweet.  A myriad a minute when the mood took her, sometimes she just held to that moment.  Hands on broad shoulders to his easy hold, while silver bangs framed their sweet stance.

She truly does love me… He thought with eyes closed, undisturbed by the blood in his sight.  Tiniest fingers tickled his lashes, and her awe filled the once fallen’s heart.  My eyes are too cold.  My blood is too hot, and yet my flower adores me.  It flowed like that ancient swell ‘cross their skins, equal loves to match.  What was corrupted could never touch Aeris, and her purity eased his pain.

After dinner, the maid tried again, initiating the start.  She led her general back upstairs as his long coat dragged behind her.  Sephiroth assured her he didn’t care if it swept along marble and wood.  Back in her room, she plopped on his lap and found he’d been waiting for this.

“I-It really doesn’t take much, does it?” the Cetra whispered while rocking her hips.

“With you, my Aeris?  No…no, not at all.”  He engulfed her small hands with his larger.  Brushing her knuckles, massaging her palms, unable to forget shattered fingers.  He could find each and every spot.  The memory lived in her bones.  And yet my wound is not recalled.  Is it because I was forgiven?  “I’m ashamed to admit.”  Yet he had to do so as he raised and kissed two tiny hands. “Just the mere thought can render me…more than ready.”

“Why would you be ashamed of that?” She gave a soft bite to his wrist.  Nibbling a bit on frost white skin that pulsed warmth against her lips.  That steady beat that only Aeris could tell had slightly increased.  Only for me…only I cause that.  She blushed though confused as to why.

“I don’t want you to think me like ‘them,’ my Aeris, only seeing you in that way.”

“Never, my general.  Never at all.”  She wriggled again to ensure.  Tangling their fingers upon her soft stomach, Sephiroth bent to kiss her crown.  One broad palm slid up and down between navel and minute waist.

Aeris gripped his free hand with her two, as more kisses rained down from above.  Sephiroth caressed her lower belly before sliding fingers beneath her top.  The Cetra squeaked briefly, exposing her throat as her tender stomach pulled in.  She was growing used to the look and the feel of her own once tortured flesh, but the maid always relished, if she nearly forgot, how gentler her general’s touch.  It’s all I’ll ever know again.  It’s all he’ll ever be.  The imprint of his knuckles stretched her shirt while his lips found other work.  He wanted her throat against his mouth.  That pulse against his teeth.  Drinking the sweet of that skin with his tongue, he could live off her purity.  It could not be drained nor could he contain the joy that his flower had sown.  Every moan blessed him, thrumming against, while the Great General chuckled.  He read the lines of her skin with his careful fingers, the message there sobering him.  It spoke of pain, but her wiggles and cries rendered the past powerless.  Her thighs parted wider, and tentative tips brushed delicate skin in between.  The Cetra hard shuddered and tightened her hand against the back of his head.  Clutching moon silver in silken bunch, whispering, “I want you…”

The play of his fingers caused endless quiver upon that tender, soaked flesh.  Only a hairsbreadth where dew had its source, and Sephiroth pulled the maid closer.  She was so languid even in quake, desperately seeking his shoulder.  Catching her mouth that opened in yearning as he slanted his firmly against, and so below just one thick finger sought this lower gate.

Aeris hid her face in her angel’s chest, when the moan in her throat turned to whimper.  Forcing her legs to stay fully upon, she bit her lip in preparation.  The instant she felt that brush on her petals, her tiny flower shut down.  Closing in tight as an immature bud and summer tears were the true damp.  I…I should try, Aeris thought.  I sh-should lay on my back.  Th-That’s how he likes it.  He’s not like them.  I should be grateful.  I-I should just submit.  An emptying wail tore from her lips, as all she could do was tremble.  Clinging to Sephiroth’s open black shirt, the little maid sobbed and sobbed.  Merely his fingers would cause searing pain and that would just be the prelude.  Emerald eyes widened to summer monsoon, as regret filled his broken heart.

