Final Fantasy Friday – Ready, Willing, MAGIC

Final Fantasy Friday

Today should have been a Character Assessment post, but I didn’t get home from Target until 8:00.  After some brief aerobics, I looked at my to-do list, and there’s a lot left on it.  Those assessments can take upwards of four hours, and I haven’t even picked a character for my next one yet (though I don’t lack for suggestions from all of you lovely people).  I also have numerous creative projects going on, so it would just be better for me to save my assessments for a less hectic time.  I’m not giving up on them; they’re just being shelved for a while.

As for the biweekly questions, those aren’t going anywhere, since I have plenty that can be answered fairly easily, and I’ll try to post some of my more elaborate ones.  For this week…

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The State of the Gamer: 3/6/18

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A weekly post updated every other Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Played

Absolutely nothing.  I know I know: shock, awe, and disappointment.  I did demo Just Dance 2018, and I intend to buy it at some point even though it’s $60.  There was only one song by Bruno Mars to try, but I’ve always like the Just Dance games, and I’ve been trying to do dance aerobics once or twice a week so I think it’s a good investment.

What I Watched

Title: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Series: Mario, Mario & Luigi, Mario RPG
Let’s Player: Olizandri

This was exactly what I needed to see after the heaviness of The Last Guardian.  It was cute, whimsical, well-animated, fun, and had a great soundtrack.  Even though I’ve watched it, I would still definitely play it at a later date.  I like the combination of turned based and action elements, and Mario games are always fun.  It was the break I needed before delving into…

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Final Fantasy Friday: Over Tunes

Final Fantasy Friday

No Final Fantasy soundtrack is complete without a rousing overworld song.  With that in mind…

What’s your favorite overworld music?

I’ll answer this question in two parts.  First, my favorite music directly from the game as in unaltered from what you hear while you’re playing, and second, my favorite overworld theme orchestrated.

I have to go with Final Fantasy IV for my favorite theme in game.

FFIV was just ahead of its time and so proficient in numerous areas, not the least of which was music.  It boasts the greatest number of good songs in its soundtrack (based on my opinion of course) that is to say, I like the majority of songs on its OST.  While I might like the music from other games more, I like more of the music from Final Fantasy IV.

And Final Fantasy X takes the gold for my favorite orchestrated theme.  It more than occasionally brings the tears, so I have to declare it the winner.

What’s your favorite overworld theme?  As you can see mine doesn’t align with my favorite game (it actually took a bit for FFVII’s “Main Theme” to grow on me.  I like it now, but wasn’t that fond of it when I first heard it).  Does yours?  Discussion party in the comments!

The State of the Gamer: 2/20/18

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A weekly post updated every other Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Played

Nintendo Switch

Title: Super Mario Odyssey
Series: Super Mario
Genre: Platformer/Puzzle – Adventure
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: October 27, 2017
Date Started: October 29, 2017
Date Finished: January 27, 2018

I played a tiny bit of this, picked up a few more moons, but I think I’m done with it for now.  A lot of the after game moons are beyond my skill level (owing to what I saw Olizandri do), and I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve played and seen so far.

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Final Fantasy Friday – A Crystal Compendium

Final Fantasy Friday

Today’s Final Fantasy Friday is brought to you by a massive amount of work put in in by over a dozen bloggers.  A labor of love that started around September of 2017 finally come to fruition.  I am overjoyed and humbled to be a part of it, and because I posted (or reposted) two Final Fantasy articles for today, I think they are more than adequate.  The central hub can be found here, so please make sure you check out the articles from other talented bloggers!

Final Fantasy A Crystal Compendium – Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy III Review

This article is part of a community-wide project about Final Fantasy. Links to other articles in this series, written by the other contributors can be found in the main hub area.

<–Final Fantasy II Review                                           Final Fantasy IV Review–>

This is part of my extraordinary long-term project to play and review/analyze all of the officially numbered Final Fantasies in order.  I will play the original game whenever possible, but since the series goes back to the 80s and since some of the earlier games are unavailable, I occasionally have to bend this rule.  Whenever possible, I will play the original version or the closest I can get to it (whether that be emulator or re-release on a newer system).  If I have no way of obtaining the game or time constraints, I’ll watch a Let’s Play, but I’ll try my hardest to get a portion of gameplay in so I can remark upon it.
After all of the original numbered games are played, I plan to go back and play the sequels and remakes e.g. Dawn of Souls, The After Years,  Crisis Core, etc.  I’m also planning on playing/replaying the Chrono Series and reviewing that, too.
The reviews are housed here and each installment will be updated as I finish it.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Greetings, salutations and Happy New Year to you all.  I am slowly working my way through the Final Fantasy titles and have recently completed the third installment.  I have been giving much thought to going back and playing the re-releases of I and II especially since I received a $200 Best Buy gift card in addition to a $50 Amazon one and could conceivably purchase both the system I might need and the games, but I’m still in the thinking phase, and today I’m in the review one for III. So…

Each review shall be in three parts, and in three parts shall be each review. Game play and music and best of all story shall all be discussed for you. So for now I present the second without any further ado…

Like FFII I was unable to locate the original Japanese cover

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Final Fantasy A Crystal Compendium: The Malevolence of Seraphim and Generals – An FFVI & FFVII Comparative

This article is part of a community-wide project about Final Fantasy. Links to other articles in this series, written by the other contributors can be found in the main hub area.

What makes a great villain? Is it someone who achieves their nefarious goals; is it someone whose affect on the hero is life shattering; or is it someone whose motivations, no matter how dark, make you question your own?  The biggest point of contention between Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII often culminates upon this vital question. Proponents of VI readily point to Kefka succeeding in his goal for world destruction and godhood (neither of which Sephiroth ever achieves) as proof he is the apex antagonist,  but the determination of success in one case and failure in the other isn’t that simple, and there are far more factors at play.

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise are often at sixes and sevens with each other, and the arguments often grow vehement even amongst the most amiable crowd.  The series is known for its in depth and intricate plots, which incite passion within introspective minds.  Both FFVI and FFVII are revolutionary in their own way: VI for the seeming victory of the villain and VII for killing off a beloved character whose death still resonates today.  For the former’s case, the heroes usually arrive just in time to stop the villain from what Kefka succeeds in accomplishing, and the same could be said for Sephiroth in regards to Aeris.  With Kefka, though, his supporters insist that his goal was to destroy the world and achieve apotheosis, which he does…for a time.  It is still more than Sephiroth manages, but is such an accomplishment enough to name Kefka the greater malevolence?  Before this can be answered, we have to look at the characters themselves.

Kefka Palazzo

“Some men just want to watch the world burn…
-The Dark Knight

But for the Joker with whom he shares numerous maniacal traits (and by whom he was certainly inspired), Kefka would surely be the paragon of the “psycho clown” motif, as he is lovingly dubbed by his fans.  He stands out among Final Fantasy antagonists as the one true villain with no real doubt or debate.  Kefka is unequivocally evil with a dark sense of humor and one-liners even the greatest comedians would envy.  Though Emperor Gestahl initially takes the role of “front man” as the leader of a despotic regime, it is obvious from the instant his sprite graces the screen that Kefka will be the last battle before the curtain falls.  He owns the role of psychopath from the moment you see him until his final form fades.  Final Fantasy VI is far more straightforward in this regard than both the games that follow it and those that come before.

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