The State of the Writer: 12/25/22

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A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks.

Finished Projects: 0

Project: Story/Series
Working Title:
The High Archon (The Truth Seeker Chronicles)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Original
Length: Novel
Current Word Count: 11,282
Status: Reorganizing & Worldbuilding
Updating language details on Scrivener

Since I’m working on updating my term glossary with Ravic surnames and they use a lot of jewels/gems/precious stones, I figured this image would be fitting.  I’m finally putting the language notes into Scrivener, which is the final part of the update.  I did each separate group, but now I’m doing a more general language notes with gender markers.  I’m still debating doing a separate post that kind of explains some of the world, but it would definitely be after we move lol.

Project: Research & Essay Organization
Status: Organizing Reference Material
Progress: Focus on picking one essay to concentrate on

Moving the research notes to a separate section from the essays was actually the best move I could’ve made, though I’m not upset I initially consolidated them as it gave me later insight onto why they’d be better separate.  I now have separate tabs for some of the subjects with a greater variety of notes like ASOIAF, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII have their own as well as H. P. Lovecraft and The Legend of Zelda.  Once I have this organized I then can figure out the next steps…some of which I’ve already written lol.

I know I have a comment in answer to my researching tips from Alix and I intend to check and reply to it once I post this.  I appreciate it! 🙂

In Progress

  • Book Reviews: Blister by Jeff Strand – I’m at the same spot I was before.  I’ve been swamped with everything going on and have just had higher priorities to concentrate on like the above projects and playing Harvestella let’s be honest lol.
  • Game Reviews: Bear With Me: The Lost Robots – There’s one more thing I need to add to this about the credits, but I’m in the same situation as the book review.  I have other things I want to spend my time on so this has gone on the backburner.

Well it’s official…Dr. Zoidberg and I share a commonality.  We don’t move until Janauary 14 and if you could see our apartment you’d wonder how TF we’re going to do that so soon haha hahaha hahahahaha.  I’m laughing because I’ve lost my mind.  Today is also Christmas.  I was supposed to go to brunch at my sister in law’s but I’m sick so I’m sitting here doing this post with a heating pad on my back.  I’m also supposed to go to dinner with my dad and brothers tomorrow, and I’m hoping I can make that because I haven’t seen them in forever and I miss them.  We’re going to try.

Merry Christmas!

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    • It was quite harrowing but we’ve been here for a month and a half, and I’m so sorry it’s taken this long to respond to these comments ahh lol. I’m trying to catch up on that and get back into posting my biweekly updates. Hopefully soon!


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