Even before her first cry ensued, Sephiroth withdrew torturous touch.  Wrapping his little love tight in strong arms, he was all guardian once again.  I’m ever and always her guardian, but even more so at these times.  Still hiding her face, her tiny hands trembled to clutch powerful forearms.  Taking the chance, she closed her legs, and they spasmed in memory’s pain.  The kiss of assurance covered her brow, and silver hair shushed soft as snow.  Framing his flower in utter protection that Sephiroth would ever declare.

“You’re safe, my Aeris.  You’re ever with me.  I will never hurt or force you.

“I’m tempting you, general!”

“How are you now?”  He blinked, curious and confused.

“I p-promise you flesh, but I-I can’t deliver…”  The Cetra dissolved into tears.

Sephiroth shook his head as he sighed, reaching over to retrieve his coat.  He wrapped it around to aid her trembling, though he knew it wasn’t from cold.

She heaved a last sob and lifted her head where her tears shone in his light, and what was reflected proved the full glory of her saddened angel’s face.  Emerald gleam made his lashes lay shadow against perfect, winter white cheeks.  Benevolence, care, and love filtered down no matter the cold conduit.  Aeris swallowed and rewet her lips.  A hand sought his lowered face.  When the Cetra found it, his lips lifted toward in his typical half-made, sad smile.

“Aeris, this happens when you are ready, and not a moment before.”

“B-But you’re ready.”  She forced herself still for that was quite obvious.

“That is quite true.” Sephiroth wouldn’t lie.  “But your readiness is paramount.  It must be in words and also in will.  I will not take a terrified maid.”

“But that’s not fair to you, Sephiroth.”

The greatest of generals blinked several times to her earnest and wide-eyed face.  “It is far less fair to you, my Aeris, that you were so terribly broken.  Abused to the point that you somehow believe you owe me your flesh.  I owe you everything, little flower.  My vow due to my past sins.”  He sat up taller, crooking a finger beneath her trembling chin.  “No one will ever hurt you like that ever again, little one.  You will not be forced in any way.  Everything is now by your choice, and,” he added before interruption, “there should be no owing or guilt.”  Slight mischief gleamed.  “And I quite like ‘writing,’ you see.”

Thus, it went that she would begin, but end always in tears and trembling.  Within his arms or flat on her back, while Sephiroth renewed his promise.  The little Cetra was terrified that he would grow angry with her.  That anytime Mako would roil in flames, and he would just take his due.  She prepared herself each time for pain, hiding sobs with shaking arms.  She was taunting him, teasing him, promising petals that could never be picked only torn.  Rage would burn through benevolent emerald, and he’d split the maid in two…

But it never happened.  There was never a time that Sephiroth gave her any wrath.  Not even annoyance disturbed his calm.  The worst he could be was sad, nor was it rue for his endless want.  Grief called for her ever fear.  No matter how often he assured his rose, Aeris was certain next time pain would fall.  It reminded the general of their first days when she waited for more abuse.  The maiden would weep that she was a temptress, leading him to false belief, and he hated the guilt that shook all her skin that she was denying her love.

“Aeris,” he’d whisper, “my concern is for you and how terrified you still are.  You are not for my use or for my pleasure.  You are no one’s plaything, my rose.  What happened to you…what you were forced to endure was beyond all ends of pure wrong, and nothing like that will occur again in all of eternity.”  Cupping her cheek or lifting her chin, he’d fix slivered eyes on her face, and only for her did they not shower horror along with emerald light.  “You have every right to be frightened, my Aeris, and react accordingly.  It’s my job to relieve your fear and my obligation to stop at such times.”

“I want to so much, Sephiroth…”  She’d hide her face near his neck.  Moonlight silk took all of her sorrow with no judgment or reject.  He’d rub her back, easing the tension from her quivering skin.  Aeris would sigh, reminded again just how wonderful he was.  It made her gaze up in renewed desire, but that just re-broke her heart.  He’d never rape her and never abuse her.  She couldn’t fathom how he was real.

Sometimes direct past would pierce memory, as Aeris recalled particular pain.  Curled in a ball in Sephiroth’s arms, he wanted to plead with her to cease trying.  If starting the act caused such a future, he wanted no part of it.  Yet at the beginning, she was so ardent, and he didn’t mind spelling her name…

“Th-They always tried to conquer me fully…sh-shove themselves wholly inside.”  She covered her face with one little hand, and Sephiroth stroked her pale knuckles.  Her soft bed enclosed them face to face, parted curtains diffusing lamp light.  “I’m…really small…”  Shaking overtook her, nearly making her speech incoherent.  The general pulled a blanket around before wrapping the maid in his arms.  Both covered the bareness of her skin as she was pressed to his uncovered chest.

