The State of the Gamer: 7/30/19

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A weekly post updated every other Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Bought

  • Home Is Where One Starts – $0.50 on Steam

What I’m Playing

Title: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl
Series Title: Etrian Odyssey
System: Nintendo 3DS

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium GirlDate Started: 6/30/19

I haven’t really played much of this.  In fact I don’t think I played it in the past two weeks.  I’m still interested in it and hope to pick it up again soon.

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The State of the Writer: 7/28/19

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A post updated every other Sunday discussing my current writing projects and any completed the prior two weeks.

Finished Projects: 1

Project: Story
The Broken Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Length: Novel
Current Word Count: 254,537
Prior Word Count: 253,441
Word Difference: +1096
Status: Editing
Progress: Final (god willing) Edit of Chapter 17

So remember how I decided to change/update some things?  Yeaaaaah, I completely scrapped that.  Well, not completely.  I left some of the sewn seeds, but decided I was jumping the gun a bit.  This meant I had to find a previously saved version, which was no difficult feat as I consistently email copies of the story to myself.  What was difficult was getting it to open.  For some reason Word didn’t want to cooperate, so I had to use Google Docs, which is fine.  You can copy/paste from there just as readily, and I guess it’s nice not having to save/rename another copy of the story unnecessarily.  Right now I’m re-editing the parts I switched back to make sure it flows, and if all goes well, I should have the next chapter out by the end of this week.

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The State of the Gamer: 5/21/19

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A weekly post updated every other Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Obtained

  • The Apotheosis Project  – $1.59 @ Steam
  • Child of Light – $7.99 @ Nintendo eShop
  • Odium to the Core – $0.49 @ Nintendo eShop

What I’m Playing

Title: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Series Title: Ace Attorney
System: Nintendo Switch

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney coverDate Started: 5/6/19

*uncontrollable fangirl screaming* omfg I am obsessed with this game.  I’ve fallen into a new fandom y’all.  I am so Team Edgeworth it’s not even funny, and yes I ship him and Phoenix because the sort of Foe Yay sexual tension is AMAZING.  That freaking nerd became a defense attorney in order to run into Edgeworth again.  And of course OF COURSE you know I’m crushing hard over my extra, broody, forlorn, impeccably dressed, grey/silver haired hot prosecutor because OF COURSE I AM.

Image of Miles Edgeworth

*he so pretty*

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Creative Christmas – Replacement Rudolph

Tis the Christmas season (or Advent to be theologically accurate), and in the spirit of the season, the lovely blogger over at Later Levels has decided to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas a few days earlier with 12 gaming related questions for all of us good, little gaming elves out there.  These are my responses.

🦌   24 December 2017:   You’re woken from your drunken haze by another frantic call from Santa, who’s worried he’s not going to make all his deliveries in time. Which video game item or vehicle would you recommend for him?

So many options!  There’s Mario’s warp whistle…though that might only be able to take you to predetermined locations, which is the same problem with any of Link’s warp items, though his Ocarina might not be a terrible option.

Being able to turn time backwards could help old St. Nick complete his deliveries, but since it sent you back three days in Majora’s Mask, there doesn’t seem to be a way to control the time reversals, so I don’t think it would that useful.

No, I think for this task we’d need some kind of vessel, a ship if you will, one that can travel incredibly fast, and I can think of no better craft than the Normandy from Mass Effect.

Just so long as Santa returns it to Shepherd in one piece, I don’t think the Commander would mind.

What item or vehicle would you lend to jolly old St. Nicholas to either augment or replace  his reindeer drawn sleigh?  Let’s discuss in the comments!

Final Fantasy Friday: The Crossover

Final Fantasy Friday

I have been playing a lot of video games lately.  I know…I abandon you all for a month, say I’m going to be writing a novel, but instead I play all the games.  I didn’t plan it that way, but when you suddenly come into four new systems in less than six months, you have the need to use them (plus Super Mario Odyssey though).

An indie creator and the Big N gave us Mario + Rabbids, and the wedding of Disney and Squeenix gave us Kingdom Hearts with a variety of ever confusing numbers and excruciating waits for the third one (?).  I apologize; I’ve actually never played KH (action RPG and whatnot), but I certainly loved watching my husband get his ass kicked by Sephiroth in the Radiant Garden.

No, but that outfit suits you ♥

This brings me to this week’s question…

What other game or franchise would you crossover with Final Fantasy?

