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Consistent and sustained graphic descriptions and mentions of rape/ sexual assault, sexual slavery/bondage, slavery, human trafficking, physical abuse, graphic descriptions of violence, mental abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, body shaming, starvation, torture, forced pregnancy, forced childbirth, miscarriage, forced miscarriage, abortion, and other potential disturbing and triggering topics.

Author’s Note: This chapter is pretty much the pure smut I promised.  It’s actually much lighter than what I had originally.  I will eventually post the more X-rated version (though this one is still certainly MA).  Editing smut is much more difficult than editing regular romance.  There’s a fine line between decent erotica and unintentional hilarity, and I hope I fall on the side of the former.  Don’t laugh at me too hard if I don’t.

Aeris changes her mind to delightful results about something she once feared.

Artwork of Aeris and Sephiroth. Aeris is right side up on the left looking at Sephiroth who is upside down on the right.  Chapter 26 Picked by a Rose is in the upper left corner.

The winter would ravage with thick spilling snow that silver would still always best.  He went out more often than Aeris, of course, to mayoral duties’ demand.  It was less, though, than summer for little required immediate response.  His tasks were more to avail his aid for any pressing concern, and monsters of course, always that rigor that kept his instincts sharp.

When Sephiroth left, whatever the need, his thoughts were of always his Aeris.  The joy that would beam through his heart at return that gave the rents a sweeter purpose.  It spread through his veins and bled through his skin, his flower’s ecstasy.  At sight of me…her once murderer.  I don’t want to leave yet I do.  Knowing her presence ever awaits me makes Heaven’s Gate utter truth.

And when the brief soreness had left her in peace, Aeris proved more he couldn’t believe.  She’d plop on his lap, wiggling hard with a grin aimed his way for good measure.  A manageable book would be clasped in her hands while her skirt flared over black pants.  Back to short ruffles the maid had returned.  She only wore long in excursion.  Sephiroth knew if she planned a friend’s visit for garb covered from head to toe, but if her pale thighs were exposed to jade sight, only the window would see her outside.

Smiling behind gritted teeth, the general let her lift his arm.  She pulled one around to circle her hips, leaving his fingers for soft inner thighs.  Sephiroth played them over skin smooth, never breaching invisible wall.  Though soft petals quivered a mere breath away, her word alone held the release. With a high hum, Aeris spread her thighs more while stroking the chosen book’s cover.  The low voice in laughter shivered her back with no chill to accompany.

“Do you wish to read or wish to couple, my playful, little rose?”

“I want you, Sephiroth,” came the reply.  “We can read afterwards, r-right?”

“That’s right, my flower…we can read any time.”  He bent to pour this in her ear.  It blushed like a shell exposed from the sea, and his lips running over caused tremors.  No fear lives within her.  Not now in this moment. 

Her palm rode the one on her thigh.  Soft ruffles brushed both, and Sephiroth shifted, but Aeris just matched her love’s motion.  She slid his large hand towards her moistened heat, and he twice felt the pulse of those petals.  Beneath straining buttons as tortured as ever, and a beckoning finger away.

“May I, little flower?”

“Y-Yes, Sephiroth.”  He lifted her chin in the air.  The maid wet her lips and jade lit a night where the stars dared not show their faces.

Slight trepidation shimmered in summer, and that low voice did naught but assure.  A gentle forefinger slid through the gate, and he closed his eyes, washed with hot dew.  Needing no sight to coax a fair rose to bloom around this foreign “stem.”  There was no resistance only the tautness the Cetra would ever retain.  His thumb found occupation beneath as well, and sweetest song bathed his ears.  The general had no tongue for singing, but that didn’t hold all his talent.  Though it toiled, too, tasting the cries as they issued from Aeris’s throat.  No beverage would fell him in drunkenness, but in her pleasure Sephiroth could imbibe.  Sipping the ecstasy from blushing lips, while below he assured it went on.

Shrouded in silver, the Cetra lay twitching against the wall of his chest.  His other arm held her ever secure, and she scrabbled for his free hand.  With all her might, Aeris full squeezed it before lifting caress to her throat.  She had no gasps left, even moans a far dream, as his feather touch taunted her skin.  All the while that unblinking gaze ensured his flower just bloomed.  Several convulsions left the maid languid and splayed within his embrace.

The general peered down with calmer eyes as his Aeris caught her racing breath.  Her heart slowed its buzz to near normal pace, and she kept swallowing as though she might speak.  Then to his brief surprise, she twisted around, giving her love a strange grin.  Wiggling a bit, the maid watched his expression as she fully turned.  Sephiroth slowly blinked like his cat eyes proclaimed, while one hand gripped his wrist like a vice.  Behind her love’s torment, the Cetra’s skin quivered, and her lined belly pulled in tight.

“M-May I, Sephiroth?”  Aeris whispered.

He caught her little hands.  One silver brow cut an arc in marble mask.  Aeris just grinned for she knew him well now and what such a visage contained.

