The 26 Days of Advent: 12/23/15

Not nearly enough Trans-Siberian Orchestra was used in this Advent extravaganza, and I absolutely adore this song though it was not always so.  “Good King Joy” is one of those tunes that doesn’t hit its peek until around the middle.  The beginning is a passably fair version of “Joy to the World,” but then around 3:00, the melody changes and we hear a very famous guitar played by the exquisitely talented BB King (RIP) who sings, and that’s why this is one of my favorite TSO songs.

The 26 Days of Advent: 12/16/15

Let’s lighten the mood shall we from the prior, and who better to do that than TSO with their “Christmas Canon Rock,” a fantastic remix of Pachelbel’s Canon with electric guitars and rousing vocals.

Holy cow, Advent is half (?) over.  I better make sure I use all of my favorite songs.  There are more TSO ones I want to share with you 🙂

The 26 Days of Advent: 12/1/15

Ah the first day of December!  To me this was always the official start of the Christmas season.  The secular start was Black Friday or rather Thanksgiving after Santa Claus showed up at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (link for my non-US followers :)); the religious one was the the fourth Sunday before Christmas/Advent Sunday, but to me I knew once December hit, the real countdown had begun.

So for this day I have to call upon those gods of Christmas Rock Trans-Siberian Orchestra or TSO for short for “Wizards in Winter.”

Bonus: This one has the lights display.