Northern Lights

The truth will transform you…

Drowning in memories, bound to the past, and consumed by mortal regret, the penitent former general seeks the grave and forgiveness of the true mother never known, but not before he fulfills an obligation to the flower girl whose life he once claimed.

Northern Lights is novel length FFVII fanfiction, paranormal romance featuring my favorite ship: Sephiroth and Aeris.

Audio Recording

An ongoing project to do a full audio recording of the story with companion visuals.


Start here if you’ve never played FFVII or aren’t familiar with the story.  Even if both of these things are true, you could still enjoy Northern Lights as the paranormal romance it is.

Part I: The General and the Rose

“The kingdom lies beneath the foundation,
and the foundation is rotting above.”

Chapter 1 – The Flowers Blooming in the Shadows

Chapter 2 – The Spoils of War

Chapter 3 – Shadows of the Past

Chapter 4 – Blood Dance

Chapter 5 – Imminent Darkness

Chapter 6 – Urban Sprawl

Chapter 7 – A Calm and Private Place

Chapter 8 – In Between

Chapter 9 – The Devil You Know

Chapter 10 – A Heart Made for War

Chapter 11 – Despair’s Desire

Chapter 12 – The Whispers and the Dreaming Sea

Chapter 13 – Establishments

Chapter 14 – Forget Me Not

Part II: The False Mother and the True

“You fashioned love into a blade,
and with it pierced my heart.”

Chapter 15 – Moonlight and Ashes

Chapter 16 – Puppy Love

Chapter 17 – Dutiful Daughter

Chapter 18 – When the Forest Sleeps

Chapter 19 – With Love Upon Your Name

Chapter 20 – Rising Shadow

Chapter 21 – What Is Found There

Chapter 22 – Blood of the Ancients

Chapter 23 – Judgment

Chapter 24 – Simple Gifts

Chapter 25 – Doorways of Light

The Editing of Northern Lights

Details of my extensive editing process.  Still being updated.

The Printed Copy of Northern Lights

A post detailing my process of printing out of a physical copy of the story with pictures.


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