“Of course, little flower.”  The general had no idea what he’d agreed to, but was certain he would enjoy.  He was not disappointed for Aeris reached down to fumble with his belt.  As intricate a braid as he could fashion with hair, the buckle was simple silver.  Buttons parted next and proved far trickier for how tightly they were strained.  His teeth came together behind perfect lips as jade made the air swirl green fire.  Her tiny fingers flittered so slow, at agony’s pace for the fastens.  Slipping each through, as she bit her lip harder, near to the point of drawn blood.  It took all his will not to finish the task, but though waiting was torture, he relished it.

Face to face, he entered his Aeris and a spring morn would envy her rain.  Moonlight cascade covered them both, as outside snow matched brightest stars.  Around her soft waist his large hands were circled, gripping in careful vice.  With her permission, he slid up her top so emerald could worship the sight.  Her abdomen painted dark pink and stark white, all over and around.  Between his circling thumbs, stretch marks and scars became the finest art.  They crept on her flesh like a reaching tree, cradling life in its branches.  More prominent now after the last, he shook his head to trickle forelocks.   This softness here just beckons my touch.  How lucky am I?  He caught her soft lips in the midst of a thrust.  How lucky am I she allows…

He was always so careful, measuring each stroke to never exceed her endurance.  She pushed herself up to hold the deep kiss where the rhythm was lost in the dance.   Ever so slowly Aeris descended, and he was there waiting for her.  Opened thighs quivered even with the support, and the maiden moaned soft in his mouth.  It turned to a gasp as soft flesh was stretched before there was even full entry.  The general squeezed her tender stomach as kisses continued to fall.  Keeping his endless gaze upon her to carefully pierced his rose.  Aeris squeaked to be so driven up, but she still landed a bite to his jaw.  Depths of low laughter thrummed through his chest, as another thrust threw her head back.  The next one was deeper, carefully so.  She tried to speak, but barely breath bloomed.

“What was that, little flower?  I can’t hear you.”  He slid his cheek over hers smooth.  Mouthing an ear, he took a small bite.  Aeris balled her hand ere the fist fell apart, and he cupped the back of her head.  Threading their fingers, he leaned the maid back with the slightest lift to his lips.  The Cetra, in utter trust and surrender, became boneless near falling back.  She knew he would hold her, and her renewed cries made the chandeliers fear for their glass.  Her little skirt flared to each full thrust, so framing this perfect union.  There was no end to the flawless slide and were she ended, he continued.

Slivered eyes kept their watch to ensure penetration never caused harm.  Every single delicate petal was allowed to unfold as its wont.  Sephiroth sat her back up to claim that soft mouth, murmuring love within.  He thrust far harder with his tongue than ever he would below.  She was not made for that, but Aeris had grown bold.  One leg trembled as it tried to lift.

Easily catching her tightened calf, he placed her one heel on his shoulder.  His name erupted from tear stained lips as she exploded in bloom.  Just slightly deeper he found he could go, but her end would always be within reach.  She quivered around him, attempting to speak, but near sobbing incoherent.  Summer unfaded rolled back in her head, and the nerves had abandoned her limbs.  Somehow he caught the waves of her pleasure and perfectly timed every stroke, bringing the Cetra over and over, his thrusts just a little more firm.

His own lids descended when he filled her with seed that would never take root at this time.  Couching her head still in his large hand, Sephiroth drew Aeris close.  Gazing down, the mask had dissolved, though none could have told except her.  The half-smile lifted one side of his face, and she jerked to the last thrust that filled.

Neither cared they were messy, as Aeris collapsed against his solid chest.  Sephiroth sighed but it held no grief as he enveloped her in strong arms.  Long lashes adorned his frost white cheeks, while Aeris tried twisting sleek silver.  She had no fortitude, though, in this sweet aftermath to perform such a complex task, and her petals did throb to her slow calming pulse as his low voice inflamed it once more.


“I’ll not leave thee thou lone one,

To pine on the stem;

Since the lovely are sleeping,

Go sleep thou with them…”


He’d picked up the book she’d dropped in her haste to have a less verbose communion.

“I don’t want to sleep, though.”  The Cetra then yawned, which caused his half-smile to grow.

“What would you like to do?”  Jade relit teasing green.

Aeris beseeched him release the book so she could reclaim his hand.  Kissing his palm, she placed it near the lower curve of her breast.  Glancing up, the Cetra was rewarded by lifting silver brows.  They coupled again in that very position though he was far gentler this time.  Worried his flower would be raw and sore for several long painful days.  He let her bounce upon his lap, while gripping large, steady hands.  Catching a kiss, caressing a cheek, slipping a hand underneath.  He picked her up after that second time, and the maid played the game of kisses.  Each one was a winner, but doubling her score meant she landed upon his lips.  When Sephiroth laid her down on the bed, her slender arms stayed ‘round his neck.  Looking up at him flat on her back, she bit her lip, spreading her thighs.