“Aeris…no man will ever take you in such a way again.  They saw you as a conquest, a…challenge to overcome. Faugh…”  He shook his head in revulsion, his perfect face twisting at thought.  “That’s not the way it ever should be and never the way it will.  It should be chosen for one, little rose, and secondly, you should enjoy it.  There’s no need for a man to…force himself fully in or try when it’s not possible.  Gods…”  Sharp breath cut against gritted teeth, as fire ignited his heart.  “That’s more than awful, my little rose.”  Sephiroth touched his brow to hers.  “You don’t need to be ‘conquered,’ ‘claimed,’ or…’mastered.’  You’re not a victory to be won.  You’re a sweet, little maid, a precious flower, a tiny, perfect rose.  That corrupt past robbed you of every choice, but this present returns all to you.”

He tightened his jaw, staring out of the window to a night cruelly pierced by duel thorns.  That city was gone with all of her rapists.  The ashes now covered in snow.  Whiter than bone so charred by his flames, made pristine by winter light.  When spring came with rain to wash what was once covered, perhaps blossoms would be left to rule.  How fitting, he thought as Mako still blazed.  Her sigil to conquer her grief.  In symbol perhaps, reality, though, forces her cling to past rue.

Aeris kept her eyes closed for several long moments, caught by the beat of his heart.  The steady, slow thrum that held all his vows bound to its brokenness. “Wh-What if I never can, Great General?”

“Then you never can, little one.”  He cupped her chin, while tilting his head to examine her face from this angle.  Smiling gently, he thumbed her lips, soothing her summer eyes closed.  “You mean so much more to me than that.”

“B-But what about you, Sephiroth?”

“What about me, my Aeris?”  Mako swirled, sliced sharply to re-coalesce.  “If we cannot couple, I’ll still love you.  That will never change.  It’s absolute as stark starlight cutting through deepest dark.”  He kissed her temple to prove his vow.  “You’ve no obligation to allow me to touch you.  Even this caress is a gift.  No one is forced to endure any touch that they do not desire.  Abysmal, my flower…”  His gaze did not falter, but mist infiltrated the gleam.  The crease between brows was bare miniscule, but no depth could hold this memory.  Aeris reached beyond those years to lay her palm on his face.  Only a flash passed between skins, briefer than a blink, but in it she saw sharp artificial and a pale boy injected with light.

“I-I do desire you though, Sephiroth.”  She threw herself upon his neck, both for her ease and strangely for his, that sight sliding ice through her veins.  It’s the past, too.  His past…and mine, but this far back, his was the worst.  My horror was recent, but past those strange mists…th-that must have been how he was made…  “I want you,” the Cetra breathed in his ear as his large palms soothed ache away. Aeris clung harder to combat and comfort a past he had learned to accept.  His joy spread a smile as whispering silver mimicked the hush of the snow.  “I do want you, b-but whenever…it’s touched, I-I just close right up.”  She quivered and the general answered by crushing her carefully close.  “In my mind I want you so badly, and I know that you’ll never hurt me, but my flesh holds…hard memories e-even though I know you’re not them.  You’re my guardian…my Great General.”

She pulled back and smoothed silk from his face.  Sorrow now claimed those emerald ice eyes, and not even winter could stall that in freeze.  It only preserved in frigid display, the swirlings of Mako so ceased.  “You’ll never hurt me, a-and I know that.”  Sephiroth kissed her brow.  Hiding the grief behind his lids now with endless, black fringe on pale cheeks.  “But p-penetration…”  She hid her face between his neck and shoulder within the scent of silver skein.

“It’s well, my Aeris.  I promise it’s well.  We do nothing until you are ready.”

“T-Truly?” she whimpered.

“Truly, my rose.”  He more than loved to reinsure.

“But I keep taunting you!”  She spasmed in sob, and the general shook his head.  His cheek brushed her hair, that chestnut morass, clinging to him and the blankets.

