The State of the Gamer: 5/5/22

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A weekly post updated every other Thursday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Demoed

Nothing this time.

What I Purchased

  • Knife Sisters – $5.77 @ Steam
  • The Tiny Bang Story – $2.99 @ Nintendo eShop

Total: $8.76

What I Finished

Nothing this time.

What I’m Playing

Title: Triangle Strategy
Series: HD-2D Series
System: Nintendo Switch

Cover of Triangle Strategy

Date Started: March 20, 2022

I failed another persuasion, but I was smart enough to save beforehand and not save over.  However, I keep failing at it probably because I don’t have enough affinity with the character I need to convince.  This one has three possible outcomes, but the one they keep going with is the most ridiculous fucking thing ever.  The one I want to do makes sense in the long game whereas the one they want to go with only works in the short term.  I’m not trying to make the people hate me.  I looked up that bringing people along into battles will increase your affinity with them so I’m going to try some mock battles with them to see if I can sway them to my side.  If all else fails I’ll go with the second best plan, which I still think is absolutely ridiculous, but doesn’t have as much fallout as the other.

Title: Etrian Odyssey Nexus
Series: Etrian Odyssey
System: Nintendo 3DS

Cover of Etrian Odyssey NexusDate Started: December 25, 2021

I may have played this once in the past two weeks.  I think I reached the next floor of the latest labyrinth I’m exploring.  I still need to go back and re-fight some enemies to get their conditional drops.

What I’m Watching

  •  Olizandri
    • Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – I only have around 20 videos left in this series, and I’m wondering if each game is going to be each year they’re at Thor’s Military Academy.
    • Horizon Zero Dawn – I wanted to play this game myself for a while, but a Let’s Play is actually better for a number of reasons.  I have so many questions and theories, but what I like how the game almost makes you forget about the bigger, underlying questions in its myriad side quests.  I’d like to go into this more, but I’m too tired to express it fully.
  • CJUGames
    • Cold House – So far there’s only one chapter and it was pretty good as far as “avoiding the monster in a weird place” type of game goes.
    • The Inheritance of Crimson Manor – We love a good point-and-click horror game even if nothing can hold a candle to The Last Door.

Yep two days behind this time.  Shit happens.

I guess I stopped putting in the non-narrative story games I’m playing.  I think I used to have a section for that.  “What I Played?”  Idk.  I don’t really remember.  I play Uno while doing my desk elliptical and Monopoly for Nintendo Switch as well as Picross while watching Let’s Plays.  I’ve re-downloaded a bunch of the former Picross games to delete the data and redo them.  It’s like having a new game to play since my memory is such shit.  I’ll try to remember to add this category again next update.  I should also add a little sentence or two about the games I purchase, or at the very least put a link to where to find them/a description like I do with my books.

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5 thoughts on “The State of the Gamer: 5/5/22

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  2. I recently finished Forbidden West and I’m planning to play Zero Dawn again soon. My gaming life needs more of Aloy’s badass sarcasm, haha.

    Still excited you’re watching a LP of Zero Dawn!! 😁

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