The State of the Writer: 7/10/22

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A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks.

Finished Projects: 0

Project: Story/Series
Working Title:
The High Archon (The Truth Seeker Chronicles)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Original
Length: Novel
Current Word Count: 11,282
Status: Reorganizing & Worldbuilding
Dimension details

What’s a fantasy universe without some mythic creatures?  I had to figure out which ones were “sentient” vs not, but that’s such a weird question you know?  Like even though my cats can’t speak English they still know plenty of stuff I don’t.  So I started thinking more of “which ones can talk to humans/humanoids” vs not and that made more sense.  Then I created another planet called Astrid that’s a gigantic forest with “doorways/portals” to the main world of the story filled with both.   There are “regular” animals that inhabit the world of the winged humanoids I’ve talked about before, though they still have a fantastic appearance and the “regular” means “similar to earth animals in terms of the speech thing” like this little guy below

Hell yes they’re going to be some “angel’s” pet are you JOKING me right now??? ♥

I’m hoping I can move onto the next demographic this week.  I’ve been working on the one for over a month, and that’s branched off into other ideas, which is great.  I need to update the Scrivener page for my main character, which will take a while since there are three pages (I’m too tired to go into details right now lol), but slow progress is still progress.

Project: Story Audio Recording
Title: Northern Lights
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Length: Novel
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Status: Editing
Progress: Adding in sound effects

I made a little more progress with this.  What helps is receiving positive comments on the story itself, which has been happening since Squeenix announced the date of the next FFVIIR release as well as CC’s remaster, which (holy shit!) I heard they’d redubbed the voices with the ones from FFVIIR!  I am so excited to (re)play it now because Aerith’s VA was a huge reason I quit lol.  I couldn’t stand her VA and characterization, but I absolutely adore Brianna White ♥

Project: Research & Essay Organization
Status: Organizing Essay Notes
Progress: Working through notes for FFVII & ASOIAF comparative essays

I added more book references to my list because I realized I either didn’t have some or didn’t have some details.  Like I had just Lovecraft but not the specific stories, so I added them in.  Granted I still just have Ambrose Bierce’s “Complete Works,” but I’ll add things individually as I (eventually) read them.  Next step is to see how many essays use each particular work then I can start figuring out what I want to concentrate on reading.

Project: Author Website
Status: Pending
Progress: Planning

So the Facebook page is go!  I just randomly made it lol.  It’s called Adrienne’s Authorly Adventures because I love alliteration.  Do I update as often as I’d like?  No.  Do I at least have a schedule?  Absolutely not.  Am I going to attempt to do better?  Stay tuned for another episode of “Hahaha fuck no I’m doing my best.”  I’m still figuring out what I’m doing with it, but I am going to probably post these updates there, too, as well as inspiration images.  There won’t be anything there I won’t talk about here, and you’re of course under no obligation to follow, but if you’d like to, you are more than welcome to!

I still want to make a Squarespace author page at some point, but I’ll think about that again when I’m closer to publishing something.

In Progress

  • Game Reviews: Final Fantasy VI – I’ve started the second review of the Story Analysis section and I already know there’s going to be a third lol.  I’ve made enough alterations to realize it’ll need another once over.  I honestly can’t believe I’ve been working on this review longer than I played the game last time.  Yes really.  I think I started the review back in 2019!  It’s over 20k words o.O  There’s a chance I might split into parts once I’m done, so that it’s not too daunting to read at once, but I’ll figure that out when I finish.
  • Book Review: Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke – I’m still gathering my notes for this one.  I’ve found it’s so much easier to put them together before I start writing the review.  It’s a pretty complex story with a lot of deep ideas so it’s going to be one of those time consuming reviews.

Whew, so it’s been a day.  I went out yesterday for a family dinner, which also happened to coincide with my big brother’s birthday, which is TODAY (7/10) actually ♥♥♥  He’s 47, five years older than me, and it’s so funny how we’re the exact opposite when it comes to birthday shenanigans.  He LOVES the attention and calls all of July the Month of Awesome lol.  Where I can’t stand people singing or paying attention to me on my birthday (just give me my cake, wine, and offerings/presents and leave me alone), Daniel lives for it.  He’s not an attention whore or anything like that as in someone who comes off as trying to pull it, but he just has this personality that everyone loves like instantaneously.  We both have the same sense of humor in terms of it being completely irreverent and ridiculous. Mine might be a tad more morbid, but we both grew up watching Looney Tunes so yeah, you can see where this is going lol.  So he’s someone who tends to be the center of attention without trying, but it’s well earned and not just an ego attention grab if you know what I mean?  He’s probably a Leo rising sign. 

So it was fun, BUT sadly my knees and back have to handle three flights of stairs and they DO NOT WANT.  I knew today would be a recovery day and I did spend most of it sleeping.  I also made the mistake of not eating enough (carbs) so I passed out again after breakfast.  Thankfully the hubs knew what to do and ordered me a chicken cheesesteak which was PERFECT.  Protein and carbs are great for the brain think (wut?), so I was able to at least get this out though it is almost midnight.  I also took off tomorrow to give myself another recoup day.

I think I was going to talk about my FB page here but since I did that above I think we’re good for this time lol.  Anyone planning beach vacations or anything like that?  I’d love to go back to Cape May at some point.  It was gorgeous.

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  2. I love your Facebook page name!! 😁 There’s not a force in this universe powerful enough to push me to go back to Facebook, but wish I could support your page, eh. Happy belated birthday to your bro!

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