“You’re not taunting me,” he assured ever patient.  “You’re attempting to overcome fear.”

“B-But I’m using you.  It’s not fair, Sephiroth!”  She hiccupped and squeezed her eyes shut.  Tightening her little hands into fists beneath that sleek, silver sheaf.

“Aeris,” he sighed, making her slightly pout.  That beloved baritone held hint of humor.  “There are…ways to alleviate my, ahem, condition.”  He couldn’t help it and lowly laughed.  A glimmer of lamplight danced in her vision as the little maid turned her head.  Mirth’s echo shook through the folds of her covers, and she needed his flawless face.  He wore his half smile, and it lifted his visage into the most delicious of smirks.  “Why do you think I take so many showers?”  The Mako gleam twirled with deep jade before consideration replaced part of his humor.  He took tiny fingers.  Kissing each slowly, winter held summer, and innocence blushed in his light.

“Also, my flower,” he reminded the maid, “I, too have the right to say, ‘No.'”

Aeris blinked swiftly.  That had not occurred, because it was always a given.  His strength to hers was like mountain to twig.  There was nothing to compare.  No one in this world, least of all me, has the power to rob him of choice.  Whereas I’m lucky my general’s kind.  He does nothing but love and protect me.  The burst of past behind green made her start, and slivers shifted aside.

“I-If you didn’t want me to initiate such…”

“I’d tell you, my little flower.  I could stop you just like you could stop me.”

“You could stop me with your little finger.”  She didn’t tremble, but her cheeks paled a bit, the rose now a fading flush.

“And you could stop me with a word.  I’m your general, Aeris.  Never forget…I am yours to command.”

Aeris slid her hand over his shoulder, trailing fingers down his arm.  Leaving no curve of muscle unswirled all the way to his large hand.  Perfection bore neither give nor blemish, and assurance lifted her lips.  Sephiroth chuckled and caught those small fingers at their journey’s end.

“And are you done examining what’s ever yours?  Am I to your satisfaction?”  It’d been meant in humor, but final words froze his face to winter mask.  She threaded their grasps with eyes still closed, squeezing as hard as she could.  She couldn’t hurt him…not in this way, and Sephiroth loved that sweet press.  The general sighed and called himself lucky that she’d not noticed his rue.

“W-Well, I haven’t e-examined, um, all of you yet.”  The burgeoning blush lit more than her cheeks.  Aeris was certain the rouge stained her belly, which quivered for lower sensations.

“Indeed,” he murmured, hovering his mouth over her parted lips.  They angled together at tongue’s request, a dance slow as midwinter mist.  A slim shoulder peeked from layered blankets, taut as she tightened her grip.  Sephiroth pressed near the small of her back, pulling his flower closer.  She wiggled against him so soft cover battled the silver hair splayed on her chest.

He knew what would happen if he rolled her over to gape up at him on her back.  The languor and longing would swift disappear, replaced by her hated terror.  The realization that he was above, and she dwelled then in memory’s shadow.  Tiny hands once clasped in joy would change to clenching quiver.  Formed into claws that would not dare to scratch, lest he…

He tried to quell wrath.  Burying his fingers in tangled chestnut, the anger dissolved with her moan.  Aeris lifted from the kiss so his lips blessed her throat, and he nipped her to call a soft squeak.

“Sephiroth…” she whimpered with no strength left to moan.  “I-”  Sharp teeth grazed the heart of her cries.  Clutching her to him, he rolled to his back so Aeris spilled over his chest.  The blankets fanned open, framing soft breasts now pressed to a wall of thick muscle.  Slivers searched the Cetra’s face as his palm cupped the nape of her neck.  Aeris did gasp to catch fleeing breath, holding to his sturdy shoulders.

The general smoothed the hair from her sight, utterly awed by the vision above.  This beautiful flower belongs to me, but only by her behest.  She’s mine to love and mine to care for.  Dear gods, let me make her happy.  His long pupil sharpened, spilling more light into the emerald expanse.  There was no one living or dead in the world who could bear such a sight except she.  She kissed the space between those eyes, unfrightened and uncut.  He reached up to catch her lips, and silver skein shimmered behind.  It tumbled off the edge of the bed and trickled far down to the carpet.  There was more than enough to delight tiny fingers, which allowed the blankets to slip off all the more.

