The State of the…Me

I promise I’m still around.  Things have just been in upheaval since we moved on January 14th of this year and were finally done with our shit hole apartment on January 31st.  I suspended the State posts a bit unceremoniously the week we moved for obvious reasons, and I just haven’t had the time or wherewithal to pick them back up.  I will do so at some point as well as my reviews and everything else.  It’s just been…difficult.  The move is a fantastic change, but it’s still a change and my Taurus AuDHD brain is still screaming and trying to come up with schemas for this new situation.  There’s no more climbing three flights of stairs to leave my house, but there is climbing one flight every night, which is something I’m fine to navigate even with my bad knees and back, but it’s still something I need to work into my daily life plan.

Our next task is to get the computer room set up, which will allow me to work upstairs in an office, but we need to buy two computer desks because I can’t find one that would be able to accomodate us both.  I have some ideas, but if you know any place that has decent and inexpensive desks, I’m all ears.

We still have some work that needs to be done on the place like the dryer and bathroom fan venting, though at least we did get a washer and dryer…the dryer was damaged during delivery and needed to have the latch on the door replaced haha.  We did have to call a plumber earlier than we thought, but we were able to get the toilet that needed it resealed and set.  Homeownership y’all!  I’d still rather deal with ten times this than what we had at our apartment, which I will tell you all about at some point, probably after I leave my scathing review.  It was BAD peeps, really, really bad.

Anyway, here’s a picture of the cats being good together for once.  That’s what we do it for.  Seeing them scamper around a new and bigger place makes me so happy, and I want to do so much more for them.  I’m planning on putting platforms on any wall that I can once things get more settled and the place isn’t filled with boxes.

Cid’s fuzzy; Garnet is smooth ♥

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