The State of the Writer: 9/20/20

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A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks.

Finished Projects: 1

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Length: Novel
Current Word Count: 250,107
Prior Word Count: 250,448
Word Difference: -341
Status: Editing
Progress: First edit of Chapter 27

I’m always glad when I’m not the only one who sees similarities in paradigms as this week’s artwork attests.   I initially started thinking such due to this picture,

because it just brought the “lord of death and flower maiden” paradigm into sharp relief.  I want to do a rehashing of the myth myself at some point with Hades as more of a winter king, but that’s a song for another day.

So…I did not finish editing the rest of the story, but I only have one chapter left and should absolutely be finished before NaNoWriMo.  Hell, I should be done before Preptober, which is perfect because I can spend that month refining my notes and getting ready.  I was hoping I’d have time to do another edit of my short story before figuring out the next steps to publishing, but meh?  I’ll have to find another way to work that in.  I’m happy I was able to edit and post Chapter 26.  The last chapter should be much easier to complete.  I have some things to add, but I have a good idea where they’re going.

With any luck I’ll be finished before the end of the month, and this will be the longest writing project I’ve ever undertaken lol.  I think I started in 2014 or 2015.  My original novel didn’t take this long.  It’s usually two years from draft to “final” edit, but that doesn’t include a reedit/rehash.

Project: Story Audio Recording
Title: Northern Lights
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Length: Novel
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Status: Editing
Progress: Adding pictures for slideshow

So my talentless ass was forced to make an attempt at image editing since I couldn’t find exactly what I needed for an “evil smile in the gloom.”  It’s…not good, but that has everything to do with my inability to make a blurring affect and not the artwork I’m hoping I can use.

In Progress

  • Game Reviews: Final Fantasy VI – I didn’t finished this either, but I did get a lot of work done with the story analysis.  Well a lot as in I did a bit of a deep dive into how Irish Mythology ties in.  I’m still only on Terra’s part of the analysis.  Next up is Celes’.
  • Book Reviews: The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton – I’m making headway.

Ugh it took me forever to do this post.  I kept getting distracted then I had to restart my computer because I think iTunes caused it to freeze.  Yes…I’m STILL using my old one even though I’ve had my new one sitting in a box in front of me for almost a week.  My husband is confused as well.  He said he’d have been all over the “new toy,” but I know how long it will take to set everything up and move things over, and I just haven’t had the time even on vacation.  I started unpacking it while waiting for my computer to unfreeze, but eventually I got annoyed and just restarted it.  I needed to finish this post.  I’m hoping to do an unboxing today, but I still have a lot on my to-do list.

So what did I finish on my vacation?

  • Read recently bookmarked FFVII articles – so prior to the vacay I bookmarked a bunch of articles from the one I was quoted in.  I have so many more notes now, especially from the article about Vincent and the monstrous transformation of self.  Not only was that rife with information, but the journal also accepts submissions.  I’ve been seriously considering doing that.  Don’t get me wrong; I love having my own blog and being able to post what I want, but there’s…a validation to having something I’ve researched and written featured in a place where someone would have to approve it.  It sucks it’s like that, but there’s a reason peer reviewed studies are vital to advancement.
  • Research and submit application for Romance Writers of America (RWA) – I submitted my application, and they took my money.  I’m just waiting to hear back from them.
  • Research house buying process – I contacted the realtor my BFF used and found out she was the same one who sold my SIL her house, too, so I feel pretty good.  She’s very honest and direct, which I love.  I don’t like bullshit on a good day, and I especially don’t want it when I’m about to make the biggest purchase of my life.  She put me in contact with her lender whom I left a message with.  This is obviously going to be an ongoing process, so I’ll keep you all updated!

I was hoping to complete FFVIIR during this time, but yeah, still not in the headspace to play that.  I’ve beaten the game, but I still have Chapter Select stuff to do.  

I couldn’t even start my Last of Us review.  It was an optional project if I happened to finish my other stuff, which I laughably didn’t.  It’ll happen one day.

Now it’s time to try to finish up my to do list and hopefully start setting up my new computer.

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20 thoughts on “The State of the Writer: 9/20/20

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  3. Woooo! I’m so excited for you to start the house buying process! Fair warning: It’s frustrating as hell but totally worth it all in the end. If you have any questions I can help you with, don’t be afraid to ask. Knowledge is Power! (Especially when it comes to buying a house!)

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    • We heard back from our finance dude! I’m actually really shocked my credit is as good as it is, but I’m not going to complain lol. Omg YES. I’m trying to find specific things, and there are some things I’m willing to bend on (like 2 bedrooms instead of 3), but other things I’m not (I MUST have at least another half bath and it has to be a decent school district). We might have to take a loan off my 401k, which is fine, but it’s more like I just want to know, you know? Like my biggest thing was ignorance. I didn’t know what our boundaries were, but now I do, so I know what to work with and what to look for. I think we have good people right now. I love the agent we found. She’s very no bullshit and direct and that’s what I like.

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      • A house is a BIG purchase so stick to your guns on the things you don’t want to bend on! (I REALLY wish I had a half bath or second bathroom.) Having an agent you trust is huge too. We had a great realtor, unfortunately, the sellers of the house we really wanted were not willing to work with realtors. So we had to let her go and I learned how to do it all myself. D: SO stressful! But now that I’ve done it once, no one can bullshit me next time lol.