Aeris quivered in strange elation.  She’d never been on top of a man.  Wh-Why isn’t he throwing me off?  I shouldn’t be on t-top of him.  I should be beneath or on my knees.  A cry shook her skin when warm palms found her waist beneath the slipping covers.  Up to her breasts where his thumbs knew their work.  She bit his shoulder to laughter so low.  He slid his way downwards, leaving her thighs to run his palms over her rear.

She gasped in his mouth, and Sephiroth took the chance to return a bite to her lip.  The squeak of surprise made the so-assailed throb and, delighted, the maid wanted more, but he had moved downward, now skimming her throat.  Soft breasts were what next he did seek.  He traced every line with his upper lip then completed the circle with lower.  The undersides tender he just meant to kiss so they overflowed with ripest pink, but slivers slim narrowed for even down here, their cruelty had not been quelled.  A great rush of breath flared the general’s nostrils at the evidence of abuse.  There was nothing for it but to brush his lips over each mark on that softness as well.

Aeris dug nails into his chest, and her writhing conquered the covers.  She was bare below, but that didn’t matter.  He exhaled so warm on her flesh.  The tip of her breast tightened toward his tongue, and Sephiroth smirked as he gave her his eyes. His rose’s expression was what he so craved as her skin robbed that bloom of its hue.  Eschewing his thumb this time on the other, he took advantage of other resources.

His skin was quite smooth, between fingers more so, a veritable silken expanse.  It was a sly secret he’d hidden forever beneath his black, leather gloves.  His palms bore no callus and never would (regeneration would not allow), but frost white skin was thick and tough.  Better than ever worn black leather gloves.  Better than millions of them… But in between digits, belying design, lay a space that had one purpose now.  His Aeris would never be neglected, and this silken touch caused a full cry.  Before echoing pleasure deserted his ears, Sephiroth switched sides.  His tongue teased the tip that was brought to point dry, while a finger’s edge wicked away moisture.

The Cetra convulsed and would’ve keeled over, but he took mercy and spared her with kiss.  Aeris made it harder, pressing damp breasts to that white wall of muscle in payback.  Sephiroth laughed as her tongue led his and her chestnut bangs framed his pale face.

“I’m on top, general…” she whispered in awe, missing mere moments of kiss.

“You are, little rose.”  He caught her mouth’s corners then nibbled her bottom lip.  She fully bit him with eyes tightly shut, and the Great General chuckled so pleased.

“It’s strange, Sephiroth.  I-Is this right?”

“Of what do you speak, little flower?”

Her mouth brushed his jaw, hovering then near his ear.  It was quite unfair that he remained pale when her skin was so prone to flush.  Even his lips stayed seashell pink without even a hint of light coral.  Envious, too, how hers swelled to nibbles, while his did not even puff to a bite.  They’re already perfect…with his angel’s bow.  Aeris kissed them again, jealously.  Then she remembered that it didn’t matter as he opened two palms on her waist.

“I-I…” she tried as his hands skimmed her skin, spreading along her full hips.  Chestnut swirled in his throat’s hollow, laying claim to his collar bones.  “Y-You should be…on me.  Y-You’re the man.  I sh-shouldn’t be on top.”

He stared up at her, his skin bleeding sorrow, as he lifted a hand to her cheek.  “Aeris…”  Half her face was cradled within.  “You thought it could only be that…”  He berated himself for how could she not?  She knew no other way.  “I should’ve told you this before,” he murmured as she wet her lips.  He prayed that was an invitation, and her high moan proved it still was.

“Maybe, my general…”  She touched his face now and gazed without blinking into winter’s bisected heart.  “I’m…not afraid.”  Both eyes she kissed, the lashes tickling.  “What…what happens next?”

