The State of the Gamer: 6/3/21

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A weekly post updated every other Thursday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Purchased

  • Detective Grimoire: The Secret of the Swamp – $2.99 @ iTunes Store

What I Finished

Title: Tangle Tower
System: Nintendo Switch

Cover of Tangle TowerDate Started: May 17, 2021
Date Finished: May 21, 2021

I did the same thing with this that I did with GRIS: stopped playing less than a half hour before I’d be done.  With TT I wound up having to sit through some of the ending exposition again because it didn’t save it, but it’s okay.  The game manages to have both a definitive and cliffhanger ending, and there is a sequel in the works.  It’s weird there’s no name for the franchise yet (or at least there isn’t one on Grouvee).  I’m assuming it’s “Detective Grimoire” or something like that, since he’s featured in both.  I just followed the indie devs on Twitter since I want to know as soon as the next game comes out.

Title: Detective Grimoire: The Secret of the Swamp
System: iOS

Cover of Detective GrimoireDate Started: May 25, 2021
Date Finished: June 1, 2021

Bought, played, and finished.  I wanted to play another SFB game after Tangle Tower nor did this one disappoint.  It’s wildly clever and totally worth the $3 I spent in the iTunes store.  I just wish there were more games out already.  I know there’s a sequel to TT on the horizons, but I don’t know how long it will take.

This is another point-and-click mystery, and like Tangle Tower, it’s highly intuitive.  There was probably one puzzle I needed to look up, but it was more me not realizing a game mechanic i.e. due to my own incompetence.

What I DNF

Title: The Missing: J. J. Macfield and the Island of Memories
System: Nintendo Switch

Cover of The Missing: J. J. Macfield and the Island of MemoriesDate Started: May 21, 2021
Date DNF: May 23, 2021

The metaphor behind this game is both brilliant and chilling; how J. J. is literally tearing herself apart in order to solve puzzles and find her missing girlfriend.  Also, yasssss gay shit, always here for it #Pride ♥  The game mechanic is violent and very disturbing, especially the puzzle where I had to tear off pieces of my protagonist in order to counterbalance a seesaw.  There’s a warning in the beginning of the game about sexual assault and suicide, so I know it only gets more intense.  I decided to call it quits at the (first?) wrecking ball.  It’s not that I don’t like it; it’s more that I’d be fine watching someone else play it.  I think that would be better for me since I was really offset every time J. J. had to injure herself in order to proceed (she gives this ear splitting scream, and it’s kind of triggering).

What I’m Playing

Title: Tales of Vesperia
Series: Tales
System: Nintendo Switch

Cover of Tales of VesperiaDate Started: May 23, 2021

I wasn’t super fond of the battle system until I put it to easy lol.  It’s more of an active battle system, and tbh it’s very similar to the one in FFVIIR even down to learning abilities from weapons and being able to stagger and interrupt enemy attacks.  Just like FFVIIR I’m pretty much just button mashing, but it seems to work, and I’m okay with it.  I’m in it for the story and exploration anyway, and those factors I really like.  All the characters are interesting, and even the English voice acting is solid.  I initially had it set to Japanese, but I’ve been picking English now because the VAs do a good job.  I’m curious where the story is going to go.  I know this is a long haul JRPG, and I’m not even 10 hours in, so I’ll be playing for a while.  Like every other game, I plan to watch a Let’s Play of this when I’m done, and it looks like Olizandri has done one, so I already have things set up lol.

I’m getting confused about what game is first in the series.  According to Grouvee Vesperia is, but Google and Wikipedia tell a different story.  Ah, it looks like a lot of them were only released in Japan.  So…it’s pretty much a similar complication to the Final Fantasy series lol.

What I Played

  • Picross S6

What I Watched

  • Bravely Default II (Olizandri) – He had just as much trouble as I did with the hardest optional boss in the game, probably more so because I used fully learned jobs as opposed to ones I was still working on.
  • Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice (Olizandri) – This one has less episodes probably because he increased the time from 20 minutes to 30 for episodes.  I honestly can’t believe I didn’t realize the name Lamiroir means “the mirror” in French.  I don’t remember if a mirror features in the first case with her though.
  • Atelier Ryza: Every Darkness and the Secret Hideout (Olizandri) – I am so glad I didn’t buy this.  I don’t think I would’ve liked it.  I haven’t even gotten through the second episode of the LP.  I might come back to it at some point, but for now I have other things to watch.

I haven’t had a chance to write in a few days and I can tell.  Someone once told me that.  A writer who doesn’t write is courting insanity, and I can’t say they were wrong (if using a bit of an ableist term).  If I don’t work on a creative writing project, it gnaws at me until I feed it.  Granted, nothing has been on my to do list the past few days since this is the week where I do the status updates, but the itch is definitely there.  I’m working on two pure writing projects and the two audio recording ones.  For the latter, I need to move my recording stuff to the other room after work or on the weekend so I can continue.  Bowling is over for my husband for the summer, but I can’t wait that long, so I have to make other plans.

I told myself I wouldn’t need to worry about getting another PS5 until June, and kaboom, it’s now June, oops.  Squeenix made a post about transferring the save data from FFVIIR to the Intergrade, and I’m like “oh crap, I need to care about this now.”  Yeah…it’s hard to explain this, and I know it’s a depression thing, but it’s hard for me to garner the excitement for either FFVIIR Intergrade (6/10) or the new Loki show (6/9) that’s going to be on Disney Plus.  What I think it is is an energy thing.  It takes energy to be excited, and your girl just doesn’t have it, but people expect me to be excited about these things, and I can’t avoid them because it’s going to be all over social media and people are going to talk to me about them and expect me to have a particular response.  If I don’t have it, they might think I don’t care about them, which couldn’t be farther from the truth, and of course I have it in my head that I’m not a good enough fan, so haha it’s a mess.  Anyway, I need to clear some room on my dresser to fit the colossus that is the PS5 before June 10, which btw I’m predicting will be the day my BFF has her baby lol.  Her birthday is April 10, which is the day the first installment of FFVIIR came out and June 10 for my unofficial niece’s day of birth.  At least it would be easy to remember :p

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  2. I feel ya on the energy/excitement. For me, this week has been a shit show at work. Just total chaos filled with asshole patients. I’ve put everything off after work besides food and now I have to spend the weekend making up for it. Hopefully, next week is more normal for me and you, get your energy back too. ❤

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