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        • Absolutely! The weird thing right now is I almost feel overwhelmed because we have too many options, which is weird? We got pre-qualified. My credit is much better than I thought, and we can afford more than I thought because I was lowballing for caution. We’re planning on looking at one this weekend that I really love, but I’m super cautious about getting my hopes up, and I keep doing my budget over and over again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

          Ugh, I hope we don’t have that issue. I really like my realtor. She lets me text her instead of calling her lol. My BFF had issues when she got her place but it was with the financing. She told the guy how much they could afford/spend and then when they were literally signing the papers on a place, she saw how much they’d be spending per month with fees he didn’t bother to tell them about, and she was like “uh we can’t afford this.” I sent the place we want to see to my guy and it was an HOA, and he told me upfront that you have to pay two months on that and also how much money we’d need in total for everything. Like this is shit I want to know so I’m happy about that.

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          • You can 100% never be too cautious during the whole process. It’s crazy how low your actual house payment is, it’s the interest that fucks you. We are going to look into refinancing in the next year if the rates stay low.
            That’s awesome though that everything is turning out better than you expected. That’s always a nice surprise lol. My credit score was way better than I expected when I just renewed my car lease. I use CreditKarma to keep track of it and they really low ball you. I’ll keep using them since it’s free but now I know not to let it stress me out.
            Househunting in general is pretty fun. I really liked seeing places and imagining the things we could do to make it the way we wanted. Or vice versa, recognizing it would need far more work than we are capable of. They ALWAYS make the house look good in pictures, seeing it in person reveals so much.

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            • This is the shit I need to be reminded of lol. You’re absolutely right, too. Of course it’ll look good in pictures.

              Ugh, how high is your rate if you don’t mind me asking? That’s another thing I have to think about. They’re saying ours will be around 3%. Interest and taxes are the big things, and it’s crazy how that can vary state to state. My BFF in Jersey says that $4-5K is average over there whereas in PA around my area I’ve seen places under $3k. If I moved to Delaware it would be literally nothing because the entire state is corporate centers. That’s actually why it’s low in the town I’m in now. There’s a huge mall here, which is why we don’t pay local tax. Ughhhhh why did I decide being an adult was a smart idea??? I don’t want to think about taxes and interest and shit lol.

              I was honestly not thinking of making a move until after the holidays or even looking at places, but both me and the hubs really liked that place so I figured why not if we can at least take a look at it.

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              • Our interest rate is 4.375%. It’s a higher interest rate because it’s an FHA loan. Which is a loan for people who don’t have the greatest of credit scores and helped us lower our down payment. We’re hoping to refinance in the next year because that’s pretty high.
                I did not know that about those states. That’s actually pretty interesting and seems like, worth considering.
                Did you go look at the condo? I’m a week behind on here, I’ll try to go catch your posts when I get a minute. 🙂

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                • Ugh, that is high. I thought we’d have to get an FHA, but apparently we were okay for a typical loan? I thought only FHA’s would let you do the 3.5%, which just shows how much I know.

                  Yeah, it varies so much from state to state. Delaware would be too far from our jobs to really consider. If we moved out there, I’d look to switch it up and work for Blackrock, which is out there AND my old manager works there, so I might have an in, but that’s not really in my plans.

                  We did! I liked it, but my husband is iffy. Idk. I’m looking at this as a beginning. It fulfills everything I was looking for in a house: at least one other bathroom, 2+ bedrooms, and a good school district. It would need some work in a few years, but I kind of expected that for a first house. It was being sold as-is, and the only thing it would need would be possible aesthetic (like paining et al). The money we’d need initially is a little bit more than we have right now, so we’d have to wait on it anyway. He wants to see some other places, and I figured out that we have a bigger radius than I thought, so I widened the circle. I’ll probably shoot my realtor a message tomorrow and let her know what we think. it’s like I want out of our shit apartment, but of course we don’t want to jump the gun just for that reason alone.

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  4. Woah, you’ve got some exciting stuff going on! Lots of luck with buying a house, I’m glad you’ve got someone you can trust.
    The RWA sounds interesting too. Is that like a guild? Or a competition? You have such incredible prose style, I’m sure they’ll love it. Wish I could read more of it, but I can’t deal with the sexual violence stuff (yes, I’m delicate!) so i just read little bits and they’re beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I heard back from the finance guy and we seem to be good to go! My credit is MUCH better than I thought lol, which is a nice surprise. I’m looking at stuff now, but I’m kinda picky so it’s like trying to find a unicorn in an enchanted forest haha.

      It is! Well, it’s more like an organization that’s supposed to support romance authors and advocate for them. Aw, thank you *blushes* That’s absolutely fine ♥ There have been a few people who’ve said the same thing or asked me the extent to what I use it. Even I reach my limit with it and have to take breaks in between writing and DEFINITELY editing. Editing it is actually worse than writing it, because I need to interact with it more. I am all for content warnings, which is why I use them. I want to at least know what I’m getting into before I read it. There’s this one story that still haunts me and I really wish the author had done that 😦

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      • Good luck in finding your unicorn!
        And good luck with Romance Guild! I now have in my head a guild like they have for other professions (they have one for gardeners called the Worshipful Company of Gardeners!) where you and the other romance writers gather in smoky rooms, wearing elegant, swishy clothes and plot how to bring more love to the world through your writing. That may be inaccurate though.

        Try not to haunt yourself too much! Keep yourself safe ❤️

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