“The same sweet dance…”  His hands re-traversed her spine’s length.  The Cetra’s back arched when he found the place, but it was to feather touch and never pain.  Down, down he went, still laying kisses on lips and cheek and throat.  Playing a song of ecstasy’s cries, the melody melting all grief.  A hissing inhale heralding the firmness of her bottom in his grip, and Sephiroth did not know how he forgot just how ready his Aeris could make him.  He gritted his teeth after she took over to bless all his skin with soft kiss.  His sealed lips to jaw, then over his throat where the pulse had increased just for her.  A mere half a beat to pound against the downward descent of her mouth.  Soft forelocks swayed over his chest as he compared the pale of their skin.  Her tiny hands against marble perfection, creamy to winter white.

“I love every muscle.”  She bit at her finger before letting it circle upon.  Exploring each inch of this splendor brought shivers, tracing each fold and curve.  The silent warmth between her thighs was slowly seeping downward, and Aeris full gasped when she straddled his hips to what begged for her taut against buttons.  A couple had popped, but Sephiroth no longer cared enough to sigh.  A normal man would’ve had broken teeth for how tightly his jaw now did clench, for Aeris had tossed her hair away, and when she wriggled, he hid a slight hiss.

Sephiroth reached to catch her one hand, while his other brushed over soaked flesh.  His buttons were slick with her desire, but it was not his fingers that wanted that heat.  Aeris clutched and kissed his palm before laying it back to her breast.  He watched her face as free fingers undid the suffering fastens below.  Her breath cut her teeth as it fought to escape while summer and winter did meld.  Gripping his hand between her two, the Cetra pulled herself up.  Even with his support her inner thighs quivered, and a steadying hand cupped her waist.

Crystalline emerald met softer green gaze, as Aeris so slowly slid down.  Whimpers clutched her throat at first entry, but to duel joys, she owned the control. Sephiroth’s fingers closed on her side, honoring her wish without word.  White ringed her eyes for at the mere start, that tender bud was stretched.  Wiggling with care, she eased herself down, holding the moan in her throat.  My Great Genera.  I knew. I knew, and yet….  He was not hurting her.  Oh, she was pulled taut like an overdrawn bow, but nowhere was there any tear.

Liquid heat covered him all the way down, soaking Sephiroth’s now open pants.  He pushed so careful through silken petals equally soaked and tight, ever so slowly spreading them wide but separating them slow.  Her gaze he held harder than her tiny hand, and unwavering light framed her face.  Unable to blink and miss any sign that pleasure was turning to pain.  Rapt concentration ruled Sephiroth’s face as he penetrated deeper.  Though abundant with dew, she was so delicate one hard thrust would rip her apart.  The cry that erupted from the maid’s throat brought the scent of tears to flared nostrils.  The general stopped immediately with grief upon his face, but Aeris near tumbled to kiss his large hands.  Sighing relieved, he still asked, “Is it well?”

A low moan shook her flesh to those spreading petals.  Opening her eyes was far too much work.  With a broad palm to her lower back, Sephiroth sat up to kiss her brow.  That tight, little flower clenched upon him, and his fist closed upon chestnut hair.  Squeezing strands tighter than he’d ever her hand, the general now sought parted lips.  Letting his tongue have the more forceful thrust, for below was exquisitely measured.

Aeris did gasp as her soft flesh spread more, but the next stroke brought a sweet moan.  Gripping his large hand tight in her two, she rode the waves of this new sensation.  Then clawed at his shoulder to seek solid grip, and his eyes shone to the light from her face.  He plowed her so gently, shielding the maid from any thrust brutal or rough, keeping her face uncut in his sight so no bit of nuance was missed.  Her ecstasy fueled his passion for her, as her flower did nothing but bloom.  The tiniest bud that no longer need fear that it would be torn apart.  As much as they could, her petals parted to shape themselves around, and Aeris near sobbed her thankfulness.

The general knew that his flower was small, but this was beyond belief.  He ate at her mouth, near ravishingly, in stark contrast to gentle union.  Flawlessly plunging in and out, he’d found her end near where they started.  She’s so very small.  Dear gods…  And the past threatened to fill him with wrath, but they were all dead, and only he’d touch her.  So long as that is her desire.  By her very words she wants no other.  These petals open for me alone. 

