The 26 Days of Advent: 12/25/15

Christmas is the end of Advent and the beginning of Christmastide, though some believe that sunset on Christmas Eve is the end of Advent and the start of it.  The general consensus puts the Eve still in Advent, though I suppose a decent conclusion would have the day balanced between.

Christmastide is 12 days, which is where the 12 Days of Christmas comes from.  I wish there actually were 12 days of Christmas.  It would make all the build it so much more satisfactory.

Though this is the end of Advent and my postings are called The 26 Days of Advent, I thought that Christmas was too important to not give it a song.  I believe you will find it appropriate.

Thank you all who followed along with this for the duration.  I hope you have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year 🙂

The 26 Days of Advent: 12/24/15

Merry Christmas Eve!  Tis the night before the big show.  For those of your who are believers, this would be the evening before the joyous occasion (though you should really do some research since he was more than likely not born in December, but I digress).  To celebrate that is one of my favorite Loreena McKennitt songs “Let Us the Infant Greet.”

I had to look up the lyrics to the final verse of this.  The language is a bit old fashioned, and I couldn’t quite decipher it.  Thank God for the Google.  See I can be religious 😉

The 26 Days of Advent: 12/23/15

Not nearly enough Trans-Siberian Orchestra was used in this Advent extravaganza, and I absolutely adore this song though it was not always so.  “Good King Joy” is one of those tunes that doesn’t hit its peek until around the middle.  The beginning is a passably fair version of “Joy to the World,” but then around 3:00, the melody changes and we hear a very famous guitar played by the exquisitely talented BB King (RIP) who sings, and that’s why this is one of my favorite TSO songs.

The 26 Days of Advent: 12/22/15

So I made the error of not spreading out my artists.  This is another Robert Shaw and my favorite version of “Adeste Fidelis.”  If there’s a rendition of a song in Latin, I’m going to prefer the Latin.  This is fact.

This is…not quite the version I have on my phone, but it’s the closest I could find.

The 26 Days of Advent: 12/19/15

Yes, I am aware that it’s not yet Christmas Day, but I’m still going to give you the song by Dido entitled “Christmas Day.”  This was one of the many songs I first heard before the Google took over and explained everything, and I spent quite a long time trying to find it.  In my head it was the “Irish Christmas song,” because of the “Your hair is soft like an Irish stream…” and that was the one line that stuck with me.  Sadly, even Googling “Irish Christmas song” did not a positive find make.  I finally found it though much to my glee, bought it, and can listen to it whenever I want.

It’s interesting though…once you finally have a song you’ve been looking for, it loses it’s…appeal?  Not quite that, but you’re not longer as obsessed because you’ve obtained it.  It’s the chase that most compels you, n’est-ce pas?

The 26 Days of Advent: 12/18/15

We haven’t had any songs in Latin in a while (the Sunday one doesn’t count!), and this is another hymn I sang long ago in school and we did do it acapella.  It’s not quite what I would consider Ominous Latin Chanting as there’s more of a melody to it than typical Gregorian chant.  “Veni Veni Emanuel” definitely fits the bill more than the below “O Magnum Mysterium” by The Cambridge Singers.

The 26 Days of Advent: 12/17/15

A paltry few days ago I finally grew weary of having “My Favorite Things” as an earworm (it’s been like that for MONTHS), and found this lovely version.  It’s Carrie Underwood and Audra McDonald, the latter whose voice is utterly sublime.

I’m very fond of the line “Silver white winters that melt into springs.”  That line and “Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes” were the two stuck on repeat in my head.

Does this count as a Christmas song?  I always hear it around Christmas and it does mention “winter.”  Eh, my blog, my rules.

The 26 Days of Advent: 12/16/15

Let’s lighten the mood shall we from the prior, and who better to do that than TSO with their “Christmas Canon Rock,” a fantastic remix of Pachelbel’s Canon with electric guitars and rousing vocals.

Holy cow, Advent is half (?) over.  I better make sure I use all of my favorite songs.  There are more TSO ones I want to share with you 🙂