A collection of fanart inspired macros.  All pictures will have source links if available, as will quotes that don’t belong to me.  I don’t always put the quote sources on the picture if it disturbs the aesthetic.  Due to this, if a macro is shared, please do so with a link to the source in order to credit the original artist.

“The truth will transform you…”          All We Are          Angel of Light

Beautifully Sewn          Better Left Alone          A Bloody Sword     Cerulean Faded

Cursed Forever          Descending Doom          For the Sake of an Angel

Haunting Our Memories          The Hero’s Path Distorted          It Stays With You

The Light of the Truth          The Lily in the Lake          A Little Something Sweet, and Sappy

Mother Is the Name for God          A Mother’s Love          Pay My Respects

Porcelain, Ivory, Steel         The Promises of Darkness          Sea of Stars

The Shadow          The Sum of Our Grief          Sweetness and Rue

Through the Seams          Til Human Voices Wake Us          The Woes of War

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