The State of the Gamer: 7/1/21

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A weekly post updated every other Thursday detailing my current gaming projects.  I have an account at Grouvee, which is a site you can use to keep track of your backlog, so please feel free to friend me there!

What I Purchased

  • Kathy Rain – $2.99 on Steam

What I Put On Hold

Title: Old Man’s Journey
System: Nintendo Switch

Cover of Old Man's JourneyDate Started: June 15, 2021

I’m really into Tales of Vesperia right now.  I might come back to this when I’m between games again (since that’s why I started playing it anyway).

What I’m Playing

Title: Tales of Vesperia
Series: Tales
System: Nintendo Switch

Cover of Tales of VesperiaDate Started: May 23, 2021

I am really into this game, and I can certainly see why it’s a fan favorite.  Definite thematic similarities to FFVI and FFVII (those are the two I immediately thought of; I’m not discounting any other Final Fantasies) with the the war between humans and monsters for the former and magic/power through alchemical necromancy in both (holy shit “alchemical necromancy” is a kick ass term.  Definitely noted that down).

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