30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 18

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Day 18: Favorite protagonist.

Why is this question harder than favorite antagonist?  Athena from AmbiGaming asks the same thing in her post to the same, so if you’re seeking some clues to the answer, I’d suggest you look there.

For Final Fantasy, it’s a toss up between Cecil Harvey from IV and Celes Chere from VI.  Cecil manages to fight and overcome the darkness that threatens to consume him and manages to consume *spoiler* his brother and his best friend *end spoiler* at least for a time, because Cecil is a literal white knight at heart.

Then there’s Celes who went from general to prisoner to rebel to depression/suicidal after she lost everything.  I never realized how deep that part of the game was until I was older, but if certain things go awry (even after the world ends), Celes throws herself into the sea.

For non-Final Fantasy Aurora from Child of Light is up there.  She’s brave, resourceful, and compassionate, much more mature than her years even in the beginning when she’s a little girl.  She’s the best fairy tale heroine I’ve ever come across, doesn’t  bleed “damsel in distress” in the least, even throughout all the trials and heartbreaking revelations in Lemuria.

Favorite protagonists are hard to pick.  I can’t pinpoint just one like I can with villains.  I think it’s because with villains we pick our favorites based on what qualities inspire the most sympathy and connection.  In a way we may fear falling as they did, so we might be more forgiving for our favorites because we see a reflection of ourselves.  There are many different ways to be a protagonist (not saying there aren’t many different ways to be a villain), and each one we find will have qualities we like and can look up to.  This may be why we’re more likely to like different types of protagonists, but generally prefer one type of villain.

Let’s hear your favorite protagonists in the comments!

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30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 9

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Day 9: Saddest game scene.

You know what I have to mention first…the first game scene to ever completely shock me, that was not only sad as fuck, but also became sadder when you found out more information about the creator.  But like most instances of death, it’s not really the act itself that’s sad, it’s the burial when you’re forced to reflect upon and deal with the reality of it.

This is universally considered one of the most if not the most iconic scene in video game history, which either grants it laud or earns it the derision that some give to what’s popular.  Knowing some of the background of what more than likely inspired them to go in this direction, I unequivocally would tell those deriding it to fuck off.  Ironically, I did not cry when I first saw this.  I was in too much shock; however, there are other scenes from other games that did bring me to tears.

In Child of Light when Aurora delivers some devastating news to a little girl, she plays the most beautifully plaintive song on her flute.  The child understand what truth is being conveyed, and she begins to weep.

Finally and surprisingly, Super Paper Mario’s ending, which I wrote a brief post about, made me cry my eyes out.  I did not expect that from a Mario game.  Even the end of Chapter 8 made me a bit misty.

What game scenes have brought the tears for you?  Let’s discuss and don’t be shy.

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Question of the Week: 5/22/16

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The Question of the Week is posted every Sunday and will consist of a question followed by my answer and explanation to the same.  Some questions will only require a simple answer that could potentially be followed by an explanation.  Many questions will be writer oriented, but not all.  Everyone is encouraged to answer in the comments and discussions/follow up questions are more than welcome!

What’s the last video game you finished?

The last game I finished was Child of Light, which I wrote a glowing review for here.  Like all my other reviews, I included an analysis, too…though I didn’t deliberately intend to rhyme hehe, which is even more interesting as all the dialogue in the game (save one character who doesn’t for comedic effect) does so.

While looking for this picture, I stumbled upon the Child of Light tumblr page, which I immediately followed.  The internet has been kind to me today.

I say this in my review/analysis, but this game is fantastic.  It has a haunting story, a female protagonist, and gorgeous music by Couer de Pirate, among other things.

There have been fantastic cosplays of it.


Aurora grown up

No source on this one, though I did look.

Thus it can never be said that I don’t play/enjoy any other RPGs besides Final Fantasy.

What’s the last video game you completed?  Was it of the type you typically play or did it deviate from your norm?  Would you recommend it?

I look forward to your answers in the comments!

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The Aurorae – Bringers of the Light

My thoughts are fleeting and flittering at the best of times, but unsurprisingly the northern lights have been in the forefront of my mind.

Aurora on the Mountain

How could I not be awed and inspired by this?

Grim Up North is a trope found in many of my favorite works. A Song of Ice and Fire with with its voluminous and cold caverns and the dark mysteries they hold; FFVII’s Northern Crater, which contains cruel and frosted depths hiding ancient horror; Frozen’s North Mountain where Elsa runs to cast off the shackles of concealment. The north is a very bleak and unforgiving place (for those of use who reside in the top hemisphere. I suppose it would be the opposite for you who dwell below).

When I arrived at work today, the title “The Shadow in the North” was stuck in my head.  This happens sometimes, a title or phrase will just bounce around in my skull or no reason I can discern. These words happen to refer to the second book in Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart Mystery Series.

Shadow in the North

You might remember Mr. Pullman from my Preamble/Prelude where I mentioned his, er, His Dark Materials Series. Gah, I hate when there’s awkwardness at the beginning of a title. I have the same problem with A Song of Ice and Fire. You have to often say THE A Song of Ice and Fire so you have two determiners and it just looks messy, but I digress. The first book of HDM was entitled Northern Lights, and my god are the covers beautiful.

How gorgeous is this?

How gorgeous is this?

Northern Lights Cover 2

Northern Lights 3

They’re all from the UK Amazon of course, because for some reason every other country gets the good covers AND the better titles. I guess “The Golden Compass” is more descriptive since the story does focus around a golden compass-like object, the alethiometer, whereas the title Northern Lights is a vague sort of location.

Come on US.  Step up your cover game.

Come on US. Step up your cover game.

So in the midst of my exercise class my endorphin soaked brain could only think about the glory of the northern lights, and I realized to my great shame, that I didn’t know how or why they occurred, and as I am not one to dwell in ignorance, I have turned to the Google for guidance.

Wow…so in my internet travels this is what I’ve found and this is what I’ve concluded. The northern lights or aurora borealis are (very simply) caused by solar radiation interacting with earth’s magnetic field,
the latter or which serves to deflect most of the solar wind, whose charged particles would otherwise strip away the ozone layer that protects us from harmful UV radiation. So…the northern lights are a sign of the planet’s protection. I have to file this under “shit I did not know before I started writing my fanfiction, but am utterly baffled to discover as it makes the title even more relevant.” I’m dumbfounded and humbled. The gorgeous display that many would sell our sight to see once is actually proof of protection.  “The sky’s awake…” so we’re alive. I will refrain from my typical rant about horrible human ingratitude and the deplorable way we treat this world and all its inhabitants, and just say this one human is very grateful and delighted to have discovered something a bit more profound in her simple words.