The State of the Reader: 11/30/22

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A biweekly post updated every other Wednesday detailing my current reading projects and what new titles I’ve added to my to-read list.  Title links go to Goodreads, and if you have an account there feel free to friend me!  I’d love to see what you’re reading and/or planning to read.

Books Purchased: 1

Total: $2.99

Books Finished: 0

Books On Hold: 1

Title: The Cruel Prince
Series: The Folk of the Air
Author: Holly Black
Date Added: August 1, 2019
Date Started: October 31, 2022

Media: eBook/Kindle

Not on hold by choice.  The library loan ended before I could finish, and it’s a high demand book so I wasn’t able to renew.  I had to go back on the waiting list, so it’s on hold until I get it again.

Books Reading: 5

Title: Maya and the Rising Dark
Series: Maya and the Rising Dark
Author: Rena Barron
Date Added: June 20, 2022
Date Started: November 22, 2022

Cover of Maya and the Rising Dark by Rena Barron (Maya and the Rising Dark #1)Media: eBook/Library
Progress: 20%

I might end up with the same problem as The Cruel Prince.  This is due on December 4 and I don’t know if I can renew.  I’m really enjoying this one.  It’s mid-grade fantasy so a bit easier to breeze through than the other book (which isn’t that difficult either at YA level), but it’s just having the time.  I usually read my Kindle at lunch and I haven’t really been taking lunch.  If I can’t renew I might see how much this one is since I really like it, and I want to support Black women creatives/creators ♥

Title: Hamlet
Author: William Shakespeare
Date Added: March 6, 2018
Date Started: October 23, 2022

Cover of Hamlet by William ShakespeareMedia: eBook/Kindle

I started Act I Scene II but I didn’t get too far with it.

Title: Orishas, Goddesses, and Voodoo Queens: The Divine Feminine in the African Religious Traditions
Author: Lilith Dorsey
Date Added: May 29, 2020
Date Started: August 1, 2022

Cover of Orishas, Goddesses, and Voodoo Queens by Lilith DorseyMedia: Paperback
Progress: 14%

No additional progress with this.  I’ve been on the fence about putting it on hold, but I’m hoping the Maya library book will push me back into this as they’re both about orishas.

Title: Ecofeminism
Series Title: Critique Influence Change
Authors: Maria Mies & Vandana Shiva
Date Added: July 13, 2020
Date Started: May 3, 2022

Cover of Ecofeminism by Maria Mies & Vandana ShivaMedia: Paperback
Progress: 16%

I always wind up making progress with one thing, and I actually wound up finishing the first chapter.  I need to decide if I’m going to switch to one of the C. G. Jung books.  I think I might.

Title: House of Sky and Breath
Series: Crescent City
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Date Added: March 7, 2021
Date Started: February 23, 2022

Cover of House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas (Crescent City)Media: Physical/Hardback
Progress: 55%

I’m never putting this on hold; I Just don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with it lol.  I’m so scared for all the characters’ safety, and the stakes are so high.  It’s a sign of excellent writing when someone gets so emotionally invested they can’t read your book unless they’re mentally prepared :p

Is the void still accepting screams?  I heard it was full.  I honestly just didn’t feel like doing this yesterday so my entire State schedule is one day off.  I’ll do the Gamer one tomorrow, and honestly that’s why it’s been pushed off lol.  Because I’ve been all into this one game.  Anyway, I need to eat dinner.  I logged off work around 3:00 today and went to bed until 9:00.  I either have to make up the time tomorrow or (more likely to happen) take some PTO.  Lord knows I have plenty of it. 

Happy December!  We close on our house in 15 days 😬

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