The State of the Gamer: 4/7/22

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A weekly post updated every other Thursday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Demoed

Nothing this time.

What I Purchased

  • Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition (Chrono) – $19.99 @ Nintendo eShop
  • The Journey Down: Chapter One (The Journey Down) – $6.99 @ Nintendo eShop

Total: $26.98

What I Finished

Nothing this time.

What I’m Playing

Title: Triangle Strategy
Series: HD-2D Series
System: Nintendo Switch

Cover of Triangle Strategy

Date Started: March 20, 2022

I turned the difficulty down to easy and my life has been so much better.  I’m currently in Chapter 7, which is the first place you can make a decision that effects the “golden route” or the way you get the best ending.  I found a spoiler free guide here if you want to check it out.  There are only a few necessary choices.  I’ve been doing the mock battles, too, which is apparently the best way to gain materials.  I wasn’t able to play for a few days, but currently everything has gone wrong lol.  I knew it was going to happen.  I’m currently past the part I demoed, so I’m hurtling into the unknown now.

Title: Etrian Odyssey Nexus
Series: Etrian Odyssey
System: Nintendo 3DS

Cover of Etrian Odyssey NexusDate Started: December 25, 2021

I’ve explored a bit more of the 9th labyrinth, but I’m a bit annoyed at myself lol.  I needed to refight a boss in order to get its conditional drop, but I accidentally killed it before  I could fulfill the condition so I need to do it over gain *big sigh*  The conditional drops open up either the ultimate weapon or armor for a class, and I’d like to get them all.  I don’t know how much more game is left, though I suspect I’m well past the three-quarters mark.

What I Watched

  • Olizandri
    • Final Fantasy VI: Pixel Remaster – He finished this way quicker than I ever did!  I don’t think I’ve beaten a Final Fantasy game in less than 40 hours, but since he was doing an LP, he didn’t do much grinding.  I got a few more insights to my review that I’ll need to add in.
    • Super Paper Mario – I finished watching this, too, and it never fails to makes me cry at the end.
    • Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – I figured I’d just skip again to this series since I downloaded the demo to the third game, and I’m finding this easier to stay with than the second chapter of Trails in the Sky.  Though I had no problem staying engaged with the first Trails so we’ll see what happens.
  • CJUGames
    • The Last Door – I had this game in my library for I don’t even know how long, and I finally remembered to watch it.  You never expect the things that are going to terrify and intrigue you the most, but this game this game, holy god.  I watched reviews afterwards about how it was “Lovecraft done right,” and I couldn’t agree more, and they managed to do this EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOWED A GLIMPSE OF THE MONSTER.  I think it worked because it was only for a brief moment; there was some potential Body Horror aka I think this was once human o.O; and the low res, pixelated graphics do nothing but aid the eeriness.  Combine this with the glorious, orchestrated music and realistic sound effects and you have uncanny valley combined with Lovecraftian nightmares.  Ever aspect of the game lends itself to what it’s trying to accomplish, and I found I couldn’t watch it after dark.  Definitely something to check out if you’re a horror and/or Lovecraft fan.

Yep, I back dated this one, too, and it looks like I back dated my last SOTG, as well *shrug*  I could move it to Friday, but I’m actually not doing something on my to-do list today in order to post this, so Thursday is really the better day.  

just bought The Journey Down after remembering the recommendation from Cheap Boss Attack, but I think I missed the 90% off sale.  Damn lol.  I picked up the first chapter at least, and it was only $6.99 so if I like it, I’ll get the rest.  It’s a comedy/horror (think Grim Fandango) and I think I can handle that without wussing out too much lol.

I thought I’d included Chrono Trigger last week, but it only showed up as a purchase on 3/31 so it wouldn’t have been in the latest.  I actually wasn’t fond of the game when I first played it.  I thought it had too many characters and not enough story for all of them, but I think I was comparing it too much to the first, and Squeenix was going for something different.  I’m going to replay and give it another chance, and I think I might like it.

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