“Three times, little flower?” he asked, dubious.  The little Cetra nodded.  “Are you sure?  And like this?”  She nodded again.  She wished her words to be only his name. The general took a minute to divest them of clothes, hers tenderly peeled away.  Aeris partly sat up so she could observe pale glory emerge from dark garb.  She had to keep blinking.  He couldn’t be real, but her fingers had traced every muscle.  When he shook his head to scatter silk hair, the ends of it caressed her belly.  Looking down at that morass of marks, she could find no judgement in him.  Despite the perfection so palely above, her scarred flesh caused him no disdain.

Ever so slowly, he climbed over her, moonlight bangs brushing taut breasts.  She pulled in her stomach, as he traced each line with love through dark memory.  He considered writing her name in her skin, but she stopped him and spread her legs wider.  Summer held want, but wariness hid behind the greenest leaves.  He noticed it though.  Slivers missed little as they cut through with no blood to draw.

Aeris couldn’t stop looking, unwilling to blink and miss any sight of her angel.  How could he be real when she knew what dwelled in Midgar and men’s evil hearts?  N-No it did dwell.  It doesn’t anymore.  All because of him.  It still made no sense that he could exist in a world that contain such horrors.  The season outside was jealously spinning old snowflakes through the evening air.  It grieved his skin bested that pristine hue and his eyes mocked those glittering stars.  The moon behind cover of course knew its place, second to silver in sheen.  Snow, star, and moon with the north in his eyes.  The stars should be triply shamed.  How can they judge him when they brought the horror that inundates all of his veins?  It’s not horror though…not anymore.  She slid a small hand to his cheek.  Always his warmth surprised the small maid no matter how cozy the Gate.  He bests Heaven, too.  He’d hate to hear that.  He doesn’t even think he’s an angel.

Sephiroth could’ve worshipped her with his eyes, for she’d stalled him from skill of the tongue.  At least down below, he grinned as she wiggled, quivering the tips of those breasts.  It was an invitation he hoped had been meant.  Fingers squeezed in his hair called her moan.  A couple words tumbled, first coherent than not.  He heard, “Please” and “Yes” to flickered tongue.

As always, bright emerald only held her.  In his light she saw that verdant green.  Perhaps her own brilliance just reflected or perhaps ice and summer converged.  Drawn through that truth, the general did drown before quenching his tongue with her own.  Slowly, he pushed himself through her drowned petals.  Neither once nor twice made her less taut.  He kissed her eyes.  He reclaimed her lips, as always far gentler below.  Mako eyes flashed ere he kissed her again, harder to curl of duel tongues.

The force of this could not match below, as the general tossed his bright hair.  Made of pure light it brought such to her, shivering over once tortured belly.  She opened her mouth as he slowly claimed her with strokes so endless and long.  Aeris had no sense of when he ceased entry to then draw her petals out.  She moaned as they fought but were too slick to hold and quivered for each endless plunge.

His mouth slid along her humming throat where the beat of her pulse teased his teeth.  No wound was needed to quench such a thirst.  He drunk joy from her very skin.  Aeris tucked a bang back from his beautiful face before her hands became useless.  Her fingers at least recalled how to twitch as she contorted around ecstasy.  In the final thrusts, her petals unfurled widely but ever untorn.  His ear was trained for her, “Please, please stop!” but it never came…unlike her. When she lifted her hips to the force of her shudders, he, too found his finish within.  Aeris ran knuckles along his cheek, while silver rained over full breasts.

There was something supremely satisfying about squirting seed deep in the last Cetra’s tight, pink cunt.  And I, alone, am allowed.  He was stunned more than proud.  She had chosen him, him above all, as the only man able to.  Aeris still wanted no part of issue.  No inhabitants stretching her flesh.  No forcing life out of her body.  Or death, he considered, quite grim.  He could never forget all Aeris had told him.  Gods know she never will…  But now she was lost in ecstasy’s throes, and he bowed to drink it from her lips.  Binding together above and below, but only joy would be born from this union.

Clutching soft silver behind his crown, Aeris pulled and Sephiroth obeyed.  Nibbling her mouth before rising above to house her between his forearms.  Angelic features turned solemn once more, as the general measured long strokes.  She attempted his name in between shudders, but a deep plunge stole such for gasps.  Emerald light shimmered among his long lashes, but cold could never steal love.  He had never taken such utter joy in the act of penetration, but at that pleasure’s thought, guilt’s devastation drowned him in blood memories.  That other far crueler and vile one where he’d gone deeper still…

“It’s not the same,” she’d ever insist.  “It’s not the same at all.”

A slow blink sealed his eyes for just a few seconds when the last squirt finally ceased. He slid out of her petals carefully and Aeris just splayed still below.  Throbbing to the rhythm of their lovemaking, she parted her lips with no hope of words.

That was the first day they managed three times, but that did not mean her terror had ceased.  There were weeks on end when merely the thought could curl Aeris into a ball.  Sometimes on the cusp of violent nightmares, but even small things would remind.  At no point and never did Sephiroth force her, and he never grew cross or irate.  Rather his strength was ever her shield as the Great General had so vowed.  Though he thought it odd that men had so hurt her, but she wished for one’s arms to surround.

“Y-You’re not like them,” she always insisted.  “You’re much better than any man.”

