Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz (Odd Thomas #1)

This is one of the many articles/review that I have reblogged from Caffeine Crew, the collaborative geek blog I write for.  I am in the process of truly posting these here on my personal blog.  While they will be edited for any prior missed errors, I will not be really updating them beyond that so some information could potentially be outdated, erroneous, or defunct.
Note: Also I swear I do more than book reviews.  These are just quick and easy to catch up and post, because they’ve already been drafted.  I feel like that’s all I’ve been putting out there lately, and while I’ve loved books my entire life and enjoy reviewing them, that’s not all this blog is about.  There should be an essay up before the end of this week.  Maybe I just needed to say this for myself, as I feel remiss.

I made a foray into the writing of Dean Koontz many, many years ago when I was still a teenager with Watchers. It was (as I remember it) a fantastic read, but as it has been a while, I believe it’s time for me to peruse it again. If Odd Thomas is any proof, I believe I will enjoy Watchers as much if not more than I did before.

The titular character is Odd in name and odd in abilities. A twenty year old, short order fry cook with the gift or the curse to see the dead. He lives in the small California desert town of Pico Mundo, which translates into “peak of the world.” I initially thought that our hero’s name was Thomas and Odd was an apt description of him. He very quickly dispels this belief in the first few chapters. The name bestowed upon him is Odd, and despite his mundane occupation and humble domicile, our poor MC’s life has been anything but. This story seems a mere snippet of what Odd has endured since birth, but his latest adventure may destroy everything he holds near and dear.

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