The Sunshine Blogger Award #5

I receive a whole hell of lot of these for someone who hates sunlight :p

This time I was nominated by Extra Life Reviews who does just that.  He gives out extra lives and reviews.  Wait…maybe it’s just that his reviews give extra life to all those who read them.  You won’t know which one it is unless you check his blog out, now will you?  I always appreciate every nomination I receive, and I can only apologize for how long it’s taken me to get to this one.  So without further ado, here are the questions I was asked to answer.

1. In which cases would you deem the manga superior to the anime on which it’s based?

Hm, I’ve fallen quite far behind in my anime viewing, not for lack of desire, just lack of time.  It’s been a while since I’ve watched any, and lining up something that I’ve both watched the anime of and read the manga is a bit difficult.  I’ll say that the Chobits manga was more detailed than I remember the anime being (though I watched it a long time ago), although there were things in both media representations that were way ickier to my more 2019 sensibilities.

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Games Alive: 1980-2017

The Well-Red Mage asks: “What’s your favorite game every year you’ve been alive?”  I’m one of the last to answer, because I’m always late to these types of parties.  I’ve seen plenty of “Favorite Game” posts, but never one quite like this, and it was both challenging and enjoying to put together over the last two months.  I’m one of the oldest people to respond, meaning I have quite a lot of years to go through, so without further ado…

1980 – Pac-Man

This one was more difficult than I’d like to admit, but there weren’t too many games I could draw from at this point in time, which led me to this classic among classics.  I wasn’t very good at this game, but if you stick your finger in your ear and wiggle it around, I think you’ll hear something familiar 😀

1981 – Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong game coverBack when Mario was merely Jump Man and Pauline was a kidnapping victim, long before she was the mayor of New Donk City, there was this arcade classic.  I was better at this than Pac-Man; I’ve always been better at platforming than avoiding random enemies.

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Creative Christmas – Replacement Rudolph

Tis the Christmas season (or Advent to be theologically accurate), and in the spirit of the season, the lovely blogger over at Later Levels has decided to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas a few days earlier with 12 gaming related questions for all of us good, little gaming elves out there.  These are my responses.

🦌   24 December 2017:   You’re woken from your drunken haze by another frantic call from Santa, who’s worried he’s not going to make all his deliveries in time. Which video game item or vehicle would you recommend for him?

So many options!  There’s Mario’s warp whistle…though that might only be able to take you to predetermined locations, which is the same problem with any of Link’s warp items, though his Ocarina might not be a terrible option.

Being able to turn time backwards could help old St. Nick complete his deliveries, but since it sent you back three days in Majora’s Mask, there doesn’t seem to be a way to control the time reversals, so I don’t think it would that useful.

No, I think for this task we’d need some kind of vessel, a ship if you will, one that can travel incredibly fast, and I can think of no better craft than the Normandy from Mass Effect.

Just so long as Santa returns it to Shepherd in one piece, I don’t think the Commander would mind.

What item or vehicle would you lend to jolly old St. Nicholas to either augment or replace  his reindeer drawn sleigh?  Let’s discuss in the comments!

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 1

Day 2–>

First I need to say that I found this list of questions through two of my blogger buddies: Cheap Boss Attack and Athena | AmbiGaming.  CBA answered all of his questions in one fell swoop, while Athena is still in the midst of hers.  You should check both of them out and get in on the happenin’ conversation 🙂

I’m going to do something different from both and them and post a question and answer every day this month as June has 30 days.  My goal was to do this in April, my birthday month, since it has the same day count, but I didn’t have enough time in March to prepare, so I figured I’d want until the next month with the proper number.  I hope you enjoy and conversation/discussion is encouraged!

Day 1: Very first video game.

Hm, well this is a tough one, and it’s pretty bad to struggle with the very first question of a test.  I started playing video games when I was around the age of three, and since I’m 37 years old now, that’s quite a tidy bit of time to look back upon.  My first system(s) was ColecoVision/Atari, but for the very first game my tender little self played, it’s anyone’s guess.  All of those early cartridges (Pitfall, Asteroid, Centipede, Adventure, Brain Games, etc.) just run together in my mind.

Then there were also some computer based games like King’s Quest that I enjoyed before I eschewed PC gaming for more console based, but that was probably after I first played Coleco/Atari.

The Nintendo Entertainment System came out in 1985 when I was five years old, and I believe we got our first one when I was six.  I certainly remember the first game I played on that:

I’m sure this was a “first game” for many a player, and I’m going to go with SMB as my unofficial first video game.

What was your very first game?  Let’s discuss in the comments!

Day 2–>