“I’m far worse in a way,” he’d gently remind.  “I’m just not as bad as they were.”

“They’re all dead, Sephiroth…i-isn’t that right?”  She’d beg him to reaffirm.  Her guardian smiled and once again laid the kiss of protection upon her damp brow.

“Utterly, Aeris.  They are all dead, while you live on in paradise.  Ever loved, ever guarded, ever cared for beyond all time’s end.”

He detested how Aeris now again thanked him for never raping her.  The context was different after they’d coupled, and somehow this pain was fair worse.  Sometimes she’d weep against his chest, kissing him over and over.  Now, more privy to what he could do, how he could tear through her flesh.  So much worse than all her cruel rapists.  He had both the means and the strength.

“Aeris, my rose, I’ll never rape you.”

“You’d hurt me so very much…”

“I promise I won’t.  Even unknowing is wrong.  I’ll never take you against your will.”

“I-If you did, you’d rip me apart! E-Even though I’m always-“  She choked on the word, her “selling point,” a century’s screaming trauma.

He fought back his anger with a long sigh.  “You could be wetter than an ocean of rain and it wouldn’t make a difference.”  He tilted her chin with the crook of one finger, and met her scrunched brow with his.  “Do you remember what I always tell you?  I’m yours to command.”

The flower maid swallowed still sore confused.  Squeezing her hands on solid shoulders that gave not even an inch.  “How can you allow that though?  You’re so much stronger than me.”

“Am I, my Aeris?”

“You know what I mean!  You could hurt me so easily.  What makes you obey my command?”

“Decency, Aeris, and what’s only right.  I owe you, little rose.”  He lowered his head so it slid against hers as the Cetra stared bemused.  “I owe you my life as I owe you yours.  This debt I must ever repay.”  Emerald sheered through the dark at its core, flooding her face with light.  “Even if I did not, I’d never hurt you.  It was abomination before.  I…still am.  That can’t be forgotten…”  She laid her soft palm to his cheek.

He never expected and never insisted on any contact at all.  It was his flower who made such decisions, but she always wished for his arms.  Their attraction was utterly mutual.  It was memory that stole her joy, but between his support and that of their friends, Aeris fought that past full of pain.  It was not a war that could ever be won.  Sephiroth bowed his head to that truth.  He knew too well about endless battle, but he’d always help her fight.

“I’m your general, Aeris, and war lives in my blood.  It was bound there long ago.  Nothing will ever change that fact.”

“I thought you were the mayor.”  She grinned just a bit, tucking a silver bang.

“I am, little flower, but I’m still ever that, and I’ll always be your protector.”

He kissed the fingers that had blessed his hair while evening washed the pale sky.  It was their favorite time of day.  Another ending where she was with him, cared for and safe at last.  Mornings were for “counting,” as Aeris added the next number to this surreal time.  Then breakfast and any obligations that needed to be fulfilled.  He’d check his phone to ensure nothing untoward had happened in the night.  Friends might be called over for lunch or for tea.  He might have some mayoral task.  If not, he usually went to his office for at least a couple of hours.  If Aeris were home, often they’d pass a productive, but joyous time.  Him doing tasks for mayoral commission, while idly stroking her face.  Caressing her cheeks, tracing her jaw or rubbing a knuckle beneath her chin.  Aeris would quiver ensconced on his lap, while reading or idling her phone.  That often turned to coupling especially in wake of her squirms.

When the night deepened Sephiroth would always consider going to hunt. If he did indulge, Aeris forgot that she’d ever had knees.  In that garb where perfection could not try to hide, her beautiful angel just shone.  The buckles might scatter silver light, but they had no chance for that glory of hair.  The once fallen would smile to his lowered head, even greater in humility.  She thinks I’m magnificent.  He fought to accept that, but still carefully drew her to his arms.  So incongruent for his nightly plans of merciless, bloody slaughter.  The greatest of generals kissed her gently at first then with tender ferocity at her behest.  Always with promise that he would return after culling the shore of foul beasts.

The dark would ignite to the song of pure steel as the general rained blood on cold snow.  Stalking the cliffs and scouring the shore with his Aeris forefront in his mind.  His thoughts did brush to the folk of the Whispers, all the people who needed protecting, but when Sephiroth painted with blood of the foul, he could only envision his flower.  Her wandering too close to sheer, black cliffs or searching for shells in those coves.  Nothing would ever harm his rose nor bar her from chosen joys.  When winter melted and new spring emerged, she might be ready to do all these things.  With or without him, it would make no matter.  He hoped one day her fear would allow.

He wanted her badly at every return.  Killing raised more than steel sword.  If she were awake and just as ready, the gods would envy how they’d so entwine.  But Aeris still often fought fearful phase with memory brutally borne.  Sephiroth hated her tears of terror for his desire after hunting was known.  He’d crouch down before her and take tiny hands, shaking his head to assuage such fear.  He would not even ask at such tortured times for any “Yes” would not be her own.  The very thought brought instant disgust and cooled a portion of his ardor.