To any other it would be agony’s slowness, but Aeris blessed each careful inch.  The strokes where near endless for how measured and smooth, and she hummed through his lips to the rhythm.  Clinging now weakly to his powerful shoulders whose support could never fail.  Light bursts behind her thinly veiled eyes, and his lips to her neck flared more.  His name on her tongue needed to be spoken and shared by the tangle of two.  The spasms rolled through her though not quite as many as when he did his spelling trick, and after, even knowing how sore she’d be, Aeris did not wish to stop.  I could…with a word.  Not even a finger.  My general obeys my commands…

His final thrusts came with their normal adornment, and he buried his face in her breasts.  Silver spilled over as he seeded her deep, several squirts sealing his eyes.  The Cetra’s heart jumped to swift humming horror then she remembered that that time was dead.  They had discussed this when she’d started trying.  This future just conquered foul past…

“I want you, my general, b-but I don’t want that.  Never, never again!”

At first, slight confusion had tilted his head until curved fingers clawed at her belly.  Realization made Sephiroth paler in shame at how dense he’d been.  He’d drawn the maid into his full embrace, that enclosure the best of all shields.

“There are means to prevent that, as well, little one before it can ever occur…”

One final shudder teased all her skin, and Sephiroth kissed her brow.  He laid her down gently and slipped off his pants now soaked in the best of all ways.  Aeris heard rustling before she was picked up and cradled secure in one arm.  Her eyes remained closed for dream sight did lie, while scent brought her that angel fragrance.  Somehow a prayer filtered through disbelief that she could now smell like him, too.  The smooth of pale winter against her bare form did obscure the truth slightly with warmth, but that great heart against her ear could not hide love despite despair.  Still, she pondered as sleep sought sealed eyes, but she refused to relinquish this moment.  The Cetra wondered he what he was doing until cooler sheets met her spent form.  Immediately, Sephiroth swathed her in softer blanket, but she untangled herself for his arms.  The only warmth needed was winter skin in all of its flawless perfection.

A kiss to her crown in that tangled morass of chestnut brought brightest of smiles.  Hers must have sensed his, and she opened her eyes to benevolence on angel face.  His eyes were half closed, near hiding thin slivers behind those opulent lashes.  Winter light held, but never in cold. She was the only his gaze did not freeze.

“That was…that was…”

“Was it at least well, little flower?” Sephiroth looked askance as one perfect brow arched up, but Aeris threw her arms round his neck, destroying that trepidation.

“It was so much more than just well, general.  It was…”  She shook her head at elusive description.  “I-It can…be like that?”

“That’s the only way it can be between us.”

“Was that coupling?  I-Is that what you meant?”

“Yes, Aeris, that was the act.”  Bemused and amused, he held his rose close as she shuddered a bit to far memory.

“It…wasn’t like them e-except penetration, but you didn’t hurt me by going too deep.  I-It was so gentle.  You were so careful.”  Shaking away hair, Aeris slid his away to view that beloved face.  Sorrow was wedded to love there within.  He briefly turned to kiss her palm.

“You could not take that, little flower.  I…reached your end very quickly.  You are truly a delicate rose.”  He laid a longer kiss on her brow then returned to her his gaze.  “This above all you must tell me, my Aeris: if I ever hurt you or cause you harm.  We could be in the throes of it deep, but if you tell me stop I will.  Your joy and comfort are my highest concern.  There’s nothing in this world more important.”

“You’re never hurt me, Sephiroth…th-that’s why only you can touch me.”

“I wish that were true.”  He shook his head.  “But we both know what the past contains…what can never be undone.”

Her palm cupped his cheek and drew a sad smile.  “That was never you.”

“I wish I could be sure of that, but I promise you this absolute.  I will always protect you, little flower.”

“I know you will, dear general.”

“It’s my eternal vow to you beyond all laws mundane.”

She threw her arms around his neck.  “I-I’ll protect you, too!  I…can’t do much at least physically, but I’ll protect you from your grief.  I’ll help you fight it, and never stop showing you how worthy and noble you are.”

Aeris pulled back to see his face so full of moonlight and mourning.  He did not turn away from summer with love and pure light shining forth.  His lips parted slightly, and a spark burst in Mako like a myriad stars had been born.  The shattering faded to crystalline emerald, but the truth of her love did remain.  His gaze shifted down where Aeris was now occupied tracing the curve of his muscles.  Slipping slim fingers down that pale wall, she missed the bloom of a slight smile.  Chestnut below stirred soft in his breath, as the little Cetra hummed.  Their joys in miracle equally matched, and he kissed her on the crown.

