Gothic Lullaby

Gothic Art

Blessed darkness, hide my tears,
Veil the light and drown my fears,
Once to pray and twice to weep,
Let no shade disturb this sleep.”

If death should reign in bitter rue,
Let no drop descend on you,
For pureness hath this bitter plight,
Sacrificed to bring back the light…

Author’s Note: Another poem from my currently unpublished novel, The Serpent’s Tale.  I realize the redundancy of saying “gothic” lullaby as by definition all lullabies carry a hint of the macabre and dark, but this one seemed more morbid than normal, and it is literally used as a lullaby.  The featured picture is located here.

Dark in the City

It is dark in the city where the shadows full prowl,
It is dark as the black wings of night,
It is dark in my heart where the threads are full torn,
But I know where you are, it is bright…

This poem is found in my short The Threads of Sorrow.  The verse was inspired by an AMV I found featuring “The Beginning is the End Is the Beginning” by Smashing Pumpkins.  Alas, the AMV has been removed from YouTube, but the memory and the haunting lyric “Is it bright where you are?” remain.

Borrowed Life

           The sun is down,

            The night is old,

            My sorrows shall I keep,

            Let me live,

            Or let me die,

            But never let me weep.

            The sky is burning on the wind,

            And all the stars are fled,

            But I shall keep my secrets here,

            And not betray the dead…

            For as I live this borrowed life,

            This silence I shall keep,

            Today I breathe until I die,

            But never let me weep.

This poem is featured in my currently shelved for editing paranormal romance novel The Serpent’s Tale.   It also lent its title to a fanfiction of the same (if pluralized) name Borrowed Lives. I’ve linked to that story but not posted it here because there’s an update I need to make for my own sanity/sense of rightness. Once I have five minutes to do so, here shall it be.