Sometimes she’d be sleeping and that settled that.  A few times he smelled wine on her tongue.  Shaking his head, Sephiroth sideways smiled, as his flower swayed hard until caught.  Thumbing her lips, the Great General insisted that this night was an absolute “no.”  She crookedly blinked, chestnut hair disheveled in the most endearing way.  Scooping her up, he took her to bed with a soft kiss on the cheek.  Sephiroth wanted her more than the sea wished for salt…but that was what showers were for.

That dusk the general examined his phone, a slight frown creasing his brow.  It was concentration and nothing more as he answered some messages.  The Whispers’ perimeter had been cleared of monsters, and there were no alerts.  The broken windmill had already been handled, though it wouldn’t be replaced until spring.  There wasn’t a rush.  They’d a surplus of power.  The general’s face wore dark memory.  Then he heard…

“May I, Sephiroth?

…and looked up to his flower alight.  The sheer pink skirt fluttered around her hips, hiding nothing behind or below. She’d braided her hair high on her head with a tiny tiara comb. The chestnut rope swung below her knees with her long bangs forever free.  Glittering diamonds adorned the small crown, matching the oval that shone near her throat.  Couched near the cleft between tender breasts, bright emerald reflected jade heat.  A brief camisole adorned her this evening with soft trembling belly left bare.  It’s whiteness no shield for coral pink nipples as Aeris wet equal hued lips.  Her soft slippered shoes shimmered with gems including pearled bows on the toes.

The Cetra was playing with nervous hands, while wearing fear’s expectation.  Clenching her stomach would make no matter.  Nothing could ease those fell lines.  Smooth skin unblemished was forever gone, and the muscles had long parted ways.  Her pale flesh was shiny with myriad marks of whip and pregnancy, the terrible ravages of abuse reshaping the flower maid’s flesh.

Sephiroth could only gaze in awe at his nearly naked rose.  Not enough blood was reaching his ears to fully process her question.

“You…may do whatever you wish.  I’ll never stop you, little rose.”

“D-Do you like this, general?” she asked and hot Mako brightened his face.

“Like it…my Aeris, you wish me to judge?” he asked incredulously.  The little Cetra nodded her head and continued wringing her hands.  She kept them close to that quivering middle that no tightening would change.  Fighting tears’ flow for the bulge round her navel proved where life had been forced to die.

Sephiroth observed her nervous belly, jade filling each line with his light.  It had been far too long since he’d ran tongue and lip over each now blesséd scar.  A day was too long to neglect that soft space where he’d often lay his head.

“Y-You don’t think I’m g-gross, Great General?”  Her trepidation brought him back to this moment.  Narrowing eyes of now roiling Mako, he lifted his gaze to her face.

“How…could you ever be ‘gross,’ my Aeris?”  The general could not comprehend.  He reached for her hand, and she couldn’t deny the joy and warmth in enveloping grasp.  Always so gently, his powerful thumb ran over such delicate knuckles.

“M-My stomach.  Th-The marks, Sephiroth…”

“What of them, little one?”  He examined again, fearing something amiss.  Did she have a bruise?  Had he hurt her?  Has…my scar appeared at the last? 

“They really don’t disgust you?”  She was blinking swiftly to keep tears at bay, wondering how he could stare for so long.  Squeezing his hand, Aeris was more than certain that this time he’d revile such flaws.

“My little flower…” Sephiroth sighed, half sorrowed and half relieved.  “How could I ever judge you? Even if I could, emerald is biased.  I see nothing but beauty before.  Your loveliness and summer heart persists even in coldest light.”

“I-I don’t care how cold it is!”

“And I certainly don’t care about this.”  His silver brows tightened as he tilted his head.  “What…am I supposed to care about, Aeris?”

The general sat forward, and her waist disappeared between his two large hands.  Sliding his palms down her soft sides he bent forward to kiss her stomach.  Silver crown brushed her under breast, and the Cetra’s knees nearly gave way.  She buried her fingers in moonlight silk, to mimic her stance when he tasted her petals.  Sephiroth did not perform such…yet, but his lips to each mark painted moans.  He kissed the entirety of a belly that proved the lives it had held.  She was life and light.  Once choice had been taken.  Every brush of his lips called it back.

When Sephiroth finished and sat back up, his features rang love through damp eyes.  Still held in his grip, the little maid turned to circle within his palms, and the general thanked the gods he now held her, for he’d surely have dropped his phone.  Somehow, I’ll always and ever be wrong about my reaction to her. 

            “D-Do you like this, too?”  His hearing was perfect, but the vision robbed him of cohesion.

A huge white ribbon was set at her rear, where the ends trailed to tickle her skin.

The general gaped, words fully failing a once so eloquent tongue.  How Mako could not bleed pure jade at such sight was beyond preposterous.  He wanted his hands to carve out the expanse contrasting her waist and hips.

“May I…my Aeris?”  That low voice was hoarse, as she shyly peered over her shoulder.  Summer eyes glistened like leaves in the rain as the flower maid nodded her head.

