30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 9

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Day 9: Saddest game scene.

You know what I have to mention first…the first game scene to ever completely shock me, that was not only sad as fuck, but also became sadder when you found out more information about the creator.  But like most instances of death, it’s not really the act itself that’s sad, it’s the burial when you’re forced to reflect upon and deal with the reality of it.

This is universally considered one of the most if not the most iconic scene in video game history, which either grants it laud or earns it the derision that some give to what’s popular.  Knowing some of the background of what more than likely inspired them to go in this direction, I unequivocally would tell those deriding it to fuck off.  Ironically, I did not cry when I first saw this.  I was in too much shock; however, there are other scenes from other games that did bring me to tears.

In Child of Light when Aurora delivers some devastating news to a little girl, she plays the most beautifully plaintive song on her flute.  The child understand what truth is being conveyed, and she begins to weep.

Finally and surprisingly, Super Paper Mario’s ending, which I wrote a brief post about, made me cry my eyes out.  I did not expect that from a Mario game.  Even the end of Chapter 8 made me a bit misty.

What game scenes have brought the tears for you?  Let’s discuss and don’t be shy.

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Super Paper Mario – Love and Loss

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This is an unplanned/impromptu review.  It was neither on my itinerary nor in my notes.  I had played this game a long time ago, relished it, enjoyed it, but time constraints forced me to cease indulging though I did think of it from time to time.  I planned on finding an acceptable Let’s Play for it while organizing all of the Let’s Plays I wanted to watch, and indeed I did do so after a short spell of time.

The very enthusiastic chuggaaconroy who goes out of his way to keep his videos no more than PG-13, and he has a lot of them.  I found him initially while hunting out Legend of Zelda LPs, and I believe he does one for the original Paper Mario in which I will more than likely indulge.

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