These are intended to be brief analysis of characters from some of my favorite narratives, but as you all should know by know I can be quite long-winded or rather long-worded so I cannot guarantee a short read.  They will more than likely spoil whatever story/series they come from so be wary of that if you have not read, seen, or played whatever that might be.

Name: Javert
Les Misérable
Work Author/Creator:
Victor Hugo
Book, Film, Musical

Javert is the main antagonist of Victor Hugo’s classic novel Les Misérable.  Born in a  prison, it is very likely this mean beginning that shapes his life’s perspective.  He becomes a police inspector and has an absolute and unshakable belief in the law.  It is firm, resolute, and cannot be bent or mocked, a rock to cling to in the turbulent sea of a chaotic world.  This is his fervor and his zeal, and it is the reason he becomes Jean Valjean’s adversary.

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