The general’s hands first made their way up, just brushing her breasts’ undersides.  Her braid did a slither when she threw back her head, smiling lips held tight in her teeth.  Ever so slowly for such things are not rushed, Sephiroth slid his palms downward.  They’d been clasped together and that easily held until reaching her hips’ expanse.  He played his long fingers against that soft belly, and it pulled in to the thrill down her spine, but when he pressed his thumbs firmly into her bottom, Aeris dipped her waist with a shuddering moan.  For the first time ever, Sephiroth blessed his last life for granting supreme control.  She was a beautiful flower, an exquisite gem, but above all she was a person.  A person with choices and will of her own…and she had chosen him.  Better than diamonds, greater than gold.  He had been picked by a rose.

“A-And you’re sure you like this?”

He jerked his gaze up in utter awe at her doubt.

“You’re perfect, my Aeris.”  Silver shivered on black as the general shook his head.  “Utterly perfect.  More than I ever deserve.  I’m blessed to protect you, shielded by your love, and allowed to touch your holy flesh.  What have I done to be worthy of you?”

“My Sephiroth…” was the only response.  The only truth needed, and he shut his eyes as it radiated from her skin to his.  But then Aeris wiggled held in his grasp, and amusement eased regret that was missed.

Tiny fingers then stroked his much larger hands.  “I-I want to be on your lap…”

He picked her up so easily it was like the flower maid floated.  Leaving her shoes for twitching toes, she hovered some torturous moments.  Then flung her gaze past her shoulder once more, flipping her braid to the front with a grin.  One emerald opened, and he wore a grimace, half-mocking and half-true.

She plopped down unexpectedly, but his arms always knew to enclose. Pressing her ample bottom down hard, its firmness brought him sweetest torture…then Aeris swiveled her hips like an eight, and his hiss was near lost to the sea.  Yet she answered it with a sweet giggle.  Half lidded eyes could hide how thin his pupils cut light to the heart.  Nested in Mako that burned cold around, those slivers revealed what he was.

“My Sephiroth.”  Aeris called him again.  “My beautiful angel of light.”  A silver bang brushed her untroubled brow over the spot he eternally blessed.  She wiggled again, and his hands closed on her middle to squeeze out a high, little squeak.  Chuckling, the general kissed her smoothed brow to show there was no ill will.  Turn around, though, was always fair play, if she meant to continue this game.  “Mm,” Aeris murmured, “it’s like your hair drunk the moon and now spills it forever more.”

He laughed again lowly, pressing mirth to her cheek, as he noticed the volume she’d brought.  It was a storybook filled with many, and they traded off throughout unspoken promise.  His finger’s edge would play out its length on her exposed under breast.  Aeris would gasp and beneath his palm, her belly would pull sharply in, but before Sephiroth could fashion such mirth, she’d grind her rear into him hard.  Looking back and up with large summer eyes and her lip between her teeth.

His nostrils flared as the greatest of general’s gauged the draw of his breath, but he was utterly certain he pushed against her far harder than she did him.  A thick forefinger casually caressed the air right above her spine.  Aeris arched it more and gooseflesh then grew on her back and firmer flesh.  She stumbled upon attempted words from the innocent book, while Sephiroth smirked and patiently waited for her speech to return.  It was only fair, for when he read, she wiggled sporadically.  Allowing her general to find story’s sway so Mako eyes mellowed in pulse.  Then she forced him clear his throat abruptly as jade light seared the air.  Rocking her hips from side to side was just one of her many tactics.  Sephiroth answered by kissing slim shoulders and brushing lips to the side of her neck.

“Perhaps I should wait ’til it’s your turn, my Aeris, though you seem to be winning this war.”

She turned back to him and swayed her hips slowly while the heat of her petals bled down.

Reaching for his phone one handed and blind, the general managed to give one command.  Ageless music then caressed the air: string and harp and horn.  Aeris spread her legs and fumbled below with the buttons of his pants.  It would’ve been easier had they not been so strained, but then neither of them would’ve been rushed.  Then with a jolt Aeris remembered.

“M-May I, Sephiroth?”

“Aeris,” he murmured drowning himself in the summer scent of her braid.  He wished for her petals to bloom on his tongue.  He was making her throat the same color.  “Whatever you wish forever my rose.  Whatever…I live for you…”

Her pale thighs quivered when she lifted up so the general lent his support.  It was advantageous to them both.  Her frantic fingers made his “problem” worse.  He refused to hiss when she pulled him out.

“Are you sure this is well, little one?” he asked, gritting his teeth and dubious for the position.  The urge to drop her had nothing to do with any failing strength.  He didn’t need sight to know how that flower flared open.  Gods, the heat of her cunt…

The little Cetra, held tight in his clutch, reached back for a winter bright cheek.  “It’s more than well.  I can still see you.  Th-that makes it okay.”  When she plopped down this time there were no barriers, only and always her smallness, but his gentleness could combat.  Aeris assisted by drowning his “sword” in something far better than blood.  Raining her pleasure all the way down his length, where petals could never reach.

