The State of the Writer: 8/23/20

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A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks.

Finished Projects: 1

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Length: Novel
Current Word Count: 250,199
Prior Word Count: 250,796
Word Difference: -597
Status: Editing
Progress: First edit of Chapter 26

It is so much more difficult to edit smut than it is to do general editing lol.  I think it’s because it’s so easy for something like this to veer into cheesy and hilarious territory.  I mean we’ve all read bad smut/poorly planned erotica and it’s not the vibe I’m going for.  I’ve cut a lot of things out.  Some of it might find its way into the more explicit version; other parts are definitely gone to stay.  I only have less than a page left to edit, but I really need to bring my A game because it’s definitely one of those that could be laughably bad if done wrong.

Project: Story Audio Recording
Title: Northern Lights
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Length: Novel
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Status: Editing
Progress: Adding pictures for slideshow

In a shock to no one I had computer problems AGAIN.  This time I was unable to open up File Explorer without it crashing.  This is a problem as I’m working on a slideshow and thus need access to my pictures.  I googled possible solutions and went through them all, but in the end I had to hand the computer over to my more savvy hubs who was able to fix it.  I think he ran a memory scan that finally remedied the problem, so I’ll try that next time.

In Progress

  • Game Reviews: Final Fantasy VI – I started the story analysis but I haven’t gotten very far; however, I am definitely onto some interesting current event parallels with how the citizens of an immoral state aren’t responsible for the atrocities of the state.  So yeah…fun stuff.
  • Book Reviews: The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton – This is going to be one of those long and more essay-like reviews, and I’ll probably split it into review and analysis sections since I can’t really do the latter without spoiling major components of the story.  I have very mixed feelings about this book.  It’s beautiful and eloquently written, but there’s are things that bother me.

So I heard back from Lilly White about her fanfiction publishing escapades.  Apparently, she just did it!  According to her she saw people doing similar at conventions, and considering doujinshi exists just did her thing.  So far nothing bad has happened, but I’m just too paranoid hehe.  

As for Garnet, I took her to the vet last Monday who thinks she has a food allergy.  So she gave me medicine for parasites in case that was also a factor.  The one is topical and goes on the back of her neck.  That’s the easy one.  The other…not so much.  I always thought liquid medicine for cats was better; you just squirt it in.  Not so much with our little princess lol.  She fights us the entire step of the way.  We’re waiting to get her specialty food in the mail.  It…was…expensive, but she’s worth it.  She hasn’t thrown up in a few days even though we’ve been feeding her the same stuff, so I’m thinking the de-worming stuff et al helped?  The vet was entirely curbside.  I called when I got there; they talked to me about her history (the old vet still hadn’t sent the records over grrrr); they came out and picked her up then the vet called me again with the deets.

Alright…my computer is demanding I restart because it needs to fix disk errors, so wish me luck everyone.

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23 thoughts on “The State of the Writer: 8/23/20

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  2. Hope your computer gets itself together, seems like very unsavory behaviour. And best wishes to Garnet. (have you tried giving your cat medicine to the computer? It may also have parasites)

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    • She’s eating prescription food now, though it’s still a bit touch and go. We’re trying to feed her smaller amounts at a time, and omg she HATES the liquid medicine. I thought it was easier but that was with other cats lol.

      Somehow or another I STILL managed to be stressed out afterwards. I think because I still had to talk to people and I had stuff to do the next day lol. It was less stressful though, and she was apparently really good for them. She’s never so good for us especially when we try to cut her nails. I enjoy having my skin so it’s either a two person job or we let the vet do it. Cid on the other hand couldn’t care less what you do with them. Fur children are ridiculous.

      But the antics are the cutest part 😀

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      • Samus hates having her nails trimmed so hard that she chews them down herself. I cut her nails once as a puppy and she decided, “nah, bitch. I got this.” lmao. Ozzy resists me the whole time I’m grooming him but if Rob does it, he lays there patiently. It’s mildly infuriating. XP

        I hope things keep getting better for Ms. Garnet.
        I switched Ozzy to a senior diet a few weeks ago and am just now realizing he’s having much less tummy troubles AND I think he’s eating grass less. This last thing I still need to verify with the husband since he works from home and is the one that let’s him out the most.

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        • God I wish Garnet would trim her own nails. We call her “little Miss Murder Paws” because those suckers are sharp AF. She has been doing better! Today wasn’t so great for her; she got sick, but she’s been doing pretty well and she at least didn’t throw up her dinner. The vet wants me to bring them poop because of course lol. She doesn’t like the wet canned food but I found a friend who has kitties with stomach issues, too, so we’re going to figure out how to get it to them. No reason to have it collecting dust in my apartment. It’s already paid for so what am I going to do with it. I should look into cat grass…I wonder if that would help her. Last time we got some, they ate ALL of it to the point where they killed it.


