Final Fantasy Character Assessments: Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy Character Assessments

<–FF Character Assessment: Cecil Harvey

*Potential spoilers for everything involved with the topic character and their game.

Thanks to LightningEllen for making this character suggestion on Final Fantasy Friday: Light Motifs!

Name: Squall Leonhart
Game: Final Fantasy VIII
Job: Mercenary
Age: 17

Major Arcana: The Chariot – Squall is a character many of his classmates and teachers find difficult to understand, and The Chariot card is one of the more difficult ones to interpret.  It indicates a unity of opposites though with an emphasis on such a paradigm helping you get what you want.  It also implies war, struggle, and ultimately a hard won victory over one’s enemies, and this fits Squall to a tee.  He has this cold and aloof exterior, but like the adage says, “Still waters run deep.”  His personal symbol is the lion and of course his last name “Leonhart” invokes the idea of being lionhearted i.e. courageous and strong.  It seems anathema that he has a fiery and more sun associated symbol due to his cool exterior, but this of course feeds into the unity of opposites motif.

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The Unfinished Seventh

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Today is the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII’s North American release.  As with prior years, I always attempt to post something to commemorate the occasion, and I was fortunate enough to have this essay half completed (also fittingly as you’ll soon see).  Despite being on vacation this week and the next, it was still a challenge to finish, and I nearly had to find an alternative to post, but my stubbornness prevailed, and I am able to celebrate my favorite story of all time’s release on the day it happened with writing, the method I love the most.

A Greek tragedy depicts the downfall of a basically good person through some fatal error or misjudgment, producing suffering and insight on the part of the protagonist and arousing pity and fear on the part of the audience.  A true or full tragedy should evoke such, as they are natural human responses to the spectacle of suffering and pain, which causes relief at the end through catharsis as the spectators are purged of these feelings.  There is a release in witnessing painful pageantry and its subsequent resolution, but when tragedy is halved, leaving all of the sorrow and none of the purge, the tale lingers without this necessary release.

The story of Final Fantasy VII has endured for two decades where countless other games are antiquity’s lost.  It is frequently discussed and forever argued.  There are neither clear cut answers to many of the questions the narrative asks, nor a satisfying release to the tragedy it presents.  Lifting one side of the scale high in the air without the resolution of catharsis to balance.  Like an unresolved seventh in music, the tragedy of the story lingers in respect to Sephiroth.

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Final Fantasy Character Assessments: Cecil Harvey

Final Fantasy Character Assessments

Character Assessments: Squall Leonhart–>

This is the continuation of my surprisingly popular Final Fantasy Tarot weekly post with some additions.  I promised to start an astrology series for the games, but in the weeks between my last Final Fantasy Tarot post and this, my ideas have expanded.  I not only want to explore potential zodiac signs, but a few other traits as well.  As I matched a character to a Major Arcana in the last project, here I’m going to match a Major Arcana to each individual character (if that doesn’t make sense right now, it will once you get into the posts).

Ideally, I’d like to do every Final Fantasy character from all the games I’ve played starting with Final Fantasy IV, since that’s the first game that had definitive characters with individual personalities, so this is will be another long term series, though I’m going to intersperse it with the questions you’ve seen before.  It might be an every other week deal, or the time intervals might be greater.  I haven’t quite decided yet.

The traits to be assigned, analyzed, and discussed are as follows:

  • Tarot (Major Arcana)
  • Zodiac/Astrological Sign
  • Alignment
  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type
  • Diagnosis

Obviously, this is all my conjecture and neither canonical nor absolute.  The astrology in particular is based on my personal assessment of the character, considering that many of them have established birthdays, which would concurrently denote their (Western) astrology.  For example, Aeris’s birthday is February 7, 1985, which would make her an Aquarius; however, my estimation of her zodiac sign is quite different, and I’ll be basing my choice on personality rather than birth date.  This may make some purists angry, but such determinations are merely my opinion and have no bearing on anything beyond personal speculation.

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Super Paper Mario – Love and Loss

The banner for this post was created by Deviant Artist CookieBoy011 and can be found here.

This is an unplanned/impromptu review.  It was neither on my itinerary nor in my notes.  I had played this game a long time ago, relished it, enjoyed it, but time constraints forced me to cease indulging though I did think of it from time to time.  I planned on finding an acceptable Let’s Play for it while organizing all of the Let’s Plays I wanted to watch, and indeed I did do so after a short spell of time.

The very enthusiastic chuggaaconroy who goes out of his way to keep his videos no more than PG-13, and he has a lot of them.  I found him initially while hunting out Legend of Zelda LPs, and I believe he does one for the original Paper Mario in which I will more than likely indulge.

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