The State of the Reader: 3/9/22

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A biweekly post updated every other Wednesday detailing my current reading projects and what new titles I’ve added to my to-read list.  Title links go to Goodreads, and if you have an account there feel free to friend me!  I’d love to see what you’re reading and/or planning to read.

Purchased: 2

Total: $25.98

Books Finished: 0

Currently Reading

Title: House of Sky and Breath
Series: Crescent City
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Date Added: March 7, 2021
Date Started: February 23, 2022

Cover of House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas (Crescent City)Media: Physical/Hardback
Progress: 5%

Maas knows how to make you care about someone in just a few pages.  The prologue concerns a character we’ve never met before, but what the author does with her is brilliant.  We were given a hint of what the world was like for humans, but with Sophie, it draws into brutal focus.

Title: Crooked Kingdom
Series: Six of Crows
Author: Leigh Bardugo
Date Added: January 31, 2022
Date Started: February 16, 2022

Cover of Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows)Media: eBook/Kindle (Library)
Progress: 47%

I’m a little bit annoyed because my loan on this runs out tomorrow, and I can’t find any way to renew.  If worst comes to worse I’ll just buy it because I’m not waiting on a hold list to continue.  I’m too deep in.

I had to take a beat from the end of the last chapter that focused on Wylan, a merchant’s son, because it was…a lot.  It was a very familiar paradigm to me, but holy shit was it awful.

Title: The Comedy of Errors
Author: William Shakespeare
Date Added: March 6, 2018
Date Started: February 6, 2022

Cover of The Comedy of Errors by William ShakespeareMedia: eBook/Kindle

This is one of those things I have to be awake enough to read, because it is hella confusing lol.

Title: The Vela
Series Title: The Vela
Authors: Yoon Ha Lee, Becky Chambers, Rivers Solomon, and SL Huang
Date Added: October 2, 2021
Date Started: December 21, 2021

Cover of The Vela by Yoon Ha Lee, Becky Chambers, Rivers Solomon, and SL HuangMedia: eBook/Kindle
Progress: 79%

I haven’t touched this in the past two weeks because I’ve been concentrated on Crooked Kingdom, but I really should.  I’m a book behind in my challenge, and I’m close to finishing this so I could easily catch up.

Title: Ireland’s Immortals: A History of the Gods of Irish Myth
Author: Mark Williams
Date Added: October 5, 2017
Date Started: December 15, 2021

Cover of Ireland's Immortals by Mark WilliamsMedia: Hardback
Progress: 28%

There’s been a lot of notetaking with this one lately.  I’ve also been doing a lot of essay note organization, and this book is one of my references for that.  I still have around 30 more pages to get through until the end of the chapter, so quite a ways to go all things considered.

I’m annoyed I’m a book behind, but I should be able to catch up quickly.  I pulled out Black Hammer so I might try to breeze through that graphic novel to get myself back on track.

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6 thoughts on “The State of the Reader: 3/9/22

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  2. That “Ireland’s Immortals” caught my eye, I have to say…

    I’ll be interested to see what you think of Sarah J. Maas’s book. Over on writing Twitter, she seems to be very disliked. With Throne of Glass still on my TBR, I don’t have a firsthand opinion, but I also know they are fairly popular, so I’m sure the “truth” of their quality is somewhere in the middle!

    Also, I feel your pain with Shakespeare. I love it, but yeah I need to make sure all my pistons are firing if I’m going to read his plays! haha


    • Oh wow, I LOVED the first book in the Crescent City series and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this. I heard Throne of Glass wasn’t that great, but it was also her first series I believe. What are they saying on writing Twitter about her? I’m on there a little bit, but since I’m still in drafting and author site creation mode, I’m not on the up and up.

      Ireland’s Immortals is pretty fantastic. I needed a good book about the sidhe for my research and my friend recommended it!

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      • Ah, well, I guess I’ll have to try a variety, then! Regarding the comments, it’s mostly, like, the stories are unoriginal, or repetitive, or the relationships are questionable and packaged as “women’s empowerment.” Like I said, I haven’t read any of her books, so I have no idea about any of this. But there is just a disdain. Man, writing twitter. It’s something else.

        You’ve sold me on Ireland’s Immortals! I’ll have to see if my library has it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hm, I’m not sure what the issue with “women’s empowerment” is. I did read the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and though it took me until the third book to completely get it, I really liked it. I’m not seeing repetitiveness with the Crescent City books. I mean there’s Enemies to Lovers, but that’s a common theme in romance.

          Just be warned, the Ireland’s Immortals is HEAVY. It’s very in depth and it’s like 600 pages o.O

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