  3. I hope Garnet feels better soon! One of my cats has a really sensitive tummy as well, so I understand the struggle. Also, ditto on Ava Lavender . . . there were things I liked about it, but I felt like there was way too much buildup to a certain terrible event without any real resolution to it.

    Hope your computer does okay too; always annoying to be slowed down by technical issues. :/

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    • So, we’ve been feeding her the prescription food. She threw up one day after, but I’ve noticed she’s better later in the day when I offer it again. We’re trying to give her less at a time.

      Yeaaaaah, I have a feeling we’re going to have similar feelings about it. I need to work on the review today. I do like that Walton has essay questions in the back (I’ve honestly thought of that for my own stories but I always wondered if it was presumptuous lol). I think there’s a great discussion to be had about the novel, which at the end of the day, could be a point in its favor. Controversy drives conversation and some divisive stories are so for a reason. I’m thinking of The Last of Us, both parts, right now. I DEFINITELY want to do a review on that sooner rather than later.

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  4. Aw, hoping Garnet is all better again soon. ❤ Giving kitties liquid medicine is such a nightmare. Good luck!
    Also, I can't blame you one bit on being paranoid about just going on ahead without a worry about copyright issues. I know a lot of people who sell art commissions do that too and it's something I never did either.

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    • It’s funny because Kin-mei was easy to give liquid medicine to! He hated pills and learned that we were putting them into pill pockets so just ate around them. We bought one of those pill popper devices and that kind of worked. Garnet just gags when we try to get the liquid down her throat, so I might ask the vet for some tips next time I talk to them.

      I think fan art is a different issue? Because it’s visual so the laws are slightly different. I’m looking into becoming a member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America), which of course doesn’t encompass fanfiction, but they do have advocacy for their members/writers.

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      • Oooh, that’s really cool. I haven’t been on WP in like 2 months so please pardon my late response to this! 😛 Did you end up becoming a member of the Romance Writers of America since this comment was written? How is it? 🙂

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        • Omg so let me tell you about THIS. One, I’m a dumbass lol. I was looking for confirmation that I even was a member. I’d received a notification that my payment was received and the money was taken out of my account. Okay cool. So I’m waiting and waiting to see an email saying I was accepted and…nothing. Then…I realized I’d signed up for it with my “professional/writer” email address, which I don’t have on my phone and rarely check. Once I did I had like TWENTY emails from them including a ton of others that were mostly spam. I’d assigned that email address to receiving Facebook notifications, too and, well, yeah it was a lot lol.

          So I am a member 🙂 Currently just associate. You need to have either a published work in the romance genre or 20k words in total of a work or works completed for it. I technically…do? But some of the stipulations where that it had to be complete and not need edits and I can’t really say that, so I’m going to stay an associate for now. The only thing you can’t do is vote in their board elections or hold position. They have a lot of good resources including agents and whatnot, so I’m happy enough with it. It’s like $125 a year? It’s something else I can say on a query when I get back to doing that.

          How have you been the past two months? Did you have a nice Halloween? You and C & M were able to get together?

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          • Oh, wow! Haha that is too hilarious about the email thing. 😛
            That all sounds excellent, though! I had no idea things like that even existed.
            Halloween was really good and relaxing, thanks. The only downside was that, no, C&M and I weren’t able to get together like we’d hoped. Thinks were too risky at my work with possible exposure so we canceled just to be on the safe side. How was YOUR Halloween? It’s hard to believe it’s already almost Thanksgiving and then Christmas! :O It’ll be a weird holiday season but I am so ready to be festive and not my usual Grinchy self this year. lol I think with the dumpster fire this year has been I am so ready for some holiday season indulgence. 😛

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            • One of my BFFs is a romance writer, too, so I’d heard about them through her a few years ago!

              Aw damn, I was hoping you’d be able to get some of that venison. I’m so jealous lol. I haven’t had deer in over a decade. I’ve always liked it. It’s like less greasy beef and slightly gamier.

              I don’t think I did ANYTHING for Halloween, which is such a shame but necessary. It was the first year I didn’t do anything as well as the first year I didn’t see family on Thanksgiving, but again necessary. It is going to be a weird holiday season, but I’ve gotten some of my shopping out of the way at least.

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  5. It is very hard to edit smut. Like, I’ve read both incredibly amazing works and some I want to go smack their fingers and tell them to never write smut again lol


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