The State of the Gamer: 3/25/21

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A weekly post updated every other Thursday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Purchased

  • The Innsmouth Case – $4.94 ($0.00) @ Nintendo eShop
  • PlayStation V Console – $499.00 @ Sony Direct

What I Finished

Nothing this week.

What I’m Playing

Title: Bravely Default II
Series: Bravely Default
System: Nintendo Switch

Cover of Bravely Default IIDate Started: February 28, 2021

I was mostly avoiding grinding and that was to my own detriment.  I was barely getting through boss battles usually after the second or third time trying, and I finally wound up googling how to defeat one.  The strategy involves things I haven’t done yet with skills I don’t have.  I picked up a ton of new jobs and was trying to learn them as I went along, but really I should’ve been using the “bait” items that cause you to get into multiple battles in order to earn Job Points (JP).  If you give two characters the JP up abilities you’ll earn like six job levels per battle session.  Since there are twelve levels per job that means it only takes two.  I was also not doling out my armor properly so I’ll remedy that.  I’m really trying not to use a strat guide for this game and figure it out myself, but sometimes you need that little nudge.  I’m wondering how many jobs there will be.  Every time you beat a boss you get a new one.

I’m so happy to see them still employing card games.  It took me a while to get used to B ‘n D, and it still relies on a little bit of luck, but I’m loving it.  Of course I kind of save scum lol, but you have to be quick about it or else the game will autosave and you’ll be stuck tracking down the lost card’s original owner.

As for the story, it’s a Squeenix game so of course I’m enjoying it.  Always with the family drama :p The part I’m at now is essentially a witch hunt, and I absolutely hate shit like that where you have religious zealots convincing a population that an individual is a “witch” or “fairy” in this case and proving you’re not means your demise so you lose either way.  There’s nothing worse than a self-righteous asshole.

What I Played

  • Picross S3

What I Watched

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC (Olizandri) – I didn’t watch much of this again.  I still like it, but I’ve just been focused on other stuff.
  • Bowser’s Fury (Olizandri) – This was part of the Mario 3D bundle, but I had no idea it would be such a short game lol.  It’s an open world Mario, which is definitely something I haven’t seen before.  Mario teams up with Bowser, Jr. who is so freaking cute, to help knock his dad out of his weird rage.  So every few minutes Bowser shows up large and angry and Mario has to either do something or fight him to get him to go back to the center of the area again.  You get to be a cat in this game, too.
  • The Room 4: Old Sins (CJUGames) – I just randomly started watching him play this.  I originally was going to sit through his playthrough of Call of Cthulhu, but I got bored with that.  He’s as delighted with this game as I am, and because I watched the LP I wound up googling if there were any more games in the series.  Turns out there’s a VR on Steam and PS4.  I kind of hope they release a non-VR version, but I do have a headset, so I put it on my wish list.  It’s significantly more expensive than the other games in the series, but Fireproof has definitely come up in the world, and I’ll be checking it out.
  • The Room (CJUGames) – I’m moved onto this after I finished the LP of Old Sins.  It’s one of those games that intricate enough that you could both play and/or watch it again.
  • The Room 2 (CJUGames) – Now I’m watching this one lol, and yes I plan to go through the whole series then play the VR.

My husband found a PS5 without telling me on Tuesday and it arrived in the mail today.  I knew treachery was afoot because he kept checking the door whenever he heard anything outside, and he took two random walks, which he doesn’t do.  I asked him if he was waiting for something, which he totally lied about lol.  So when we heard böx, I was like “Huh.”  I’m not angry lol, but I’m not a fan of surprises.  I’d asked him yesterday if he’d had any luck with finding one because he was in the Sony Direct queue right before he went to bowling, and he said he hadn’t been.  My brother managed to snag a digital version the other day, and I gave him my PSN sign on since you can only get one through there.  They were also in cahoots!  Really it’s more now I have to unravel what was really going on from what I thought was going on.  It’s just my hang up.  Also I won’t care about the system until June 10 when the intermediary release for FFVIIR comes out.  I was hoping to get one for the hubs for Christmas, but I would’ve had a better chance getting impregnated by the Pope XD

I put GRIS and Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight on hold.  Doesn’t make sense to keep them on here when I’m completely involved in Bravely Default II.  I’ll pick them back up once I finish that.

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