She hugged him again, squeezing her lids as his warm palms caressed her back.  Her petals were throbbing in the aftermath, but she couldn’t say it was pain.  Well used but not withered and certainly not torn.  And n-now he’s holding me…

“I-Is this normal, too, then Sephiroth?  Y-You holding me in the after?”

“Oh gods, Aeris, yes.  I’m not just going to plow you then leave once I’m done.  Unless you’d prefer that.”  He laughed soft and low.

“N-Never!  I love this…you holding me.”

“As I love it, too, my flower.”  He kissed her ear and whispered therein, “Gentle is all you will know.”

“That’s all I want, general.”  She pressed herself closer, and he covered the maid in his arms.  “Always gentle and never rough.”  Sniffing, she refused to cry.  That life of pain was dead.

“You will never know roughness again, my Aeris,” he promised her always.

The little maid sighed and soft silver swayed in the breeze of her relieved breath.  Her slender arms loosened as another sighed started then turned swiftly into a yawn.  His low chuckle roused her if just for a minute for she was held against his chest.  Sephiroth rolled her gently over so Aeris lay on her back.  Propped on his palm, he gazed down at sweetness that smiled sleepily up with no fear.  Despite his great shadow falling upon, she now drowsed with the promise of light.

A slow, careful kiss pressed her slight parted lips.  Chaste, undemanding, and promising only tomorrows from this gentle source.  “Every night and forever, my Aeris, this is what you’ll know.  Held in my arms, safe for all time.  Let me make up all my sins.”

“You already have and so much more…thank you, Sephiroth…”  Her voice was a wisp and emerald stilled, cut through by darkness slim.  “Th-Thank you for…for…”  Her head sunk into pillows as sleep stole remaining words.  Beside the Cetra he settled himself before his lids shut against undying light.


  She woke in the midst of that snow-misted night (it had taken the sky by surprise), whirling white drops that paled before her general in repose.  Aeris wasn’t sure if he slept or woke, but glittering eyes seemed sightless.  Not the light, though, never that.  Mako seeped and his lashes cast shadow.  Loosely around her, his arm did splay, and moonlight just drifted around.  Untangled as always, falling in splendor over his chest and her face.  Aeris inhaled the vanilla scent that meant only love and sweet care.  She pulled herself up to lean on his shoulder, gazing up at the vision before.

He’s so beautiful…  That thought was eternal.  It could never be washed from her mind.  There’s never been a face more so i-in this life or any other.  No lines marred it now, if “mar” could be used.  Nothing could befoul his splendor.  But he’s at peace.  He deserves to be.  If he’s sleeping, he’s not troubled now.  Belying the snowfall, summer swept over what could’ve been winter’s king.  Ice white and frigid, his skin mimicked frost, but the ruse was dissolved at a touch.  Only a soft press on perfect lips, right over his “angel’s bow.  She traced the upper’s outer rim from edge to curling edge.  The lower she thumbed as he often blessed her, fascinated by seashell pink.  It was a slight blush within sea foam hue, nor could she resist swift chaste kiss.

Glancing down with her own lip in her teeth, Aeris wished to pay suit with his chest, but tiny traces might awaken, and he deserved his rest.  Rarely did sleep allow him this chance, and guilt warned her she could’ve disturbed.  Spots of blush pulsed in her cheeks for what the covers hid, and equivalent parts matched her flush, much to her surprise.  Men hurt me with…that for so very long, but he didn’t hurt me at all.  She yawned with her head near his collar bone, swirling silver strands.  They hurt me with fists and feet and whips, but never anymore.  They’re all dead, and I have him.  I have my Sephiroth. 

Outside the night turned more than frigid as the sky lost its battle to snow.  The temperature plummeted like a felled angel, but only light tinged Heaven’s Gate.  Where each drop of snow held crystallized these two whom fate had so blessed.

<–Chapter 23                                                                                                                                 Chapter 25–>

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