The State of the Writer: 11/29/20

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A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks.

Finished Projects: 1

Project: Story
Working Title:
The High Archon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Original
Length: Novel
Status: Preparation
Setting up notes in Scrivener

Besides finding the perfect artwork of my protagonist I’ve been very productive.  It’s all worldbuilding shit right now, but I purchased the full version of Scrivener, and I’ve been working on it bit by bit every day.  I tend to come up with ideas as I’m working, which is a bit of a catch 22 since I’m a plotter, so I need to know what I’m writing before I write it.  This doesn’t mean I can’t change, but I have to have some kind of vague idea of where I’m going.  Granted, I completely changed the end of my first novel and had no clue how I was going to end Northern Lights when I wrote it, but I had all of the necessary elements to start.  With this one I have a similar issue where I’m not sure how the titular character’s major issue resolves, but as I mentioned I come up with my best ideas while writing, so yeah…

Ugh, this update is a mess lol.  I blame it on my husband playing FFVIIR right in front of me.  He has headphones on, but I can still see lol.  He’s near the part where I had to stop watching the let’s play (I finished it myself, but I always watch an LP of any game I plan to review), so yeah, ugh.

ANYWAY.  I’ve been working on demographics and language.  I’m kind of a language dork.  I made up some words, grammar rules, and syntax for one of them in my first story (the one this kind of a sequel for?), but it’s more just “who speaks what” and “in what dialect” and “why.”  Honestly…all of this is just so I have a foundation and reference to come back to as I’m writing.

Okay that’s enough rambling about this.

Project: Story Audio Recording
Title: Northern Lights
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Length: Novel
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Status: Editing
Progress: Adding pictures for slideshow

I didn’t get as much done these past two weeks as I wanted.  I was caught up trying to change blonde hair to brown in Pixlr, and yeaaaah, I am not good at that lol.  I even watched tutorials about it, but I think because it was artwork and not a picture it wasn’t working out as well.  I had to scrap that idea, but I think it’s better to let go of something that isn’t going to work out than waste more time on it, you know?

In Progress

  • Book Reviews: The Riddle of the Wren by Charles de Lint – This is one of my DNF reviews.  I was on a roll last night after I finally posted the Walton novel so I set up the preliminaries for the next review.
  • Game Reviews: Final Fantasy VI – I feel like I’m doing the analysis like a network.  I started with Terra and Celes and now I’m discussing how the other characters relate to them I guess?  So now I’m talking about Locke and how his background informs how he relates to Celes and Terra.  I may very well save some of what I’m drafting for later and more specific essays, but I’ll figure that out later.

It’s not even December yet and I’ve already managed to get some Christmas shopping done lol.  Well, okay, so I piggybacked on my older brother who found and bought stuff for our younger one, but it counts!  I also think I found something our dad would like: these floating speakers.  The future is NOW y’all.  

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7 thoughts on “The State of the Writer: 11/29/20

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  2. Whaaaat??! Those floating speakers are so cool! 😀
    That artwork for your protagonist is gorgeous! ❤ Worldbuilding and plotting are honestly my favorite parts of writing. I think because I get more neurotic when it comes to actually writing and tend to go back over and revise things over and over again to a very counter-productive point. I'm working on it though! 🙂 I also used to be a notorious project hopper and I've since gotten much better on committing to one project. One baby step at a time, I suppose! 🙂

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    • Right?? I did some Christmas shopping today, but I need to do some more tomorrow. Even though it’s all online it’s still exhausting!

      Omg…I’m going nuts a bit with mine now that I have Scrivener lol. It’s easier to organize so I’ve been putting in every minute detail. I look at it like even slow progress is progress and I’m laying the groundwork even with the minutiae.

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