The State of the Gamer: 10/24/17

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A weekly post updated every Tuesday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

Games DNF This Week: 1

Title: Final Fantasy Type-0
Series: Final Fantasy/Fabula Nova Crystallis
Genre: Action RPG – Fantasy
Developer: Square Enix
Platform: PlayStation 4
Release Date: October 27, 2011
Date Purchased: May 18, 2017
Date Started: June 18, 2017
Date DNF: October 21, 2017
Playing Duration: 124 days

Progress: Chapter 3

I decided to call it quits on this and add it to my Let’s Play list.  I realized I wasn’t enjoying it after I completed my first Elite Mission.   I don’t like the combat, though this is more than likely due to it being an action RPG, and I’m really hoping that the FFVII Remake isn’t like this.  Though on the other hand, I’m not really into Type-0’s story either, which shouldn’t be a problem with VII.  There are a lot of characters who are all Agito Cadets, but you don’t really get any story on them.  In the beginning you find out that Ace is the “best?” or something, which is what “Mother” says.  It almost seems like another attempt to replicate VII’s paradigms, but without VII’s heart. 

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