Sephiroth clutched the high braid by her throat, tugging to turn her head.  He ate at her mouth as she slowly wiggled, whimpering to sensation in stretch.  Sliding a palm to the back of her neck, he slanted his mouth to drive deep up here.  That stalled her motion along with the hand clutching her stomach below.

“Careful, my Aeris…” he whispered on her lips.  “There’s no rush, and I don’t want you torn.”

“I-I want to p-please you.”  She slid back a bang so thankful this face held her sight.

“You already do, my little flower, and you more than deserve to be pleased.”

Dew laden petals flooded around him, the perfect complement to such tautness.  He slid slowly in, always so careful, and welcomed by sheath so hot.  Only here did heat match, deep in the folds. They spread for him as far as they could, and he’d never exceed her limits.

If Aeris had thought he’d been careful before it was nothing compared to this angle. All the time watching with unblinking eyes frozen like glacial shards. She saw to their heart past the thin sliver beyond where others would dare to delve. That pale winter mask not frozen in cold but utter and rapt concentration. She reached up once more and for a mere moment Sephiroth’s features relaxed. He clutched that frail hand as it fought to maintain connection as she bounced.

The general kissed her with tenderest might, piercing lips above and below.  “You allow me so much more than mere touch,” he murmured in perpetual awe.

“Yes…”  She squeezed his marble forearm.  His strength was truly unreal.  His gentleness nearly brought her to tears, but she didn’t want him to misconstrue.  “Because I want you to.”

There was never a cunt more tight in this world, yet more open for him or more wet.  Sephiroth could go deeper but still not all the way, though every petal was soaked.  He drove himself into this delicate rose with full but careful thrusts.  Full as in filling.  She could not sheath him.  Her flower was too small for his sword, but he was excellent at wielding such a weapon.  This time the screams that bathed his ears overflowed with pleasure, and now Aeris cried out not to torn torture, but rather for endless delight.  Tumbled silver shimmered around, tickling belly and breasts. He lifted her face in the moonlight cascade and kissed her within the pale fall.

Penetrating the Cetra in this new position for an instant erased the cruel past.  He thrust so carefully through delicate heat, more than aware of how deep he could go.  Bending to the bounce of full breasts, Sephiroth flicked his tongue to catch those pink tips.  Aeris shuddered and squeezed him hard as he took her so carefully.  Flawlessly sliding in and out as he crushed her to his chest.  The sight of their union was not hindered by the skirt forced up to her waist.  Each thrust was so measured to always ensure he never tore this rose, and she blossomed around, shuddering hard, constantly awakened in blessed light.

He hated himself for thinking such, but her cunt was truly a dream. The words of the filth he’d taken her from, but she gave it to him of free will.  Filling that flower with no room to spare was a careful, beloved task.  He had to be gentle for only in that did he ever deserve this delight.  Her face was captured in his endless brilliance, and the Cetra could not even squeak.  Sephiroth slid one hand up her belly to cup each soft breast.  Lifting one a-piece his tongue found the lines, giving cruel marks pleasure’s purpose.

“No one has ever opened for me like you do, my Aeris…”  The low words rumbled against her throat where his teeth, tongue, and lips made pale bloom.  Sliding a hand beneath her camisole, he asked permission to remove the brief strip.  Though Aeris could barely lift her limbs, her general was ever patient.  Threading the shirt from her contortions, sliding his lips up her slender limbs.  Ever the rhythm held her in thrall.  She attempted to whimper his name.

“Well still, my flower?” He paused to ensure.  Her strangled assurance brought strokes oh so slow.  To the music of classics that still swirled around, to the hands that massaged breasts and belly.  Summer green and slivered winter could observe the endless slide.  The Cetra’s squeaks contained pleasure and awe for how she held something so massive.  Even in part did not seem possible.  She could not bless his gentleness more.  To rapid crescendo he played her pleasure as far as he could up the length of his “sword.”  Meticulous care went into each thrust.  Threads of light surrounded his pupils, and when summer met them, winter burned.  Holding both tiny hands in his one, Sephiroth slid his teeth over her throat.  Increasing the tempo to chorus of cries behind curtains of moonlight hair.  The music around them swirled brightly on, and he grinned as he caught a new rhythm.  Aeris gazed up with her lips in wide part, wetting them in herald of speech.  The words though were stolen, pulverized by thrusts that would never demolish her flesh.

He was buried so deep in the last Cetra’s cunt, he wasn’t mayor or general. He wasn’t even an abomination. He was only his name lining pleasure’s screams.  Released when he so brought her…over and over and over again.  Sephiroth just slightly smiled.  A world of joy, though, filled that light lift when those tight petals clenched and throbbed on his length.

Aeris struggled to grasp a broad shoulder for something solid to cling to.  Caught in the throes, she had to maintain coherence before shattering. The pieces would ever be bound with dual lights, and that world in deep green merely welcomed. A place for them and only they two.  It existed between her high squeaks.

He slowed each stroke, exquisitely so, playing pleasure on this longest song.  Then swifter to flare up her brief, little skirt with another thrust before down it could flutter.  The shush of the ruffles made melody whisper and accompany the jealous waves.  The general was far more concerned with wall shaking cries that dually bathed his ears. He nipped at the pulse against his low laugh, tossing his hair to taunt her soft skin.

