The Jade Dragon by Fia Black (Submissive Beth Mysteries #1)

The Red Rose (SBM #2)–>

The Jade Dragon is a novel by fellow writer and blogger Fia Black.  I decided to read and review it after seeing her promote the work on her blog.  It is available through Amazon (as linked in the title above) or through Smashwords.  Spoilers will be marked.

This story is the first in the Submissive Beth Mystery Series and the initial offering follows our so named protagonist who is a professional submissive weary of keeping her occupation hidden from her friends.  She decides to to become a private investigator, and her first job is quickly forthcoming when Mistress Jade, the madam of the club she works for, approaches her about investigating a stalker.  Unfortunately, before Beth can even scratch the surface, Jade is found beaten to death with her place in shambles.  It becomes abundantly clear that the police are going to do nothing due to the nature of Jade’s work, so the new made PI decides to open up her own investigation.  With the help of a sort of rogue Detective Reiner, Beth sets out to solve Jade’s murder and discover how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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