The State of the Reader: 11/18/20

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Currently Reading

Title: The Snow Queen
Series Title: The Snow Queen Cycle
Author: Joan D. Vinge
Date Added: December 11, 2014
Date Started: September 22, 2020

Cover of the Snow Queen by Joan D. VingeMedia: Hardback (Library)
Progress: 82%

Sparks is the most useless man ever like oh my god I’m so glad I’m reading this now and not when I was some moony teenager who would’ve been into that.  Dear god I hope Moon realizes he’s not worth her time.  I need to hurry up and finish this because it’s due December 9 and I don’t have any more renewals left.  I plan to buy the novel anyway as well as the sequel, though it’s a bit more expensive than most.  I thought this was one half of a duology with The Summer Queen (whom I’m assuming is going to be Moon), but there are apparently four novels in the Cycle.  According to the friend who put me onto this, they have more to do with the Blues aka space police that Moon and Sparks interact with, but I like those characters so I’m okay with that.

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