“Yes, my Aeris?” he said with a smirk, Mako eyes limned with stark jade.  “Did you wish to speak?”

She tried but her voice was near gone.  Her gaze just quivered up.

“I’m right here, my flower.  What do you need?”  The strokes turned so slow the Cetra was threaded through raw and unleashed ecstasy.  It was impossible for her to tell where one ended and another long began.  It was as if he’d perfected this art beside war, though neither had been lately practiced.  Yet he remembered to allow her to shudder around that which would never tear.

“What’s that, my flower, are you calling me?”  He thrust and the words fled her lips.  “It’s quite easy.  You see, I can do it.  Aeris…”  He poured the name into her ear.

“Se-”  Her petals erupted full stretched around by the utter control deep within.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you.  How is that managed?”  He fluttered his lashes in mirth.  “Have you forgotten my name?  Such a shame, little rose.  I remember yours though…”  A near growl tantalized reddened ears.  “My tiny Aeris…”  The breath of her name fired the pulse through her throat. Whirling, the so-called caught falling kiss in this more ferocious plunge.  She tried to speak the name through his lips, but unfolding petals pulled the next release.  Aeris twitched and for moments saw only light to wake shrouded beneath silver seas.   Cupping her cheek, he plunged through her lips while full strokes below slow continued.

Always and always when he seeded her, the Cetra rode euphoric waves. Unsure if something within the essence caused this or the joy of their union.  Only her general could do this to her for now and evermore.  His strength was ceaseless, but she had the power.  Emerald light shimmered among his long lashes as his large hand spread over her belly.  Not even the stars could burn Sephiroth with their judgment for what the last Ancient allowed.

Aeris laid languid against his chest within these final throes.  He gazed at her the entire time with slow blinking contentment.  She reached for his cheek as he filled her again, and perfect lips lifted up higher.  That was the only change in his expression while emerald unceasing shone down.  No issue would come from this thorough plowing, and Aeris wondered if that was why.  She moaned once more to a powerful thrust, and he filled her cunt ‘til it overflowed.  Never before had any other caused him to inject so much seed within.  I alone…me…above all, I am allowed to do this.  Sephiroth was beyond awed with the privilege, as Aeris nipped at his jaw.  I and I alone have this permission, and it can be revoked when and if she so wishes.  The thought didn’t anger Sephiroth in the least. It humbled him with gratitude.

He answered her nip by closing his mouth over the pulse in her neck.  The hint of sharp teeth grazed shivering skin, and his tongue drank the sweet from her moans.  The low chuckle caused all her flesh to convulse, and he swallowed that mirth in the moment.  Sealing his eyes to regain his bearings, he turned the slight bite to blushed kiss.  Myriad others rained over soft skin that shed pale to bloom pink as her lips.

She clenched his cock hard, and Sephiroth hissed, now to his flower’s amusement.  The final flood filled her insides, coating damp walls before seeping back down onto him.  The green place they shared burned bright on his lashes and behind Aeris’s tightly shut lids.  Her cries did not reach there, though they shook every wall, leaving music and sea so subdued.

When he lifted her off, the Cetra collapsed against her Great General’s side.  Her cunt was throbbing, angry and hard.  She was unsure if the ire begged, “More.”  Tomorrow I know I’ll be very sorry, but for now I have no regrets.  Her tiny fingers curled against solid chest, as he wrapped his arm around.  Pulling her close, Sephiroth bent to kiss the Cetra on the crown.  Her legs were splayed off to the side so she rested on one hip.  One hand fell, unable to maintain the concentration necessary to curl.  The general caught it, bending again to bless her skin with a kiss.

“My sweet, little flower…” Sephiroth murmured, catching her chin in his clutch.  Emerald pulsed down still laden with jade.  In the interim he’d fixed his pants.  Though they were soaked with leavings of passion and the buttons were more than loose. “Are you well?  Did I drive to deep?  Was the position…acceptable?”

“You’re…wonderful, m-magnificent.”  The beat of his heart shed relief.  Aeris then yawned in low laughter’s echo, and the next instant she was in his arms.

Picking her up was another true joy, as easy as breathing for him.  She was practically naked with brief shirt full gone and that skirt that just served as a frame.

“You’re sure I didn’t hurt you…too much, my Aeris?”

“You didn’t hurt me at all!”  She nestled her face into sweet smelling hair as he carried her up marble stairs.  He sighed in relief, though concern still needled the back of the general’s mind.

“It’s well then, my Aeris.”  He kissed her lips chastely, a perfect bow pressed to warm pink.  “When…I’m inside you, I can only be me…or what you believe I am.  Your guardian, general, angel, and love.  I suppose…just your Sephiroth.”

She allowed him to hold her as always she did, murmuring love in his silver lined ears.  The sea turned to starlight as the night froze, and those stars turned to snowdrops and fell.

<–Chapter 25                                                                                                                                 Chapter 27–>

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