This is one of those questions I didn’t have an answer to before I post it, but for some reason all I can think about is Assassin’s Creed.  You’ll have to forgive me since the only one I’ve ever played is Origins, so I only know the most minimum of details; however, I think a guild of assassins would be quite enriched with the addition of my one-winged obsession up there.   Assassin’s Fantasy or Final Creed would work for different but acceptable reasons.  Final Creed is growing on me more though.  It’s kind of like “final oath,” and it could have to do with the oaths the assassins take that could have some magical factor/geis involved with them, and possibly the plot is the main character attempting to do something that breaks the oath, but for a good reason, and hey, we may have a story here!

I wonder how a Legend of Zelda crossover would work.  Final Legend is a kick ass name, too.  What about Metroid?  Mother Brain and Jenova certainly have that creep, hive-mind factor going on, and don’t the metroids themselves suck out life energy?

I haven’t really worked out the semantics of gameplay or anything like that since none of the others are RPGs, but I like the narrative options and would love to hear your suggestions in the comments.  Fanfiction anyone?

What games (or any other media) would you cross over with Final Fantasy, or let me know any other crossovers you think are cohesive!  Also, since Disney owns Marvel, it’s possible that my two favorite characters could technically end up in the same game 😀

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 27

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Day 27: Most epic scene ever.

I’m sorry.  You know I have to mention one of the most iconic scenes in video game history:

It’s epic for the fact that like Aeris, none of us saw that coming (I’m a terrible person), and the fact that to this day, the rumor mill spins with ways to bring her back and hopes that the Remake will allow it (I really hope it doesn’t).

I was also blown away by Midna’s reveal at the end of Twilight Princess:

I was as dumbstruck as Link.  Though he’s ever the silent protagonist, I think his inability to speak was due to finding the Twilight Princess was even more beautiful than Princess Zelda (imho).  This one is more on my personal epic scale; though I’m sure many of you would agree with me about it, I don’t know if it will wind up in the annals of video game history like FFVII will.

Epic is a subjective term, though there is a cultural consciousness about it.  What one person might consider epic, another might think is mundane, while some things foster a general agreement   The original definition of epic pertains to a long, poetic composition usually centered upon a hero in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style.  Going by this both Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda could be considered epics in their own right, because what are these games but long compositions centered upon heroes where a series of great achievements/events are stylistically played out?  This definition extends to all manner of video games, so even though epic is a specific idea, what one considers epic can be both ubiquitous and intensely personal.

What video game scene wakes your epic sensors?  Do you go by the standard definition of the term or your gut emotion in this determination?

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30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 21

Day 1

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Day 21: Game with the best story.

You guys already know I’m going to say Final Fantasy VII. 

“Silence like a cancer grows…” -The Sound of Silence

From my notes:

VII is a story of secrets, shadows, and silence, but it is the silence that echoes so deep. This is a narrative that seeks to fill the ubiquitous emptiness by ironically presenting it in full. Not only its characters, but also we are hollowed out by what is never said and never revealed, but many of these things are integral truth that in silence can only destroy.

FFVII is the story that not only captured, but held my attention for 20 years and over half my life.  It is the number one inspiration for all of my writing whether that writing is fictional, fantastic, essay or critic.  It came to me after the worst tragedy of my life, and while I can’t say it filled the void, it made me realize I wasn’t alone in the darkness of my own thoughts.  Even though I didn’t know all the details of much of VII’s own major inspiration at the time (and there’s no way in hell that event didn’t change the story, because it was going to be something entirely different before it became what is what, and events like that change you.  Yes, I’m being vague), I still knew there was something special about this game.  Even before I played it, it forced me to go beyond my normal genre since VII is firmly science fantasy or, as I used to call it, the fusion of fantasy and sci-fi.  From a game I had no interest in playing to my life’s obsession, VII’s story was the first narrative to make me question the meaning of the word “terrorist,” because the term is entirely dependent on point of view.  It also made and still makes me either face or push down dark truths about myself and what I would do if confronted with certain situations.  I always insist that I know I wouldn’t be fooled, but in all honesty, I don’t know and it scares me.  Do we really truly understand the darkness that could lie seething in our own deepest cores?  Or do we only think we do?

Puppy time!!!

I needed a drastic subject change, because that got way too deep way too fast, but that’s my relationship with VII.  There were almost some tears shed!  WTF, I don’t have emotions like some commoner *sniff*  Look at dem ears above though.  He could probably take off flying ♥

FFVII isn’t the only game whose story I love.  I have to give props to the Legend of Zelda series especially with all the timelines and loops, Mass Effect of course, Child of Light with its fairy tale atmosphere, Super Paper Mario with the ending that literally made me cry, but Final Fantasy VII has the best story to me, but more importantly for me.

What’s your favorite game story?  Why do you hold it so close to your heart?  Feel free to share as much or as little as you want!

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